• “Every thought, every cell in the body is totally conditioned. Hundred percent patterned.
    This pattern is the doer that I am.”


  • “If there is an effort to drop something, know that it won’t be dropped.”


  • “It is so difficult to get rid of oneself.
    More so when the self is trying to get rid of itself, and hence perpetuating itself in the effort.”


  • “My relationship with the world is my relationship with myself.
    Outer conflict is inner.
    One who fights his mind quarrels with the world.”


  • “One is always selfish.
    Just that some know the Self, others don’t.
    In awareness of Self, Selfishness is beautiful.”


  • “You are what you are doing right now.”


  • “By running after it, I made it distant.
    By chasing it, I chased it away.
    I stopped, and I reached.”


  • “Running faster and faster to reach where I am!
    Working so hard to achieve what I already have!
    Asking all and sundry to find out who I am!”


  • “As long as the player is there, playing cannot happen.”


  • “Why are you obsessed with trying?
    Is trying must for happening?
    Infact, trying impedes happening.
    Trying is psychological, happening is Real.”


  • “Stop this effort at becoming.
    Stop trading one fear for the other.
    Stop hoping for change.
    One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.”


  • “My effort will not change the I.
    Whatever I will do will further the I.
    Whatever fear will do will not bring fearlessness.”


  • “Noise is the effort to be silent.”


  • “Effortless action is the immersion of the actor in the Source.”


  • “After great periods of great effort,
    when I saw the True,
    I was left asking and asking:
    Can one do anything to deserve You!”


  • “Your efforts to control the flow of life are sure to fail, for you have defined yourself to be small and separate.
    Why not just re-define?”


  • “It is so difficult to get rid of oneself.
    More so when the self is trying to get rid of itself, and hence perpetuating itself in the effort.”


  • “You cannot get It through your effort.
    But you will not get It without effort either.
    Don’t resist, empty yourself, and leave the rest to Grace.”


  • “Any effort at becoming something always comes from an ignorance of that which Is.
    Even the most magnificent dream proves a sleeping mind.”


  • “Will thinking bring you to thoughtlessness?
    Will effort bring you to effortlessness?
    Will change bring you to the changeless?


  • “The diligent man keeps doing and doing.
    The lazy man keeps doing even in his not doing.
    The wise man does nothing even when he is doing.”


  • “Working hard is not very difficult; the world is too full of hard-workers.
    The real difficulty lies in refraining from doing needless work.”


  • “Seek and you loose;
    Stop in attainment.”


  • “Clutch, and you lose it.”


  • “Blocking it is as big a blunder as pushing it.”


  • “If and only if I am seriously sincere, I will come to a conclusion: Have Fun.”


  • “That, which I am preparing for, keeps passing me by, as I keep preparing.
    Smart as I am, I am now preparing to stop preparing.”


  • “To see much, and know much, stay where you are.
    Travellers reach nowhere.
    To get much, get it now.
    The reward of patience is just boredom.”


  • “Those who know not where they are will be condemned to do a complete circle to again reach where they are.
    And then do it again, yet again…”


  • “To think of victory is already a defeat.”


  • “To walk does not mean to walk.
    To walk is just to allow walking to take place.
    What is ‘my’ role in walking then?
    To walk along the walking!”


  • “You don’t search to find, you search to maintain the search.
    Finding is the end of the search, and so you must never find.”


  • “When ‘you’ keep quiet, you still keep yourself.
    When ‘you’ do not do, you still are the doer.
    When ‘you’ remain silent, you still remain.”


  • “Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditionings and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.”


  • “Realisation sublimates the doer; the doing changes by itself.”


  • “In surrendering your doership, you are the perfect doer.”


  • “If you act as the doer then you will have to live into the future to bear the fruit of the doing.”


  • “Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditioning and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs, and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.
    The result of assuming oneself to be the doer is that one has to bear the consequences of the deed (Karmphal).”


  • “The only way to be liberated of the action as well as the fruits of action is to see that the actor is a myth.

    The actor is the myth.

    The doer is the Myth.

    The one we take ourselves to be is a myth.”


  • “The more man depends on his cleverness, his intellect, his own doership, the more he gets mired in misery.”


  • He is the all-doer whose doing seems not;
    I am the non-doer who seems doing a lot. 


  • “Wonderful deeds get done in non-doing.”


  • “I cannot tell how to do it.
    But I can surely tell how not to do it.
    And when you forget how to do it, you also forget your need to do it.”


  • “We have great obsession with doing.
    The saint is not bothered with doing.
    The presence is enough.”


  • “If you want to do anything really substantial, really meaningful in life, then it cannot be driven by reason, it cannot be driven by a tangible goal.
    It can really only be driven by a very unreasonable fire in the Heart.”


  • “If you are the one who is doing the Karma, you would always be the one who would worry about the results of Karma. Freedom from the results of Karma is possible only when you do not become the Karta(doer), only when you know that this is happening through me, not by me.”


  • “Doer-ship is an illusion.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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  1. THANK YOU once again, dear friends from India, for recording and collecting and making available all these gems of wisdom! claudia from germany


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