• “Knowledge that is external is always prone to doubt.
    The thinking mind is always trying and never reaching.”


  • “Is there anything, just anything, that you are absolutely sure of?
    No doubts?”


  • “Choice is doubt.
    Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.”


  • “Let me not confuse enquiry with doubt.
    Enquiry is knowing. Enquiry is closeness. Enquiry is faith.
    A suspicious mind cannot enquire.”


  • “A relaxed man is a very dangerous man.
    He has no doubts, so he cannot be manipulated.
    He has nothing to achieve, so he cannot be enslaved.”
  • “The one who knows does not have great answers; the one who knows does not have big words or big answers; the one who knows is the one who does not have even small questions. If you ask him for answers, he will conclude that he is a fool because he does not have answers. His being lies in not having questions, in realising just one thing that all questions are noise. He knows the Self and he knows the Self is blemishless. There is no place for doubt or confusion there. He sits rooted in sureness. He will say, ‘Only a Faithless mind can have questions. I know the source, the genesis of all questions, how can I give questions importance?’”

  • “It is horrible to see someone doubtful of himself.
    It is hilarious to see someone certain of himself.”
  • “Statements coming out of deep Faith are received in deep Faith.
    Statements coming out of confusion and doubt, are received with confusion and doubt.”
  • “See, how much of our energy rises from suspicion. See, how uncertainty and doubt motivate us so much. See, how people are rushing around in their cars and the fuel is doubt.

    Doubt kills.

    It will not let you sleep. You cannot relax with doubt.

    Is there anything is your life that you are absolutely sure of?

    And if you are doubtful of everything, if you must distrust everybody, I’m asking you, how do you sleep?

    And if you cannot sleep, why do you live?


  • “There is no question that does not rest on an assumption.
    And if you miss the assumption, then you become a slave of the question.”


  • “There is no answer. There is just the dropping of the question.”

  • “We are lunatics who are in their home and are crying and beating their chests thinking that they are in the jungle.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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