•  “ Nobody is a misfit. In existence, everything is where it should be.
    Allow things to happen. Do not choose, allow.”


  • “Because we lead a posthumous existence, there is clearly a need to kill that which is already dead.”


  • “Desire for existence keeps existence away.
    What you desire becomes unavailable, precisely because you desire.
    Desire it not and it is yours.”


  • “Existence gives you fruits and vegetables, society gives you recipes.
    Being bound to recipes your taste buds and senses become crude and lose their capacity to sense the subtle.”

  • “You cannot accept yourself without accepting the totality of existence.
    When you are complaining against everything, how can you be alright with yourself?
    When you are offended and hurt by everything, how can you be alright with yourself?
    People talk about accepting themselves, but accepting themselves is never in isolation. It has to come with an acceptance of everything and acceptance does not mean compromise.
    Acceptance means:”Whatever there is, in the middle of all of it, I am okay. There might be disease all around, but in the middle of diseases, I am healthy. Disease can never touch my core, my essence. It might even touch my body, but it can never touch my soul”.”


  • “I do not know my own good, so I cannot desire my own good.
    Existence knows what is good for me. So it sends me the Sun; it has given me the capacity to love and understand. There is a bigger power, a totality that knows what is best for me. And let that bigger power, let that totality decide what is good for me.
    I should not look after myself because I cannot look after myself and if I try to look after myself I will only do myself harm. If I do not want to harm myself then I should not have this stupid belief in my expectations.”


  • “When God answers your prayers, then he rejects your desires.”


  • “To be a human is to have Sky in the Heart and Earth in the body.”


  • “The only way to help the world is to leave the world alone.”


  • “Man is the only creature in existence whose defining characteristic is his deep fear.
    Fear in his relationships, his goals, fear in his laughter, his love, his living, his progress, fear in his entire being.”


  • “The entire universe comes together as the body.
    Let the body be; don’t try to control it, don’t impose morality upon it, don’t be afraid of it.
    To be afraid of the body is to be afraid of existence.”


  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly.
    Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature.
    Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence.
    Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “One forgets wisdom somewhere along the ways of mind.
    One attains to wisdom by watching the ways of existence.”


  • “Cunningness is a desire to manipulate existence. Cunningness is foolishness.”


  • “In existence the party is always on, but man keeps waiting for a special invitation.
    The party is the invitation.
    To see the party is to be invited.
    To see the party is in itself the celebration.”


  • “Not only do you depend on God for your existence, your survival, your peace.God also depends on you.Just as you are in search of God, God too is in search of you.In fact, God is searching more intensely for you than you are searching for God.”


  • “So here we are – ‘Mind beings’.

    Mind beings – who do not exist in their own eye when they are deeply asleep, absent minded or comatose. 

    Please understand.

    Anybody here who can claim to exist even in his deep sleep?

    Anybody here who can claim to be even in his deep-deep sleep?

    So such is the power of thought that our own existence in our own eyes – and when I say ‘our own eyes’, I only mean ‘thought’ – our own existence in our own eyes depends on thinking.

    If the thinking mode of consciousness ceases, then we cease to exist. 

     So the ‘mind’ is thinking all the time and we think as if ‘we’ are thinking. 

    But the fact is- without thinking we do not exist. 

    So is it not true that thought is thinking us?”


  • “Because you have been surrendered, because you have been moving as one with existence, only the right things will happen through you.
    You won’t even have to try to be an agent of change.
    Your very presence will cause the right change all around you.”


  • “If your desires are little, they are never granted. They are never granted precisely because they are little, and existence does not value littleness, it values immensity. You ask for the petty and you will not get it, and you ask for infinity, it is yours.
    It is yours the moment you ask it.”


  • “You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence.”


  • “When you remember that to which the intellect gives importance, that is when you forget That to which existence gives importance.”


  • “Why are you so anxious? Is there anything in the entire universe that has to worry about the next day, that has to worry about what existence will bring to it?”


  • “You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence.”


  • “Real prayer is such a deep surrender that – “I am not going to even ask something, because I don’t know what is good for me. I am leaving everything to existence.”
    Real prayer is a deep-deep surrender of the ego.”


  • “What is maturity?
    Realization; when you come to realize the nature of your existence.”


  • “Silence is not your doing. Silence is to leave all security. Silence is to live without any sense of what will happen next. Silence is to leave yourself to the mercy of existence. And when you do that you do come to know that existence is actually compassionate and knows more about you than you do, takes better care of you than you ever could.”


  • “Man’s tragedy is that he has to prove again and again to himself that he exists. And then he has to repeatedly check that his existence is not threatened.”


  • “Existence has no obligation to live up to your imagination.”


  • Once you are gone, once your current heap of rubbish has just been burnt down, then you are the son of existence.


  • “Give yourself an environment, free of disturbances.
    As an intelligent individual, identify your disturbances and keep them a little away.
    Then you have fun.
    This is what am calling as party of life.
    The grand carnival of life.”


  • “In the existential sense, the whole is not the sum of the parts. The whole is from where all the parts emerge and yet the whole remains whole.”


  • “Part is a fragmented way of looking; otherwise, there is no part, there is only the Whole.”


  • “Once you are gone, once your current heap of rubbish has just been burnt down, then you are the son of existence.”


  • “The world knows how to take care of itself. Prakriti (Nature) was there before you and Prakriti will be there after you. You better not interfere. Your interference in an anomaly. Your interference is a problem.”


  • “To the mind, not immersed in existence, there are only problems. Otherwise there is no problem.”


  • “Anger comes from frustrated desires. You have a mental model of the world. You have your expectations and you want the world to act as per your expectations. You have a set of beliefs and you want existence to abide by them. It doesn’t turn out that way. Existence has its own plans that don’t necessarily correspond with yours, and when there is a mismatch, then you’re angry.”


  • “Existence does not offer any obligations to behave in particular ways.”


  • “If something is false, what is the point in remembering it? What is the point in interpreting it? If something is false, it by definition does not exist, it by definition has to be forgotten.”


  • “Prakriti is time. Time will continue, so sex will continue. As long as this body is there, sex will be there.”


  • “By Grace, we just mean, causeless help.”


  • “Something within us prevents us from receiving help, even when it is coming freely. Never blame the situation. Never say that the existence has been harsh upon you. Existence has been very large-hearted, in all possible forms, it has been trying to correct, to teach, to love, to heal. Whether it is in the form of the rain, the bird, the cloud, or the teacher. Instead, ask, “Am I prepared to take that help? Even if the book is present in my house, am I prepared to read it? Am I prepared to read? Am I prepared, to not even meditate, but simply to think?””


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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