• “Body is memory, body is conditioning.
    Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but you must operate on awareness. Memory is not a substitute for awareness.”


  • “Body as a machine has to be conditioned. But man has to be unconditioned.”


  • “Is there anything that we like and is not coming from conditioning?
    Conditioning sustains conditioning.”
  • “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it.
    Corpses don’t complain.
    The reward is respectability and progress.”


  • “Spirituality is disruptive.
    Wisdom is a rebellion.
    You cannot be spiritual and continue to be in your old ways.”


  • “If others can predict you, others will enslave you.”
  • “Social conditioning begins with the clever objective of freeing man from physical conditioning. But social conditioning will not help you get rid of physical conditioning.
    Going beyond physical conditioning happens by having the faith to live in a purely physical way.”


  • “Had you just been an aggregate of conditioning, you would never suffer. There is That something else that acts against the aggregate. That acts for the dissolution of all sufferings.”


  • “What is really conditioned is not the totality of me. I am much more vast than my conditioning. In seeing this lies redemption.”


  • “What is the most dangerous dream?
    That I am awake.
    What is the most dangerous conditioning?
    That at least some part of me is unconditioned.”


  • “We call our conditioning and acquired patterns of thought as ‘human nature’.
    These are our habits, not our nature.
    They can be de-acquired.”


  • “Ethics is the spontaneous expression of intelligence. Ethics cannot be taught, nor can there be a code of ethics.
    Ethics is de-conditioning.”


  • “Creativity is choiceless.
    Choice is conditioning. Choice is compulsion.
    To be creative is to be free of presumption, purpose and personality.”


  • “Joy is not a product of conditioning.
    Joy is not a product of anything.
    Joy does not depend on situations.
    Joy is not stupid.
    Joy is reasonless.”


  • “To move as per, and towards, our conditioning is what we call ‘happiness’.”


  • “Going beyond physical conditioning happens by living in a physical way, living in the most natural way possible.”


  • “Happiness is conditional and is dependent on sadness. Joy watches all duality – happiness and sadness – and smiles.”


  • “Inattentiveness needs and breeds repetition.”


  • “One does not reach a new place travelling the same old, known road.
    Am I sure that the remaining years of my life can give me something new?”


  • “I am nothing but the influence of the others.
    Some of these I know to be influences; the deeper influences I think of as my self.
    Am I?”


  • “Guilt is an accompaniment of conditioning.”


  • “Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditionings and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.”


  • “There is no choice in the happening; the choice lies only in your response. And the response again has only two choices: a response of awareness versus a response of conditioning; only two choices are there. Either you can respond in your most aware state, or you can respond like a machine in a conditioned state.”


  • “We all are conditioned.
    Religion is that which reduces our conditioning and brings us back to our original, innocent, clean Self.”


  • “To respond you must have the courage to stand a little free, free of that system and free of its influence upon you.
    That is the only freedom. That is also called freedom from conditioning.”


  • “Wherever there is lack of clarity, there is bound to be suffering.
    Wherever there is conditioning, there is bound to be suffering.”


  • “What is comfort? – repetition, pattern, conditioning.
    It is an inability to break out in the open. It is an inability to breathe in fresh air. That is what comfort is.
    “I can’t break out of my cocoon. I can’t break out my four walls.” — that is what comfort is.
    It is poison. It kills life.”


  • “Conditioning never comes as conditioning.
    Conditioning comes in as safety, security, pleasure or something appearing valuable.”


  • “All your likes and dislikes or whatever you are is all just mind stuff.
    All mind stuff is conditioning.”


  • “Child being like an animal still carries all the seeds of conditioning within him.
    He is biologically conditioned and very soon because of the biological conditioning he would be socially conditioned as well.
    It is not about just returning to your child-like nature, it is hence about going deeper and further than the child nature.”


  • “If you see that you  are nothing but the social and physical conditioning,  this is a revolution.”


  • Q. How does the Myth Demolition Tour relate to Shri Krishna’s Law of Karma?“Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditioning and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs, and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.
    The result of assuming oneself to be the doer is that one has to bear the consequences of the deed (Karmphal).”


  • “We use words not to communicate, but to avoid communication.”


  • “The pattern gets energy from your resistance to the pattern.”


  • “If you can see where your conditioning is coming from, you have seen who you are. This is called self-knowledge.”


  • “Experience is the only way. One thing with conditioning is that, it cannot bear exposure to fact. All kinds of conditioning thrive only in environment suitable to them. And if they are expose to environments that their underlined assumptions do not allow, then conditioning collapses.”


  • “What is destiny? Destiny is that which is unavoidable. Right! Destiny is that from where we come and into which we will dissolve. Is destiny a matter of our conditioning? Or is destiny that which is the beginning and the end and also the middle?”


  • “Love is not about meeting somebody’s expectations. Love is an internal call! It arises from that untouched point in the mind where there is no conditioning.”


  • “Love is not about finding something. Love is about first and foremost dropping something, “I have my mind which is burdened under beliefs, a Lot of load, a lot of unnecessary luggage and opinions.” When those beliefs, opinions, conditioning, when they are dropped, what remains is the empty space called joy. When that joy spreads, that is called love.”


  • “What is conditioning? Conditioning, is to bring something in, when it is not needed. Conditioning, is to ask for security, when security is not needed. Conditioning, is to ask for more freedom, when the absolute freedom is already there. All that which is unnecessary, is conditioning.”


  • “As I know myself, I am hardly anything more than the body, I am hardly anything more than the society. You know what does body represent- your physicality, your entire evolution. You know what clothes represent- society, everything that society gave you. If you can see that you are nothing more than physical and social conditioning then it’s a revolution. But you have to stay with that, not just talk. You’ve to really live in that realization. I am nothing but that, which my genes gave me and which my religion, priest, teacher, media, boss, wife, parents gave me. I am nothing but that. And since you’re not that, you’ll feel like rebelling.”


  • “The Teacher is minus your conditioning. That is why you love Him. He is what you essentially are. He is what you are missing out on. He is what you would love to be.He is That which you are destined to be.”


  • “The wise man knows that the selector is the conditioning.”


  • “The conditioning itself is the chooser. You are not choosing, the conditioning is choosing.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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