• “The misdirected craving for inner fulfillment becomes external attachment.”


  • “Desires are bad deals. To get something which is worth five rupees, you trade away something which is worth five crore. To earn bread and butter, you trade away your precious life. To earn a little respect and acceptability, you trade away your precious youth.
    Never say: ‘I have earned something in the world’, for earning is such an illusion. What you really have, you do not earn. And with the world, whatever you get you get through trading, not through earning; it’s just barter.”


  • “You do not know ambition; all you know is some petty desires. All that you know is desire for some petty limited sum of money, some possessions, some this and that. Because ultimately whatever you want is quantifiable, is just a number. Even the highest that you can think of is just a number.
    You do not really know ambition. Ambition in its purest form means Immensity. Ambition in its purest form means desiring only the Highest; desiring right till the end of desire; desiring That which will bring a fullstop to the desire.”


  • “When your desire is of the limited, then it is called ambition.
    When your desire is of the unlimited, it is called devotion.”


  • “When God answers your prayers, then he rejects your desires.”


  • “Desires, Competition…enough of this bits and pieces foolishness.
    Let’s be supremely foolish: Desire the Ultimate. Be the Absolute winner.”


  • “To really help someone is to make it unnecessary for him to seek help.
    Those who desire to help others, desire that people keep wanting help.”


  • “Your desire to change won’t change you.”


  • “We have a tremendous potential to suffer. And a tremendous resistance to call our situation as suffering. We name our situation as ambition, hope, desire, duty, passion, love, but never give it the right name – suffering.
    We laugh aloud among others, and suffer quietly in our loneliness.”


  • “Behind all our choices there is a deep desire to come to the end of choosing. Behind every endeavour is a deep thirst to come to the end of all endeavours. In that sense the ego desperately wants to come to an end. It is suicidal. But it is not fearless enough to die. So it just keeps hoping for a better future.”


  • “What am I?
    Just that?
    No. Hope, memory, desire and identity as well. All of which, are, again, just fear.
    And fear can’t love.
    Tough luck!”


  • “The spontaneous energy of life, when denied expression, shows up in the form of desire.
    Desire: Spontaneity stifled and relegated to future.”


  • “Misplaced desire is suffering, so is misplaced renunciation.
    Misplaced war is bad, so is misplaced peace.
    All is good, at its proper place.”


  • “Cunningness is a desire to manipulate existence. Cunningness is foolishness.”


  • “Every desire is ultimately a desire of the Ultimate.
    Desire is essentially attempted self-remembrance in a delusion of forgetfulness.”


  • “Prayer is your very being. Prayer is beautifully described in Hindi as ‘praarthanaa’. ‘Arth’ means desire. ‘Pra-arth’ means ‘beyond desire’.
    Neither there is anything to pray to, nor anything to pray for, nor there is anybody who is praying. Prayer is nothing. If anybody is prayed to, anything is prayed for, or anybody is praying, then that is not a prayer but an activity out of desire.
    Prayer is your very being, a very-very silent call of the mind. Deeper the silence, closer you are to praying. The more you can describe or articulate, the more you are present, farther you are from praying.
    You cannot pray. You can only be prayerful. In every movement of the mind there must be prayer. Only that prayer is heard.
    You ask for nothing and so surely your prayer will be answered. The Lord listens when you forget the Lord. The Lord listens when there is no Lord.”


  • “The desire that is not a further thickening of the self is no more a desire. It is compassion.”


  • “All desires are fundamentally the desire of the Ultimate.
    But the more I run after these desires, the farther I go from the Ultimate.”


  • “Frustration of desire is called problem.
    Desire to end frustration is called solution.
    Both being desire, there can’t be a solution to problems.”


  • “No need to shy away from a desire when it arises with force and charm.
    Consider the desire. Play with it.
    And then, suddenly, dismiss it.”


  • “The mind is a slave to influences.
    It’s a mistake to call some influences as desires, others as distractions.
    Desire itself is distraction.”


  • “I cannot change something without understanding it.
    Understanding is change.
    But the very desire to change hinders the understanding.”
  • “Purpose, Goal, Desire – the mind’s attempts to come to an end, a rest.
    Intelligence is to see the stupidity of desiring to end desire.”


  • “Desire is search.
    Satisfaction is attainment.
    Search and attainment cannot be together.
    Hence, desire and satisfaction can never be together.”


  • “Desire for security is the desire for eternity.
    Eternity is not in prolonging time.
    Eternity is in being beyond time.
    Security is illusion.”


  • “All desires originate from forgetting that I already have it.
    Only in Attention I feel complete,remembering who I am and what I already have.”


  • “Desire is fear.
    A life of desires is a life of fear.
    Impossible for the go-getter to be fearless.
    Achievement is insecurity trying to smile.”


  • “Who is poor?
    The one who wants more.
    How can one be rich and yet crave for more?
    Poverty line basis: The more the desires, the poorer one is.”


  • “The mind thinks about thoughtlessness, desires desirelessness and hopes to live in the present moment. It even plans a free-flowing life.”


  • “Whose desires are you chasing?”


  • “Do not desire to solve your problems.
    See that desiring has caused all your problems.
    Don’t add another desire, don’t begin another problem.”


  • “Desire for existence keeps existence away.
    What you desire becomes unavailable, precisely because you desire.
    Desire it not and it is yours.”


  • “The ones who desires not gets It.”


  • “What does each desire promise?
    Fulfill me and you will get satisfaction!
    What does each desire want?
    Its own disappearance through fulfillment.
    Desire deeply desires the disappearance of itself.”


  • “Desire craves not for its fulfillment, but for its final dissolution.”


  • “What remains obvious is what you have lost: the trivia, the desires.
    What remains hidden is the greatness you are situated in now.”


  • “Confidence is a word that becomes relevant only in presence of fear, dependence on others, desire for future.”


  • “Desire is incomplete, Joy complete.”


  • “It’s never dark when you really want to see.
    The desire to see itself arises from light.”


  • “To really help someone is to make it unnecessary for him to seek help.
    Those who desire to help others, desire that people keep wanting help.”


  • “Not wanting to win, I never loose.”


  • “What is liberation?
    Joy of life – simple, direct, ordinary.
    Any search for a special is futile and deceptive.
    Be liberated from your search.”


  • “To the worldly man, the world is a continuous problem, a buzzing tension.
    To the wise man, the world is joyful revelation, a continuous relaxation.”


  • “What is joy?
    The celebration of mind on being free from itself.”


  • “What is right action?
    That which comes out of a joyful remembrance of the Real.
    Or, from a painful experience of separation from the Real.”


  • “Man is the only creature who thinks he has to do something to enjoy himself.”


  • “To scratch an itch is pleasure.
    Pleasure arises from disease.
    To not to have an itch is joy.
    Joy is health.”


  • “What we call as knowing, or being awake, is just a burden upon the mind.
    Great joy lies in not knowing, not being awake, even while awake.”


  • “Even though suffering is the natural consequence of the ego, and fodder of the ego, yet suffering can open the door to realisation.
    Suffering is a violation of your joyful fundamental nature, hence it arouses you, it can make you alert, more conscious.”


  • “Nobody ever sells you anything except hope. A promise is what you buy.
    Every product is a promise – of love, of contentment, of freedom.
    Your hope makes you a slave of salvation-sellers.
    Just be hopeless, and enjoy freedom.”


  • “And finally, the only important question is: Did you get the joke?
    If yes,there is just joy.
    Else, there are morals, targets, safety, future…”


  • “The sacred is the most terrifying.
    And it is also that which frees from all fear.
    The sacred plunges you in sorrow.
    It is also the utmost joy.”


  • “Happiness is conditional and is dependent on sadness.
    Joy watches all duality – happiness and sadness – and smiles.”


  • “When I don’t lurk around probing,
    Nor stalk in salacious achieving,
    It’s just Joy experiencing its Joy,
    Truth in its own innocence shining.”


  • “When one is joyful, there are no aims left.
    In the deep moment of love too, there are no aims.”
  • “It is alright to pursue your desires and seek fulfilment, but only if you, first of all, understand what the Total desire is. What your self is really and deeply craving for. When you will understand the totality of desire, then you will also understand that you are craving not for the garment but for the Total, you may call it by various names – the Beyond, Truth, God. You can call it anything.”
  • “When you are totally dependent only on the One, then you are completely independent.
    Whatever is Total, is always One; differences are always in fragments.
    All fragments look different from each other.
    Whatever is Total, is One.
    Total renunciation and total desire are One.”
  • “Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfilment of desire.”
  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”
  • The moon says: Why ask for this and that? I do not really need this and that. I only need one, and I’ll ask for that one. Can I merge in the Sun? Please, can I be one with the Sun? That is what my heart has been beating for so long. Can I be one with the Sun? And if you say, I cannot be one with the Sun, then can I at least, please see, the glory and splendor of Sun all around me all the time? Can you please give me a boon that I never forget that there is nothing but Light, but Sun? Can I remember always that every bit of energy around me comes from one single source? Can I remember and see that source, always and everywhere? That is what a wise moon would ask for. It will not want exclusivity. It will not say, that I should remain, and Sun should go. It realises the stupidity and impossibility of such a desire.
  • “Ask for that One, ask for nothing else. And if that One is asked for, really asked for, you get it. It is such a magical thing. You keep asking for petty stuff, do you ever get it? You have asked since years, since decades, since centuries for all small and petty things. Have you ever been able to get it? You have asked for the love of man, you have asked for reputation, you have asked for satisfaction, have you ever been able to get it? Love of men have kept you thirsty, reputation has always proved insufficient, and money has never been enough. Now for once, try something else. Leave all those little desires and ask for the Truth itself. Ask for the One. You will say, “Sir, when our little desires are never granted, how this immense desire will be granted?” But I am assuring you, this magic happens.”
  • “If your desires are little, they are never granted. They are never granted precisely because they are little, and existence does not value littleness, it values immensity. You ask for the petty and you will not get it, and you ask for infinity, it is yours.
    It is yours the moment you ask it.”
  • “How will you ask for infinity without being inspired by infinity itself? Strange is this asking. You get it, and only then you can ask for it. Such is the compassion of the giver. He gives first and after that, you ask for it. And such is the worthlessness of all asking. You have already gotten it when you are asking for it; what is the point in asking? Such is the stupidity of all desires. What you are asking for is already yours. And asking for it again and again cannot help you. What has already been given to you cannot be given again.”
  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”
  • “Don’t have a desire for something beyond, something exotic. Just be careful about which already is.”
  • “What has man been labelling as evil all these centuries?
    He has been labelling himself as evil.
    His desires, evil.
    His very physical constitution, evil.
    His forgetfulness, evil.
    Seated in the Heart you do not call it evil anymore.
    You say, ‘This is it!’”
  • “Work for yourself and you will not be able to work even for yourself.
    Work for others and you will be able to work for others and for yourself.
    The punishment of those who want personal welfare is that they will not get even personal welfare. But want it for everybody, everybody gets it and you get more than you had ever desired for yourself.”
  • “The frog you want to avoid is the princess of your deepest desires.”
  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”
  • “Dreams are a wonderful indicator.
    They tell you that something needs to be done.
    They tell you that not everything is alright.
    They tell you that certain movement needs to happen.
    But you need to exactly find out what is it that the dream really wants; otherwise, the same dream that could have helped you move to quietness, and peace, and relaxation, would mislead you, as it misleads most people.
    Dreams are an important signal sent from the depth of your mind to the conscious mind.
    You need to interpret that signal properly.
    It appears that the objects of our dreams are different, but in some way, all of us dream of the same One. Nobody has ever dreamt of anybody else. There is only one point that we all seek. That one point appears to our mind as different names, forms and shapes.
    Whenever you have desired, you have desired only One. Whenever you have dreamt, you have wanted only One. And it is easy to be misled, because that One appears in many forms.”
  • What does each desire promise? Fulfill me and you will get satisfaction.
    What does each desire want? Its own disappearance through fulfilment.
    Desire deeply desires the disappearance of itself.”
  • “When you keep rejecting the objects of your desire, and dreams, then slowly the tendency of the object to show themselves, to present themselves, reduces. Now you have come to a point where you know that things, or persons, or ideas, or thoughts, is not what you want. So what happens, that the chase after things, or persons, or ideas, or reputation, loses its energy.”
  • “Desires continue because they do not know what they are desiring. The moment they know what they are desiring, they go back into themselves.”
  • “Not separated from God, your desire is Godly.”
  • “You want to drop the desire, but you want to maintain the desirous one.”
  • “The desire to end is the spirit of Spirituality.”
  • “A mind going close to the Center is going close to its final desire.

    Final desire is both – the fulfillment and also the end. Fulfillment is the same as ending.

    Because you are afraid of ending, and stay away from ending, so you also stay away from fulfillment.”

  • “Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfillment of desire.”
  • “In your various desires, in your various movements, ultimately all you want is Peace.”
  • Wherever there is ownership, there would be shame. Whatever you can own, would be a cause of shame for you. And there is no object that would not bring shame to you. The ego is mired in guilt, and it thrives in guilt. And from this sense of guilt, comes this desire of betterment.

  • “That which you desperately seek is made distant by your seeking.”
  • “Your Wish shall be granted against your wish.”
  • “You surely want something and you can’t live without what you want, and yet the power to really know what you want has not been given to you.”
  • “When you look at the faces of people around, what else do you see except a very pronounced thirst?”
  • “You wanted much more, and you deserve much more.Give that to yourself.”
  • “Infinity is the end of all craving.”
  • “You deserve an ocean, and you are giving yourself a few droplets. Will you not be thirsty?”


  • “When you don’t want anything,
    then you can play around with everything.”


  • “Moving from desire to the source of desire, that is realization.”


  • “The Kamini is whatever that arouses Kaam within the Purush. If the woman is attracted to a man, then the man is Kamini because the man has aroused kaam, desire, inside the woman.”


  • “No human being can give you, what you really want. And to expect it from a person is to wrongly place your hopes. You would be disappointed. That, which we call as ‘love’ usually, is just a misplaced hope.”


  • The mind’s desire for control is such that it can bear any pain for it. The mind lives in continuous insecurity. There is nothing more dominant on the mind than it’s great fear of elimination; insecurity.

Control is the apparent antidote to insecurity. “I am insecure, so I want to control a lot of things.” To gain that control, I am even prepared to be beaten up. You see, you beat me up, but after beating me up, you will feel the moral pangs to come back to me.

  • “In wanting more, never forget what you already have.” 


  • “Anger comes from frustrated desires. You have a mental model of the world. You have your expectations and you want the world to act as per your expectations. You have a set of beliefs and you want existence to abide by them. It doesn’t turn out that way. Existence has its own plans that don’t necessarily correspond with yours, and when there is a mismatch, then you’re angry.”


  • “Where your desires are, there your investment is, where your investment is, there your frustration is.”


  • “You are in Samadhi when you have no desire for any kind of goal or liberation or salvation or Samadhi.”


  • “You very well know what your desires give you and where your desires come from. And when you see that, then the desire loses its energy. Once you become sensitive that the burning coal you are holding in your palm is eating out your flesh, it drops. And its dropping is not happening via a desire, you are not desiring to drop it, it drops. It drops on its own because you are seeing the damage it is causing you. You are not the dropper, you were the holder. Now the holder on seeing his stupidity is gone. The holder is gone, the dropping happens by itself.”


  • “At the root of desire, you find the Ultimate desire.”


  • “When beneath the clutter of all the superficial desires, you go to the root of desire, you will find that your ultimate desire is peace.”


  • “It is not as if desires come to you after you are born; only desires are born!”


  • “Ambition is nothing but the great granddaddy of the desire.”


  • “Our greatest desire is to become desire-less.”


  • “All desire is of the future. Ending of desire means ending of future. Ending of desire means coming alive in the present.”


  • “Our greatest desire is to become desire-less.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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