• “Plans of future come from the fears of the past.”


  • “A situation is a challenge only when you feel something about you is at stake”


  • “Whenever you are in the action, whenever you are in the happening, whenever you are inside life, there is hardly any time to spend.
    And whenever you are outside life, whenever you are outside the happening, whenever you are afraid, whenever you just watching from the fringes, then time comes into the picture.”


  • “Only the One can help you, is helping you, wishes you well and is giving you wellness.
    Know Him, be with Him, and then you will not be afraid.”

  • “Are you afraid that something bad may happen?
    Fear is already the worst that can happen.”


  • “And how are you so fearless?
    No particular reason.
    Sure? No reason?
    Fearlessness has no reason. It is fear that always comes from a reason.”


  • “Stop this effort at becoming.
    Stop trading one fear for the other.
    Stop hoping for change.
    One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.”


  • “Is the moment of death anymore significant than the infinite moments lived daily?
    Concerned less with living fully than with fear of death!”


  • “Want to end sorrow?
    Then stop fearing it.
    Go close to it, observe it, embrace it, love it, and become one with it.
    Is sorrow just sorrow?”


  • “What am I?
    Just that?
    No. Hope, memory, desire and identity as well.
    All of which, are, again, just fear.
    And fear can’t love.
    Tough luck!”


  • “The sacred is most terrifying.
    And it is also that which frees from all fear.
    The sacred plunges you in sorrow.
    It is also the utmost joy.”


  • “A complete encounter with fear comes first. Avoiding fear is useless. One must first expose fear and shiver in it. Then comes fearlessness.”


  • “The disease can be treated only when the symptoms show up.
    When afraid, be fully afraid.
    Fear shows up; now watch!
    Confidence is suppression.”


  • “Again and again you ask me out, again and again I fear and refuse.
    Again and again you smile and win, again and again I fight and lose.”


  • “I avoid aloneness. When faced with boredom or fear, I escape to gossip or entertainment.
    If Truth threatens me, surely I am living in lies.”


  • “To live fearlessly, remove your dependencies.”


  • “An insecure, fearful mind is due to lack of self-awareness.
    All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away.
    Hence, fear.”


  • “Freedom from ego is freedom from fear.”


  • “It is impossible to be attached to a person or dream without being afraid of losing it.
    If fear haunts you, find out your attachment.”


  • “One of the Vedantic names for Truth is ‘Aniket’- One who has no home.
    Home is fear, security, confinement.


  • “‘Knowing harm’ is one thing. Fear is totally another.”


  • “The first entity worth knowing is the Self.
    A mind ignorant of the Self remains miserable even if well-versed in other knowledge.”


  • “For the fearful, fear is the method.”


  • “Who am I?
    If I continue, fear continues.”


  • “Fear is the natural outcome of what I consider myself to be.
    I am literally ‘terribly’ sure of who I am!”


  • “I give so much resistance against being harmed. Why?
    This ‘I’ itself is so very fragile, so weak.
    Being what I am, I will live in fear.”


  • “You are afraid because you have forgotten.”


  • “Those who are nothing, are greatly afraid of losing what they have.
    Those who are what they are, bother not about what they have.”


  • “The first and last stupidity is fear.”


  • “You must learn to feel safe. You must feel assured of your security. Don’t give energy to thoughts that make you feel small, petty, vulnerable, exposed, and insecure. Things are good. Alright. You are not in an alien land. This is your home, don’t tremble so much. Stretch your arms and feel the earth. See it is not really shaking, it is holding you in her lap. Nobody is conspiring against you. There is no need to fear. There is no need to run helter-skelter for security. There is no need to hate yourself so much.”


  • “Insecurity enters you wearing the mask of love.Fear enters you wearing the mask of care.Body centricity enters you wearing some other mask.Spiritual practice lies in seeing beyond the mask.”


  • “The less you have, the more is your effort to get, and the more is your fear. And the more is your fear, the smaller you think yourself to be.

    The smaller you think yourself to be, the more again is your effort to obtain something — greatness, bigness from outside. And because it is to come from outside, it is unreliable. No beggar is ever sure of how heavy his begging bowl would be at the end of the day. The world is not obliged to meet your expectations.”


  • “When it comes to dealing with the world, the world is always uncertain. And the more you are dependent on the world, the more serious and critical are your linkages with the world, the more responsible you feel towards the world; the more you’ll be steeped in fear.

    To be worldly is to be fearful.”


  • “The more you are a resident of this world, the more you would be condemned to live in fear.”


  • “An insecure, fearful mind, is due to lack of self-awareness. All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away. Hence, fear.”


  • “All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price.
    Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.
    The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands.
    We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price.
    We take these two as separate happenings.
    These are not separate happenings.
    This is the same happening.”


  • “Your eyes close if fears and fantasies go.Your fears and fantasies have gone only when the world has gone.The world is fears; the world is fantasies.No fantasies; no world.No fear; no world.”


  • “Think of everything that you continuously remember.Think of everything that finds a place in the memory.It finds a place in the memory only because it is important to the ego.It either promises something or threatens to take away something.That is why you remember it, and what you remember is your world.Fears and fantasies is what you remember.”


  • “Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.”


  • “Fulfilment is when you are not thinking about fulfilment.

    Real knowing is when you are not thinking in terms of knowledge.

    Love is when you forget all about love.

    Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.

    If you are thinking that you are fearless, you are just using thought as a defence mechanism.

    Whatever is Real is known by its absence in the psychic world.

    If it does not come in thoughts then it is Real. If the mind cannot imagine it, hold it, touch it, conceptualise it, then it is Real.”


  • “When you are really living, that is when the fear of death is gone.”


  • “Immortality does not mean that you will continue to live for thousand, two thousand, ten thousand years.It just means that your life is not being lived in fear.To live fearlessly is to be immortal.That is the only definition of immortality – to live fearlessly.”


  • “Drop your stupidity.

    Know things for what they Really are.

    And if you want to know things, you will have to know the place where things appear, and that place is the mind, so know the mind.

    Know the mind.

    Having known mind, you have known thought, you have known time, you have known fear, and in knowing all these you have gone beyond all these.”


  • “Life will make a mockery of all your preparations. I am not saying don’t prepare. What I am saying is let your confidence not be linked to preparation. Prepare but don’t feel confident because of preparation. Just feel confident for no reason. When you feel confident for no reason, that is called Faith. That is called Faith. But it requires guts. When you’re afraid then you want to cover up your fear with preparation.”


  • “It is possible to have an objective, and be on the road to it, very calmly. It is possible to work very energetically, without the fear of loss, or without the fear of failure. But that happen only when your objective is not arising from an internal sense of incompleteness.”


  • “You don’t need to learn to stand still; you need to unlearn what you have acquired, and that is easy. A little bit of attention, a little bit of fearlessness, that comes from Faith, and you’re Home.”


  • “If you are talking of Faith, then you are prolonging the fear.”


  • “Fear is nothing but the experience of fear.
    Live in fear. And you will see that even in fear you are alright.”


  • “Laughter is indeed beautiful, and there is nothing uglier than laughter.
    Fear is indeed painful, but there is nothing beautiful than fear.
    It depends from which center you are operating.”


  • “Fear is the smoke of the annihilation of the ego.”


  • “Face your fears right now.
    Tremble. Shiver. And die.”


  • “First you have to give up that within you which keeps you in the city and then you can be in the city and yet peaceful. It is not currently peace which keeps you wedded to the city. It is fear that keeps you wedded to the city.”


  • “How can you lose something that you never have in the first place?”


  • “A man would usually not like to admit that he is afraid of a woman. So, that fear is hidden. And equally difficult it is to see that a woman is aggressive, even though she might appear helpless or even benign.”


  • “Living in facts means really and honestly knowing what is going on; not letting my fear come in the way of my awareness.”


  • “Intelligence is joy, Intelligence is freedom from domination, from exploitation, from fear, that is intelligence.”


  • “Every moment is complete in itself, leaves no residue behind. I have no obsession with the past because the past is, complete and closed. I have nothing to give to the future because right now, I have no fear. I am not living in incompleteness. There is nothing that would get rolled over to the future.”


  • “Every moment is complete in itself, leaves no residue behind. I have no obsession with the past because the past is, complete and closed. I have nothing to give to the future because right now, I have no fear. I am not living in incompleteness. There is nothing that would get rolled over to the future.”


  • “When you feel that something has been taken away, you are angry and when you feel something will be taken away, you are afraid.”


  • “Going close to fear, which is the reality in which we live in, would require a lot of faith. And talking of faith as a concept necessarily means that there is a lot of fear.”


  • “Whenever I will be dependent on something for my well-being, I will live in fear.”


  • “Faith is freedom from fear in the middle of fear.”


  • “Most people are unable to break away from their situations, their workplaces, their home, or from their relationships not because they are responsible or committed but because they are afraid.”


  • “Mind does not fear change. Mind is afraid that it will lose what it has.”


  • “If you are afraid, you can’t live.”


  • “All experiences are physical; all experiences are only to the experiencer. All experiences require, first of all, somebody who is experiencing and that somebody himself is the central problem, that central restlessness, that somebody is the ego; only the ego experiences. So you can have an experience of everything that is ego-centric, like? Like pleasure, like pain, like attraction, like repulsion, like fear, like hope – all of these are elements of experience because, all of these are born out of the ego.”


  • “Our stream of energy is blocked by our resistance, our fear, our expectations. Action does not freely happen through us. The internal fountain is not allowed to express itself freely, so you require than a lot of motivation, persuasion that which you call as effort. Yes? To experience freely is to unblock the flow then action happens. Then the required effort, the right effort that is needed to sustain the action is also there. What we have is mostly wasted effort, effort that doesn’t materialize into anything.”


  • “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid because you conceal your facts from yourself only because you are afraid. You do not admit your situation to yourself only because you are afraid. Have faith! Have faith that you are being taken care of. There is no need to try smartness. There is no need to act clever. There is no need to hide. Just open up. Just be naked. Don’t be afraid.”


  • “If you are someone, who must take care of the future, who lives in hopes, then you are also someone who lives in fear.”


  • “Don’t be afraid of patterns. Be with the Truth; you will not be afraid.”


  • “Courage does not mean the absence of fear. Courage means that there is something untouched by fear; bigger than fear.”


  • “Fear is the smoke of the annihilation of the ego. If the ego will burn, this smoke will arise.”


  • “Face your fears right now. Tremble, shiver and die. And you are reborn.”


  • “Have you not already failed, if you are afraid of failure?”


  • “Confidence is fear.”


  • “The deeper is your dependency, the deeper is your fear.”


  • “It doesn’t matter. Friend or enemy, the mind constantly lives in fear of the other. Wherever there is the perception of another person, fear arises. Otherness itself is fear.”


  • “The root to fearlessness is to reduce your dependencies. The less dependent you’re on others the more fearless you’ll feel. And the more dependent you’re on others, you’ll keep spending your life in fear.”


  • “The deeper is your dependency, the deeper will be your fear.”


  • “And remember, only when you’re not afraid of others, then you can be in a healthy relationship with others.”


  • “Wherever there is the other, wherever there is dependence on the other, there is fear and hence a search for safety.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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