• “Creativity arises from nothingness.”


  • “Creativity is when the formless takes form and nothing rises into something.
    Creation gets old, but creativity- formless nothing- remains new.”


  • “Experience gives replication, not creation.
    Real creation does not require the base of past.
    Creativity is causeless. Beyond cause and effect.”


  • “Creativity is choiceless. Choice is conditioning. Choice is compulsion.
    To be creative is to be free of presumption, purpose and personality.”


  • “That which happens without the knowledge of its happening, is the only Real happening. Call it creativity.”


  • “Creation without knowledge is creativity.”


  • “When God gossips, it is called creativity.”


  • “When you know what you are doing, an indicator is, then you are able to play with it.”


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “The Center must relax so that the periphery may dance.”


  • “Coming to the end of imagination is creativity.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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