• “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it.
    Corpses don’t complain.
    The reward is respectability and progress”


  • “All fear arises from dependence.”


  • “When you’re dependent on someone, its just dependence.
    When you’re dependent on The One, its the highest independence.
    From someone to The One.”


  • “Happiness is conditional and is dependent on sadness.
    Joy watches all duality – happiness and sadness- and smiles.”


  • “To live fearlessly, remove your dependencies.”


  • “Confidence is a word that becomes relevant only in presence of fear, dependence on others, desire for future.”


  • “Whenever you have been attracted to something, you have been attracted to the Ultimate.
    That ‘something’ is auspicious for you only if that something takes you to the Ultimate.

    Choose wisely.”


  • “Every breath that we take, every word that we utter, every step that we take is a step steeped in slavery. We do not do anything independently, just anything. It’s impossible for us.”


  • “There is hardly anything within most of us, which is really independent. Even the slightest, smallest, most routine actions happen with an eye on what the others might be thinking or saying.”


  • “The mind is dependent all the time. But that dependence is subtle, so it doesn’t become obvious. But it becomes very obvious in such matters – you want to really do something and yet are unable to gather courage for it because nobody else is doing it. And then it becomes obvious.”


  • “The true Lover wants you free; the false lover wants you dependent.”


  • “We have been taught to be dependent in a thousand ways.”


  • “Wherever there is the other, wherever there is dependence on the other, there is fear and hence a search for safety.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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