• “The misdirected craving for inner fulfillment becomes external attachment.”


  • “You have reached the Goal when you forget everything about goals.”


  • “Gratification would be; contentment is.”


  • “No amount of knowledge is ever sufficient. It brings with it a craving for more.
    Knowledge cannot give you contentment.”


  • “Nobody ever sells you anything except hope. A promise is what you buy.
    Every product is a promise – of love, of contentment, of freedom. Your hope makes you a slave of salvation-sellers.
    Just be hopeless, and enjoy freedom.”


  • “The face of contentment is the face of God.”


  • “Contentment is feeling of fullness. Contentment is a feeling that I cannot be harmed, that I cannot gain much and I cannot lose much.
    Fundamentally, contentment is: “I am alright”.
    That subtle constant realization that “I am alright, things are alright”, this is contentment.”


  • Q. How to get freedom from discontentment?
    AP: All effort to ‘get’ is the discontentment.


  • “If you have an image of contentment, you will feel discontented.”


  • “No thing would matter to you if it were not promising fulfilment.”


  • “When you are advised to drop likes and dislikes, you are being advised to drop the sense of fulfilment.”


  • “The Center must relax so that the periphery may dance.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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