• “You do not know ambition, all you know is some petty desires. All that you know is desire for some petty limited sum of money, some possessions, some this and that. Because ultimately whatever you want is quantifiable, just a number. Even the highest that you can think of is just a number.
    You do not really know ambition. Ambition in its purest form means Immensity. Ambition in its purest form means desiring only the Highest, desiring right till the end of desire, desiring That which will bring a fullstop to the desire.”


  • “When your desire is of the limited, then it is called ambition.
    When your desire is of the unlimited, it is called devotion.”


  • “Take care of One, and all will be taken care of.”


  • “Respond to His call, and He will take care of the rest.”


  • “A spiritual man is a really ambitious man.”


  • “Violence is not a particular behaviour. It is the cessation of discretion.
    Forms could vary: apparent love, care, devotion may be violence.”


  • “Bhakti, devotion, surrender, is for the super-intelligent.
    It is not for the mentally challenged.”


  • “You can only be devoted to that which you do not know. If you are devoted to something that you know then it is not devotion. Then it is just attachment. If you are devoted to something that you know, then you are devoted to an object and that is attachment.

    Devotion is always to the unknowable.

    Devotion is Faith.

    It is always to the unknowable.”


  • “Know the right action – that is Gyana (knowledge), and then plunge into it, with all your Faith – that is Bhakti (devotion).”


  • “You can be attentive really only on the Truth.
    To be attentive is to attend only to the Truth, to have only the Truth as your priority.
    Attention is another name for Devotion and Surrender.”


  • “What is bhakti? Bhakti is devotion only to the Truth, only to the Truth am I devoted, and to nothing else.”


  • “The word ‛Tap’ is a beautiful word. Tap means to purify. It is related to heating something to cleanse it. It has the image of passing through fire. Which means you are burnt down, you are turned to ashes, you are annihilated. The identities are burning down one after the other-Tapasya. And this is the only real Sadhna – to see the suffering contained in the ways one is living and hence be sensitive enough to drop those ways. Loving oneself so much that one is not prepare to continue with the self inflicted torture anymore. Having faith that life is not meant to be suffering and hence if I am suffering, it must be surely because of something that I have accumulated. And if that be the case then I am prepared to give up the accumulation.”


  • “The fellow who is lonely just cannot be devoted. He can admire, but he cannot be devoted. Because to be devoted is to give up the right to withdraw your devotion. If you still have preserved your right to withdraw your devotion, then your devotion is not complete, because you have not devoted the right.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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