• “There is no realized ‘Man’. Because when one realizes, the man is no longer there. One who knows Brahma becomes Brahma. He doesn’t remain a ‘man’ anymore. That is why the goal to attain realization is an impossible goal because the one who makes the goal, dies.”


  • “Is the moment of death anymore significant than the infinite moments lived daily? Concerned less with living fully than with fear of death!”


  • “There is no ‘my life’ or ‘your life’.
    There is just Life,total.
    ‘My life’ is ego, separation and ends in death.
    Life is oneness and immortal.”


  • “I think of life in terms of a time-duration.
    But time itself makes my definition of life insubstantial.
    Time means death.
    Life can’t be time.”


  • “Life is dear.
    But we call life as life only because death is there.
    And death is a scare.”


  • “Nothing ever dies. It just shifts to another mode of life.
    Death is a lie. There IS only life.
    Every grain of sand is as alive as I am.”


  • “Death makes a mockery of all my attachments, emotions, planning.
    Death humiliates the ego, the ego wants to avoid looking at it.”


  • “All my accumulations will be of no use after death.
    They will just be the life lost in gathering them.”


  • “Bliss enough to be human in this night mysterious and mute.
    And to be young at this hour is to dissolve into death absolute.”


  • “If you want to live, choose death.”


  • “Any search for life must begin by going very close to death.
    To understand death is to understand life.
    To die once is to come alive forever.”


  • “The only way to avoid death is to understand that what one calls as living is not at all alive in the first place.”


  • “Only for the born is death.”


  • “You think that by killing me, my voice will be silenced?
    After me, more children will sing His songs.
    My death will only take my work forward.”


  • “The more I am afraid of life, the more I will be afraid of death.
    I do not fear life, how can I fear death?
    Fear of death is fear of life.”


  • “You are a candle.
    A candle is a process of matter subliming into light. A candle appears to be just material till the time it is not lighted. And after it is set aflame, the matter starts disappearing into light.
    This is the process of self-awareness: matter to light. For light to be bright, matter will have to be lost.
    This burning is not your death, it is your coming alive. Burn fast, burn bright.”


  • “If you have the guts to die, then we can talk business.”


  • “If life does not allow you to come, then die and come.
    If life makes way for you to come, then come and die.
    Come you must. Die you must.”


  • “Religion is Truth.
    The false must die.
    The false will resist.
    If Religion is Truth, it cannot avoid war.”


  • “Behind all our choices there is a deep desire to come to the end of choosing. Behind every endeavour is a deep thirst to come to the end of all endeavours. In that sense the ego desperately wants to come to an end. It is suicidal. But it is not fearless enough to die. So it just keeps hoping for a better future.”


  • “Whatsoever is really worthy lives and dies in this moment.
    Whatsoever is worthless is carried forward in time.
    What am I carrying forward?”


  • “Live fully, die fully, and then come alive, again, and again…”


  • “Who is Kabir?
    A historical figure, a weaver, a body that died?
    Kabir is the essence from which all Kabirs are born.
    A thousand Kabirs come and go, and Kabir remains as always.”


  • “All my accumulations will be of no use after death. They will just be the life lost in gathering them.
    I can die any time.
    Saving is losing.”


  • “For the Christ to be born, a Jesus must die.”


  • “He kept asking and asking, till the question became so honest it did not need an answer. Buddh Purnima. The day he came, died and died fully.”


  • “Those who want the Real give up the fake.
    If you really want to live, give up your beliefs about life.
    You come alive when beliefs die.”


  • “The only proof of faith is – die and come alive.”


  • “If I am watching a cat and it dies, will I too die?”


  • “Die, and come alive.”


  • “Who is the worldly man?
    The one who is born in the world, lives in the world, and dies in the world, without ever understanding the world.”


  • “Every climax is an ending.
    You long for it as it is the highest you can go.
    You’re afraid of it as it is the end.
    The Highest finishes you.”


  • “The unlit candle will not just lit up on its own. Closeness with a flame is needed.
    And then the flame in the candle sublimates the candle.”


  • “When you are really living, that is when the fear of death is gone.”


  • “If smallness has become your life then Immensity will feel like death.”


  • Real love is total death.
    So is real breakup.”


  • “To ‘hope’ is to postpone that, which is available, today. ‘Hope’ is to postpone the good, and embrace the waiting.
    You look at the situation of the mind. It is a very peculiar situation. On one hand, it knows, that nothing less than the Total, the Ultimate, the Final, can bring Peace to it. It knows that. On the other hand, it also knows that the Total, the Ultimate, and the Final, mean the death of mind, as it has known itself. In the form it has known itself, it will be no more.”


  • “When you stop living in the way you have lived so far, it does not mean ‘death’. It only means – a life of the beyond, a life of the quality such that you have never known.”


  • “Nothing drives us more strongly than the thought that – something is at stake, something is about to be lost. It is death casting its shadow in various forms. That is what drives us.
    “Do this, or you lose this.”
    “Do this, and you gain this.”
    Except these two statements, is there anything else that can make you do anything?”


  • “Those who really want to change their life, are prepared to pay with their death.”


  • “You do not need dissolution of the ego. All that the ego needs to know is that ego too is God. But that would be the death of ego.”


  • “In Guru, there is immortality in the middle of birth and death.”


  • “To not to think of birth and death is immortality.”


  • “Love is the death of ego.”


  • “Total achievement of the mind is the total death of the one who wanted to achieve.”


  • “Joy is the love affair of life with death.”


  • “Liberation is death of the one who ‘feels.”


  • “When the beginning and end are seen together, then you get freedom from both. There is no freedom from death, until you first understand birth.”


  • When you see that what you call as ‘life’ is itself a big lie, then you stop wondering about death.


  • “Immortality does not mean that you will continue to live for thousand, two thousand, ten thousand years.

    It just means that your life is not being lived in fear.

    To live fearlessly is to be immortal.

    That is the only definition of immortality – to live fearlessly.”


  • “Remember that you were born naked. You must die more naked than you were born.”


  • You dislike dying because you cannot die. Dying is an absurdity. Dying is an impossibility. Disappearance cannot happen.


  • “Samadhi cannot come as a result of Sambhog (Sex). Samadhi has to be prior to Sambhog. And then Sambhog carries the taste of Samadhi, just as everything else carries the taste of Samadhi. If you want Samadhi through any means, you will be disappointed. People have tried Samadhi through thousand means, they have always been disappointed because no method will ever work. No method can bring you to your natural state, because that is what you already are. The method is the barrier, the method is Maya, the method is the problem. All spirituality is about learning how to drop methods.”


  • “Living in Orgasm, is called Samadhi.”


  • “Sex tells you that nothing less than a total Samadhi will satisfy you. Those two seconds come, just to tease you. Orgasm comes, just to unsettle you even more. Because it reminds you of what you are missing. Orgasm is such a great disturbance. Orgasm is such a painful reminder; orgasm is such great news.”


  • “Guru hence is freedom from the great fear of death. With ‘Gu’ there is only death. With ‘ru’ there is neither birth, nor death. In ‘Guru’ there is immortality in the middle of death.”


  • “Surrendered and in the Present, one is immortal. And the moment you are busy with time, you are again moving towards death.”


  • “And the moment you are busy with time, you are again moving towards death.”


  • “Impermanence bothers us because it is not really our nature. Impermanence means to come and go away in time. Whatever arises, whatever falls is impermanent. We do not really like this business of arrival and departure, of birth and death. We do not like it because neither is birth our nature, nor is death our nature.”


  • “We try to express our nature of eternity, of immortality in various ways, in various unsuitable ways. I repeat, we do not like death precisely because we know that we cannot die. “


  • “Immortality is not about living great lengths of time. The only immortality possible is in the present. If you are fully present, fully present – that is immortality. And in that immortality, you are free to die and free to take a thousand births. To reach and live as, and live by your central, peaceful nature is immortality. In that peace, nothing bothers you, you are not worried about security. All questions on permanence are questions about one’s longevity, one’s security.”


  • “The realization that death is continuously happening is called total Death.”


  • “In timelessness, there is no death.”


  • “Only the dead ones can live. So, die fully and die completely, so that you may live. Those who are afraid of dying, they will never be able to live.


Die fully.”


  • “Whatever took birth, will die. Whatever is yours, will die.”


  • “Unless you die, you cannot come alive.”


  • “Die and come alive.”


  • “Immortality goes one step beyond ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from death and freedom from no death.”


  • “When the mind is placed exactly in the truth, that is Samadhi.”


  • “Joy is the love affair of life with death.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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