• “Being what you are, you will be found where you must be. So, instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’

  • “Don’t confuse enquiry with asking questions. Questions are just noise.
    Enquiry is silence.
    Enquiry doesn’t answer questions, it dissolves them.”


  • “Let me not confuse enquiry with doubt.
    Enquiry is knowing.
    Enquiry is closeness.
    Enquiry is faith.
    A suspicious mind cannot enquire.”


  • “The deepest enquiry begins as a tense, ruthless questioning, demanding answers, and surrenders as a humble faith, knowing beyond answers.”


  • “I enquire about you. Even the power of enquiry is yours.
    The only joy I get is the joy of seeing you. That joy too is yours.
    What do I do?”


  • “Enquiry is not suspicion; enquiry requires love.”


  • “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Do not ask,”Do you respect me, love me?”
    Enquire whether he is capable of respecting and loving.
    Most people cannot love – anybody, anything.”


  •  “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Real enquiry is not about asking questions or seeking answers or striving for the Truth.Real enquiry is in Silence.Real enquiry is about just listening.”


  • Enquiry means a deep burning need for the Truth.”


  • Faith is when all imagination has seized. When even your trust in the fact has seized. Just the enquiry has not seized. And then you just know.


  • “If you have to enquire, then enquire into the ego. That is the only utility of seeking. That is the only utility of enquiry.”


  • “All self-inquiry begins with a recognition of a restlessness within. And that restlessness is nothing but the veil on the consciousness, the veil on the eyes.”


  • “Enquiring about something is an act of great love. So, you are not well, I am enquiring. Behind the enquiry, lies love. I want to know, who you are, not because I have ill intentions. But because I sense a certain beauty, that is enquiry. Enquiry is closeness. But when you will enquire then it is possible that the other person may become aggressive. You are enquiring just because you want to know. Because ‘to know’ is so beautiful. But the other person may think that you are enquiring in order to expose or offend. You must be prepared to take that risk. That is the price you must pay for living honestly.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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