• “When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “Whosoever is obsessed with make-up is a person who terribly and deeply believes in his or her ugliness. “


  • “You cannot accept yourself without accepting the totality of existence.
    When you are complaining against everything, how can you be alright with yourself?
    When you are offended and hurt by everything, how can you be alright with yourself?
    People talk about accepting themselves, but accepting themselves is never in isolation. It has to come with an acceptance of everything, and acceptance does not mean compromise. Acceptance means: “Whatever there is, in the middle of all of it, I am okay. There might be disease all around, but in the middle of diseases, I am healthy. Disease can never touch my core, my essence. It might even touch my body, but it can never touch my soul”.
  • “Mysticism is the essence of wisdom.”


  • “Meditation is the submergence of mind in its essence.”


  • “Your own essence is the Guru, the essence of everything.”


  • “You’re restless for the essence of all that you’ve ever sought.
    You’re seeking the climax of the seeking.
    Manifested essence seeking itself.”


  • “Who is Kabir?
    A historical figure, a weaver, a body that died?
    Kabir is the essence from which all Kabirs are born.
    A thousand Kabirs come and go, and Kabir remains as always.”


  • “Do not confuse between the Essence and the manifestation, between the Centre and the periphery. The Centre has no mission or goal but the periphery must have a mission, otherwise it will rot. The Essence and its manifestation should not be confused with one another. What applies to the limited will not be true for the unlimited. The Upanishads warn that both Vidya and Avidya must be known simultaneously and separately.”


  • “Leela and Maya: Maya is when one acts in the mistaken belief that the expression is the Essence. Leela happens when one knows Essence as Essence and expression as expression. When the world takes control of me, it is Maya. When I am not ruled by world while still participating in it, it is Leela, and that is the only healthy relationship with world.”


  • “When man refuses to live in the Essence, he lives in the periphery, in the inessential.
    See how you have filled your life with the inessentials.
    See how you suffer.
    See how you long for the Essential.”


  • “To be intelligent is to look directly, spontaneously at the essence of things, rather than be caught in trivia of name, form, past, details.”


  • “Aatman is the essence.
    World is the skin of  Aatman.
    Look at your life and find out how much do you value the essence, and how much do you value the skin.”
  • “Keep the secret.Don’t spill the beans.

    That’s the essence of Spirituality.

    Don’t break the news.

    Like lovers talk in hushed tones.

    One does not talk loudly to God.

    Somebody may hear.”

  • “Stillness is the essence of the flow.
    To flow freely is same as being absolutely still.”
  • “Faith is not a word to be found in Zen vocabulary.
    It is not a word to be found, it is the very essence of Zen, and that is why the word is absent.
    When it permeates, really-really deeply, then the word gets deleted.”


  • “Stillness is the essence of the flow.
    To flow freely is same as being absolutely still.”
  • “Faith is our essence.
    Faith is all that is.”
  • “India is not really a geographical entity, let alone a political one.

    India is the name given to Understanding, to going into the essence of things.

    So, if you are really probing deep, you can never go away from India.

    You may take the flight, you may reach home, yet India will be with you.”


  • “Energy which is random, disorderly, leaves you with the burden to control it.
    Energy which is an order in itself, contained in the Heart, leaves you with the sureness of an inner power.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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