• “When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “To have excitement, boredom is necessary.”


  • “You remember excitement because it is active, its movement can be seen.
    You do not remember boredom because it is passive, its movement cannot be seen.”
  • “When excitement goes away, boredom too goes away.
    Go beyond both excitement and boredom.”
  • “Pleasure and pain are two ends of duality, but they should not be taken as separate. They are one. Pleasure in itself will hold no attraction for you if you are not in pain.
    If you ask, “What is pleasure?”, the answer has to be in context of pain. Pleasure means nothing in absence of pain.”
  • “Man and woman are two ends of duality – inseparable and opposites.”


  • “Reality is on no side of duality, and not even in the middle.”


  • “The ego itself is the evil and the devil. The entire game of duality is the evil. To think that one has a choice and a decision is evil.
    Seated in the ego, whatever you do – care, passion, love, service – all is evil.”


  • “Pleasure?
    That which furthers the ego through acceptance.
    That which furthers the ego through rejection.
    All duality feeds ego.”


  • “Happiness is conditional and is dependent on sadness.
    Joy watches all duality – happiness and sadness – and smiles.”


  • “Love is the two ends of duality feeling good and united about their non-dual common source. Love is the one source that unites the two ends.”


  • “Peace is peace in peace, obviously.
    But in this world of duality,there must be strife and war along with peace.
    Peace really means peace in war.”


  • “The ‘normal man’ wants to get rid of pain, and lives forever in pain.
    The wise man sees the duality and gets rid of both pleasure and pain.”


  • “Two ends of duality look opposite,but are actually same. They fight each other,hence sustain each other. Like fights like. Don’t fight the ego.”


  • “It is not enough to just decry the two ends of duality as false.
    One must live the joy of knowing this.
    This knowing makes True of the false.”


  • “To be more happy,be more sad.
    Such is happiness – a mere relief from sadness.
    Loose it, then find it, become happy.
    What’s beyond this duality?”


  • “The two sides of duality of mind appear as opposites but are always found together. Like the two sides of a coin.”


  • “Disease and medicine are two sides of a duality and both come from outside.
    Health is Real inner nature.
    Medicine just removes the disease.”


  • “Consciousness is just dead duality. One really alive is crazy beyond consciousness.”


  • “There is the dual and there is the non-dual.
    Where there is a duality, there is an infinitude of words, and words mean small things.
    Where there is a non-duality, there is just infinitude.
    Both are infinite.
    The dualistic world is also infinite, but it is infinite in its smallness; it is infinite in its littleness, in its fragmentation.
    And the non-dual world is just infinite.”


  • “Non-duality is to see
    non-duality and duality
    as One,
    and Nothing.”


  • “Of course, using the mind, you cannot really remember the non-dual Truth, because the mind can only remember duality. Since the mind can only remember duality, so try to remember something which is dualistic, but points towards non-duality.”


  • “The mind can only look at duality — the eyes see figures, the ears hear sounds, and you can only touch material.
    So, find out something or somebody who is like a bridge between the dualistic world and the non-dual Source.
    That will help you remember.”


  • “Do not ask, ‘Why did I get angry?’
    Ask, ‘Why does guilt arise? Why this divided mind? Why can’t my anger be complete?’
    And if there is completeness, would not the anger be transformed? Does not ‘resistance to anger’ give fuel to the anger? In trying to control yourself, are you not giving yourself energy to act in the same way?
    That’s the basic principle of duality: What you try to control, you give energy to that.”


  • “Aloneness is a particular mind. And it is not that as if that mind does not recognise, or realise people. It does. Do not forget, that aloneness does not exclude duality. Aloneness does not exclude this world.
    To be alone, is to be fully of the world, and yet alone. And then one has lived!”


  • “Unless God is demolished, the ego cannot be demolished because these are two ends of the same duality.”


  • “I-ness leads to Two-ness, which is duality, and duality is many-ness. And many-ness could either be the suffering of life or the delight of living.”


  • “In deep non-duality, you realize by being one with the realized.”


  • “If you are an ‘opposite’ of something, it means you are related to that thing, and it means that you would soon be turning towards that thing.What you envy, you become.

    Only when you are living with the Total, then you are really living.

    Then your life is sacred, not perverted.”


  • “If you are particular only about winning then losing will hurt so much.”


  • “There is no glory in being a loser, just as there is no glory in being a winner.”


  • “All ends of duality go together. Live rightly at the grocery shop and you would also live rightly with your kids. Live rightly in the kitchen and you would also live rightly in the bedroom. Live rightly with animals and you would live rightly with human beings.”


  • “Wherever opposites are to be found, the matter is just dualistic. And in any dualistic issue, both sides of duality are not really true.”


  • “From one end of duality if something can be born, it is just the other end of duality.”


  • “Non-duality means—let thought take a break, because all thought is dualistic. Non-duality means—do not talk about Vishnu at all. In talking about Vishnu, you are creating a Truth outside of yourself.”


  • “All pair of dualities are your own mental fiction. Watch them! Carefully. The middle path does not mean that presented with “this” and “this”, you will walk here. The Middle path means, “neither this, nor this.””


  • “In the complete negation of appearance, lies the fullness of truth.”


  • “You cannot have boundaries and yet not have conflict. The only way to not to have conflict is to not to have boundaries. Boundary is duality. Only in non-duality, lies peace.”


  • “Man and woman are two ends of duality, and both will meet the same fate. One end cannot fly away in isolation, just as one leg cannot reach the destination when the other is held behind in bondage.”


  • “That is the only accurate way of describing the destination — Silence.”


  • “The two ends of duality are not linked to each other in a causal way. One end does not create the other. Both ends are dependent on each other for their so-called existence but neither end creates the other.”


  • “In non-duality, non-duality and duality are one.”


  • “Just as the five senses are external and dualistic, similarly the sixth sense too is not what one is.”


  • “Consciousness is just dead duality. One really alive is crazy beyond consciousness.”


  • “The more bad memories you have, the good memories will appear all the sweeter.”


  • “Good and bad are just two sides of the same coin.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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