• “The family and the large corporation are the same.
    Both offer security and hinder individuality.
    Will corporations exist without the family?”


  • “One of the Vedantic names for Truth is ‘Aniket’- one who has no home.
    Home is fear, security, confinement.
    Kabir: ‘Main mera ghar jaaliya’
     (I burned my house).”


  • “When Krishna says, “As I am in myself, so I am in you, and so I am in the rest of the world,” he obviously means that the body does not mean anything. And then how can parents matter, when the body does not mean anything?
    Do you see the inconsistency, how in the same breath we talk of being truthful towards parents and then we quote the Gita? How can somebody quote the Gita and still assign virtuosity to the family structure?
    Krishna is all the time saying, “The family does not matter,” and the family is the supporting pillar of your morality. To be with Krishna, is to be totally beyond morality. Krishna does not at all bother about the family. In fact, he is getting Arjun to slaughter his family.”


  • “The man who is greedy and ambitious in office, how can he turn loving in the family?”


  • “You say you work for the family.Whose family – the neighbour’s?

    Is it really for the family that one works, or is it always for oneself?

    Don’t name your insecurity as magnanimity or responsibility.”


  • “We want it to stay like eternally because eternity is our nature. It is just that we are expecting eternity in wrong places. We are expecting the body to be eternal; it wouldn’t be. We are expecting the relationships to be eternal; they wouldn’t be. We are expecting money, and family and house and everything else to be eternal and there it disappoints us.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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