• “It is alright to say that the world exists in the mind. And where does the mind exist, except in the mind?
    The mind is its own concept.”


  • “What is a concept? Which depends on another concept for its being.
    What is not conceptual, what does not depend?
    Now don’t reply with a concept.”


  • “Every meaningful work that I do is based on my concepts, and hence on my ego.
    Let me dance a meaningless dance and live a meaningless life.”


  • “Till you are there, problem will be there.
    Till you remain the same, problem will remain the same.
    Your conception of yourself IS the problem.”


  • “A great obscenity of language is to coin the word ‘joy’, a concept.
    The greatest obscenity is to put ‘happiness’ as a synonym of joy.”


  • “On close investigation, even the most final truths show up as tentative concepts.
    On coming close, all vanishes. Only closeness remains.”


  • “Without myself being awake, I can’t know whether the Buddha is awake.
    Buddha’s awakening is either really my own awakening,or just a concept.”


  • “Is is a concept.
    Reality is the most fundamental illusion.
    Saying even this much is imprecise enough; saying more will be supremely foolish.”


  • “A concept is that which depends upon a second concept for its ‘existence’.
    This second concept depends upon a third one.
    Infinite illusion.”


  • “World Peace’ is a foolish concept. When there is peace, there is no world.”


  • “There is no conception of black without white. Each word contains an image of its opposite. Very smart of me to insist Reality is non-dual.”


  • “Any concept of God is not God at all.
    Drop the concept and surrender.”


  • “The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts.
    The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.”


  • “My self concept – coming from outside – can be taken away, can be lost.
    No wonder this ‘I’ will always live in fear.
    Fear is an inalienable part of my living.”


  • “Drop your concept of the ultimate.
    Accept what you get with humility.
    Where there is Truth, there is no concept.”


  • “Just as the thinker can not get rid of thought, I can not get rid of my self-concept by thinking about it.”


  • “Guilt is trying to protect your self-concept.
    The self-concept is coming from somewhere.
    The source from where the self-concept is coming is also the source from where guilt arises.
    Those who give you your self-measure are also those who give you guilt along with it.”


  • “You meet someone and you ask him, “Sir, who are you?” He says, “I am Raj Shekhar” and you walk away, ‘Yes, I got an answer’. So what have you come to know? What does Raj Shekhar mean? Nothing. But you don’t even have the intelligence to realise that you have learned nothing. You feel as if some query has been answered. Has anything really been answered? Or go and ask all your scientists, they keep asking questions and they pretend that they receive answers, ‘Has anything really been answered?’ You check a circuit and you find that the current is five amperes, so?You have only named the happening.Have you really known what is happening? What do you mean by five amperes? You’ll say a certain flow of electrons, and what is that? And what is that? And what is that? And soon you come to point where you don’t know. So why do you pretend as if you know? No question can ever get an answer. But there are people being awarded great prices just because they can name one thing as another. So there is a happening in the physical world, and if you can translate that into mathematical equations then you’re called a great scientist. What have you known! What have you known in that? It’s just that now from the language of English, it is now written in the language of Mathematics. Does that mean that you have known anything? Does that mean that the query has been answered? And you are arrogant enough to name these answers on your own name. So you have Mr. Tom’s laws, Mr. Harry’s equations, Mr. Dick’s Theorem.What have they done? What have they known?

    I once asked, ‘Who knows chlorophyll? The scientist who is experimenting on it or the leaf? Who knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? But if you ask the leaf, ‘Tell me about chlorophyll’, then the leaf will say, “Who bothers? And I do not know anything called chlorophyll. You have named something as chlorophyll and you’re researching on it. I am chlorophyll!” And that is when you know when you are it. That is the only way of knowing.

    When Real knowing happens then it cannot be put in words.

    Then it is no more a concept.

    But the scientist is so arrogant that not only will he research on chlorophyll but also claim a noble price for it. No leaf has ever been given a noble price!

    I am again asking, who really knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? Unfortunately, when knowing happens, you do not know that you know. Because for us knowing is just concept formation, what do you claim to know? You only claim to know that which you can put in words and concepts, right? When do you say that ‘I know’ something? When you can put it in a sentence or an equation. When you can make a concept about it, only then you will say that I know. So the scientist will say ‘I know chlorophyll’ but the leaf will never say ‘I know chlorophyll’. Now the leaf is living chlorophyll—eating, breathing, sleeping chlorophyll— but the leaf cannot claim that ‘I know chlorophyll’. Scientist will claim! Such a stupid situation. Such a stupid situation. And the scientist will say, ‘I know the exact chemical equation of chlorophyll’. Does the leaf know the chemical equation of chlorophyll? Does the leaf know? Now that is very very strange! The leaf does not know even the ‘C’ of chlorophyll, scientist know so much.

    In Real knowing, there is no knowledge involved.”


  • “Clarity is two things together: One, it is the absence of readymade concepts based on which one lives, one reacts, one sees the world, and parallelly, simultaneously, on the other hand, it is the ability to respond greatly.”


  • “One never understands it without living it. It is not just a concept.
    One has to pay the price and live that life.
    And it is not a fairy tale, or a pleasant story, when you are paying that price.
    Remember, that price is ‘yourself’.
    One is battered, and bruised, and the being is full of wounds. And it is only then, that you realize that there is a great healing power within you, which holds you together, in spite of all the wounds that you have.”


  • “Till you are there, problem will be there.
    Till you remain the same, problem will remain the same.
    Your conception of yourself is the problem.”


  • “Listener: In awareness, does one exist?AP: No.L: In awareness, does one not exist?AP: No.

    L: Then?

    AP: Existence and non-existence are both concepts.
    Awareness is not a concept.
    Awareness IS.”


  • “You are a Lao Tzu when you don’t have a Lao Tzu as your ideal.
    You are a Lao Tzu when you know nothing about Lao Tzu.”


  • “It doesn’t matter what you do with the truth, it doesn’t matter what your concept is, it doesn’t matter what becomes of you, the truth is still absolute. You may kick it, dust it, fry it, tear it, wear it.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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