• “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it.
    Corpses don’t complain.
    The reward is respectability and progress.”


  • ” If a leader needs followers, he will never let them be free.”


  • “Agree with freedom for freedom is your nature.”


  • “Need cannot be the basis of any relationship, including a leader-follower relationship. Any relationship cannot be based on need, because when you need something from somebody then you will not let that person free.
    The basis of relationship has to be one’s own fullness: “I am so complete in myself that I am not begging something from you, I have come here to give”. This is what love is. Two people who are perfectly alright in there aloneness, when they get together that is love. That is a healthy and beautiful relationship. They do not need each other, yet they are with each other.”


  • “Why must you be so inconsiderate, so rude? Why do you inflict torture upon torture on yourself, everyday? Many of you, after this session, will go back to places where you will be inflicting torture upon yourself. Don’t you know that? Can’t you change that? What is this slavery? What is this helplessness? Your first obligation is towards yourself. All other obligations flow from there. If the first is not being met, the other obligations obviously cannot be met. The first has to be given its proper place. The first is you.”


  • “Facts are material; facts are dualistic; facts are supplied to you by your senses. Facts might take you to the door of the Truth but facts by themselves are not the Truth.
    ‘Now’ is not the present, and facts are not the Truth.
    To say that facts are the Truth and ‘now’ is the Present, is to say that material is the final reality. And if material is the ultimate Truth, then there can be no Love, Freedom or Joy because none of these are material.
    There can be no Love in facts. There can be no Freedom in facts.”


  • “The more clearly you state to me that such and such people are inhibiting your freedom, hampering your growth, stealing your joy, the more obliged you become to answer the question then, “Why are you with them”?I will tell you, why are you with them.
    Because you are so corrupted that you want all the benefits that come from their company and parallelly you also want to insult and humiliate them. You take all that can be taken from them and then you sing to the world that they are exploiting you.
    Who is exploiting whom?”
  • “Free from lovers, you become free to love.”


  • “If others can predict you, others will enslave you.”


  • “Understanding of sorrow is freedom from sorrow.”


  • “To a mind conditioned over ages, freedom cannot come on its own.
    Experience will not liberate. Only a dedicated conscious effort will help.”


  • “When you see it, you become free from it.
    Seeing is the realization of freedom.”


  • “Mind is intelligence.
    Brain is individual knowledge.
    Mind plus Brain is the individual conditioned mind.
    Freedom is the mind free of the brain.”


  • “Freedom is freedom from freedom.”


  • “What is bondage?
    The thought of freedom.
    Freedom is the dream that must first dream a bondage.
    Freedom needs bondage for its own survival.”


  • “My craving for freedom is directly proportional to my fear of freedom. Strange am I !”


  • “The Self is the real freedom.”


  • “Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core one can fly freely.
    Wandering without a center is looseness, not freedom.”


  • “Choice is doubt. Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.”


  • “He is the giver of the ‘I’ and He is the freedom from ‘I’.
    He is both, and yet none of these.”


  • “A great change happens when you see what is happening. To not to see what is happening is to continue the happening. Just pause and look at what you’ve been doing.
    Freedom from fear comes from realising that the entire story is fear, that the whole substance of your life is steeped in fear.”


  • “Freedom is for the free. Truth is for the truthful.”


  • “Following others is slavery. Following yourself is slavery even bigger. Instead of choosing between two different kinds of slavery, choose freedom.”


  • “Ego is the freedom to remain an idiot.”


  • “Ego is the freedom to dissolve itself.”


  • “Mind is a trader that always makes bad deals. It tries to sell away something that cannot be given away, and it bargains to buy something that cannot be useful. It trades away the essentials- love, freedom, simplicity in exchange for illusions of acceptance, pleasure and security. Hence there is only suffering in each trade, in every action of the mind.”


  • “The mind looks only at what it is getting. It doesn’t look at the complete picture. It doesn’t see what it is losing in order to get. Realize the price you’re paying to get paid while remaining in bondage. Then you will be ready to pay any price for freedom.”


  • “Peace is not happiness; it is freedom from both happiness and sadness.”


  • “He is the giver of the ‘I’ and He is the freedom from ‘I’.
    From Him comes the entire game of illusion and from Him comes the only chance of redemption.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly.
    Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together. The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around.
    Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “Ego will never directly choose freedom. It will just choose more bondages as means towards freedom. Ego plays a game of self-delusion. It will cry aloud, “I want freedom”, and will determinedly latch on to bondages.
    Whatever you will choose, you will choose just to escape from that which is worthy of being chosen.”


  • “Nobody ever sells you anything except hope. A promise is what you buy. Every product is a promise – of love, of contentment, of freedom. Your hope makes you a slave of salvation-sellers.
    Just be hopeless, and enjoy freedom.”


  • “Choice is doubt. Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.”


  • “Never surrender your freedom. Surrender in freedom.”


  • “Man does not know God. Man can only think of God, and in this he makes two ungodly mistakes:(i) His mind is limited and lazy, and cannot know the material reality beyond a point. So, he postulates that there are certain material things that are beyond the mind. So, he builds a character called God – as a creator of things. All religions have done that.(ii) Occasionally the mind does get startled by a whiff of the non-material. It chances upon love, it flies in freedom, it dances in joy. It realises that there is something beyond the material. But it declares that the imperceptible, the non-material, the ineffable, too can be contained in the mind. So, using the mind, it embellishes the God character and writes stories about that character. The first mistake happens because we keep feeling small and incapable. We suffer from such an inferiority complex that we can’t even admit that a human gave birth to Jesus. The moment we come across an Upanishad, a Quran, a Bible, we relegate them to divine authorship to escape from them. And the second mistake happens because we are damn arrogant. We want to capture the Ultimate in the mind. We want to claim we know God.”


  • “Freedom is an illusion, but its very important to fall prey to that illusion.
    Some illusions can lead to freedom, which is not an illusion.”


  • “Choose to be choiceless. Earn the freedom to surrender.”


  • “And how do I remain a perennial slave?
    By believing that I am already free.
    By proclaiming loudly that my slavery is actually freedom.”


  • “How I yearn for freedom, and how I love my slavery !”


  • “What is the best, most shrewd and most prevalent way of enslaving somebody?
    Teach him that slavery is freedom, and that he is already free.”


  • “Would a map be useful if it were exactly as the Earth?
    The Real can never be useful.
    The fake is useful.
    Joy, Love, Freedom have no use.”


  • “Freedom begins with a ‘No’.”


  • “Truth is not for those who sell their freedom.”


  • “Liberation is to know that there is nobody to be liberated.
    The bonded entity itself is the fundamental illusion.”


  • “There is a flow, but nobody who flows.”


  • “There is only That.
    Just That.
    Absolutely free.
    Free even to forget that It is That.
    And free to try to find Itself, and free to keep failing!”


  • “You get what you ask for.”


  • “When you are free of everything; when you are free of the world, free of yourself – you are wedded to Freedom.

    And to be wedded to Freedom is to have God as your spouse.

    God is the only rightful partner.

    Peace is the only lover.

    Truth is the only attraction.

    Nobody wants anything else; nobody has ever wanted anything else.”


  • “The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom.”


  • “God is the highest freedom.
    The idea of God is the greatest bondage.”


  • “Non-resistance is to neither resist nor accept.
    Non-resistance is freedom from the one who differentiates, chooses, resists, accepts.”


  • “To respond you must have the courage to stand a little free, free of that system and free of its influence upon you.
    That is the only freedom. That is also called freedom from conditioning.”


  • “Responsibility does not come with identity; in fact, responsibility comes with freedom from identity.
    Real responsibility is very unpredictable, so it’s very thrilling.
    Fake responsibility is boredom, real responsibility is extremely thrilling.”


  • “To understand the ego is also to get rid of the ego. To get rid of the ego is to find yourself out and become a free man. And only a free man takes right decisions in life, with respect to livelihood, with respect to every small thing he or she does day in and day out. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The freedom of your mind is the freedom of your life.”


  • “Seeing is very subtle. Blocking and all are not needed. You must give it (mind) a lot of freedom. You must give it all freedom to run amok. Like an untamed bull, allow it go anywhere it wants to. You just keep riding the bull. That requires guts.”


  • “Witnessing is freedom from the unnecessary.”


  • “If there is one golden rule in life, remember this, it is –
    ‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here. ‘You’ are not needed. Just get out. Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do. Why are ‘you’ interfering? The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy.
    The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do. Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax? Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates. You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything. And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.”


  • “The movement from concentration to attention is freedom from false identification.”


  • “To hope that partial freedom is possible is to remain forever in slavery. In fact, no one ever wants slavery, people just want partial freedom, and that is slavery.”


  • “Slavery is nothing but little freedom because freedom is either grand, total, absolute, or nothing at all.”


  • “God, Love, Truth – they are not experiences.
    They are freedom from experiences.”


  • “Equanimity is the answer of the freedom within you to all the attacks of slavery upon you.”


  • “Freedom proves that the Aatman is.”


  • “Q. How to get freedom from discontentment?
    AP: All effort to ‘get’ is the discontentment.”


  • “When you prove to the Teacher that you are ready for the Truth, he holds you and put you through punishing tests.

    When you insist to the Teacher that you are not yet ready, he lets you go your own way.

    Blessed is such bondage, and cursed is such freedom.”


  • “To want something outside of oneself,
    to be free of oneself,
    to yearn for a taste of freedom
    beyond the prison
    that is oneself
    — is that not Love?”


  • “Freedom is to be surrendered to the Truth.

    When you are surrendered to the Truth then you are free of the world, and also free of yourself.”


  • “You are free as you are.
    Now in your freedom, look at all your bondages.
    Now in your freedom, you are free to carry all your bondages.”


  • “When a man says ‘freedom’,
    freedom becomes a dwarf.
    When man is Silent,
    then freedom is Immensity.”


  • “Don’t say anything.
    Your freedom lies in such deep sureness that you can relax in Silence.

    That relaxedness is sureness. Silence is total freedom.”


  • “To sell freedom is to sell slavery.”


  • “Those who want freedom must be prepared to get rid of the one who wants freedom.”


  • “When the beginning and end are seen together, then you get freedom from both. There is no freedom from death, until you first understand birth.”


  • Real objectivity is the disappearance of the subject, and hence freedom from the object.


  • “‘Let me improve myself. Let me get a glorious future. Let me try to achieve something.’

    The entire game of ambition, originates from this ‘guilt’.

    So, do you see that how these are connected?

    Freedom from ownership is also then freedom from future, because freedom from ownership is also freedom from ambition.”


  • “You are free to like, you are free to dislike. But first, you must be free.”


  • “We want freedom as a slave of slavery.”


  • “Great thinkers have been thinking greatly about how to get freedom from thought, how to get freedom from thinking! They think that if they think hard enough, they are thinking no more! They feel that if they are running fast enough, they are running no more.”


  • “You must remain free in the middle of your chains.”


  • “If you want freedom, be free of the tendency to not to be free.”


  • “Joy, freedom, love, these are not for stupid and mediocre people. These are for the brilliant one who is really shining within himself, free and independent; the intelligent one. These are for him.”


  • “Intelligence is joy, Intelligence is freedom from domination, from exploitation, from fear, that is intelligence.”


  • “In intelligence, lies freedom.”


  • “Yoga, then is freedom from that which you think yourself to be.”


  • “Equanimity is the answer of the freedom within you to all the attacks of slavery upon you.”


  • “Faith is freedom from fear in the middle of fear.”


  • “God is the highest freedom, the idea of God is the worst bondage.”


  • “Love is freedom! Love is not about trying to find love. Love is about letting yourself absolutely free!”


  • “When dance follows a particular pattern then it is not dancing, but slavery. If you cannot break free of the steps, then somebody has stepped on your freedom.”


  • “What is conditioning? Conditioning, is to bring something in, when it is not needed. Conditioning, is to ask for security, when security is not needed. Conditioning, is to ask for more freedom, when the absolute freedom is already there. All that which is unnecessary, is conditioning.”


  • “How will ‛more of myself’ give me ‛freedom from myself?’”


  • “Only the timid ones, cowards, ask for such things as liberation, joy, peace.”


  • “It is only the free one within you who sends you towards freedom.”


  • “God, Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth – they are not experiences, they are freedom from experiences.”


  • “The liberated one is free of the word liberation. And the liberated one is also free from the demand for freedom. The liberated one is liberated of liberation itself. He has no more demand, no more need for liberation left. He does not consider liberation, he doesn’t think of liberation. Liberation is a non-issue for him.”


  • “To be free is to be so absolutely free that you are free from freedom as well.”


  • “The one who is liberated, the one who is living in Moksha will wear no signs of Moksha. All signs are in the world. All signs are just games in predictability. The liberated one hence cannot be known. You cannot read him, you cannot predict or detect him. In fact if you are able to spot a liberated one it only means that you are not liberated.”


  • “If your commitment to freedom is more intense then you leave the whole thing. When you leave the whole thing you leave the mind as well. You have left yourself as well because you take yourself to be the mind. When you have left yourself as well where is the question of liberation because you are the one who was searching for the liberation. You are the one who give meaning to words like liberation.”


  • “Looking for enlightenment outside of you is a part of your bondage, it cannot lead you to freedom. Your freedom is in your mind, your bondage too is in your mind. If bondage is in your mind, if your mind is the bondage then that is where the bondage will be removed, go there. You will not find freedom outside somewhere. If bondage is in the mind freedom too is in the mind, go there.”


  • “Enlightenment means a total freedom from yourself. You will be no more. So how can you predict how you will be after enlightenment. You will be no more. All you will know is, “I am no more.””


  • “Why does the ego move into spirituality? Because it wants relief from itself. Ego is a burning mass, it’s a restlessness. It wants freedom, primarily from itself.”


  • “If you are following just the commands, the dictates, of somebody else then it is slavery; slavery in the sense that obviously you have no freedom.”


  • “If I say that following others is slavery, then mind quickly wants to conclude that following oneself is freedom. No, following oneself is slavery even deeper, because what we call as oneself is usually just an aggregate of the influences of others, influences of others that have been internalized. Influences so ancient, so common and so pervasive that one doesn’t call them influences anymore, one calls them as one’s individuality. One says that – this is me, and now because the effect of others upon you gets your own support, so it becomes very difficult to treat.”


  • “Freedom is to be free of both- firstly others and secondly and more importantly yourself. To be free of others and to be a slave of oneself is no freedom at all. Freedom is really about being free of oneself, not taking oneself too seriously, being attentive so that one knows that one is acting out of conditioning, being observant so that one knows how the mind is susceptible, how it absorbs influences, how it is hungry to quickly believe in the world and relate in an unfulfilled way, and loving so that one does not feel a terrible need to relate with the world.”


  • “Freedom is – to be surrendered to the Truth. When you are surrendered to the truth then you are free of the world and also free of yourself.”


  • “Observe animals, that will give you freedom from all that which is animal within you. And observe society, that will give you freedom from all that which is social within you. But even as you observe them, observe them from the point of Truth — that is the most important.”


  • “You must observe both — the social man and the physical animal. If you observe the social man truly, you will have immediate freedom from social conditioning. And if you observe the physical animal closely, you will have immediate freedom from physical conditioning.”


  • “Those who want freedom must first of all be prepared to get rid of the ‘I’. Then get rid of the ‘wants’, and then all that remains is freedom. Actually when ‘I’ is gone, wants are gone along with the ‘I’. So hit the jackpot. Directly hit the ‘I’ and freedom is there. But if your objective is to get freedom remaining what you are, you will never get freedom.”


  • “The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom.”


  • “Liberation is when liberation ceases on your mind. Love is when you are no more thinking of love. Freedom is when even the word ‘free’ disappears from your lexicon.”


  • “Love interferes. Love takes risks. And love has no regard for your ideas or what you call as the freedom of thought because there is no freedom of thought.”


  • “Freedom from beliefs is a nectar of life. I have tasted it. And you and I are one. You too must taste it! This is the action of love. This is the force of love.”


  • “Only in freedom one surrenders fully. Surrender is not subjugation; surrender is not force submissiveness. Instead, surrender is your clearest expression of freewill.”


  • “Complete freedom from something comes only when you are free from its opposite as well.”


  • “Immortality goes one step beyond ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from death and freedom from no death.”


  • “Freedom from pain is freedom from pleasure.”


  • “Feel free, totally free, don’t have that fear that you must follow the conventional. Religion is not at all about going a particular line, going down the beaten track. Not at all. Religion is extremely dynamic, religion is more modern than modern. Religion does not consist of rituals.”


  • “To know a pattern as pattern is to know the pattern as Truth and hence to be free from pattern, because Truth is freedom.”


  • “We want freedom as a slave of slavery. When you say that you want freedom, you actually want freedom to serve the interests of your slavery.”


  • “Those who want freedom must first of all be prepared to get rid of the ‘I’.”


  • “And the image of the freedom prevents you from being free right now.”


  • “Going back to the world is a part of the Buddha’s Buddhahood. It is a continuous movement. In fact, you sit on that high podium, because you want to defend something because your own freedom is dear to you. I assure you, that that freedom will gain fullness only when it is put to test, only when it is challenged. In that daily challenge, in that daily testing, that freedom gets real nourishment, not merely ideological or intellectual.”


  • “Going back to the world is a part of the Buddha’s Buddhahood. It is a continuous movement. In fact, you sit on that high podium, because you want to defend something because your own freedom is dear to you. I assure you, that that freedom will gain fullness only when it is put to test, only when it is challenged. In that daily challenge, in that daily testing, that freedom gets real nourishment, not merely ideological or intellectual.”


  • “You want freedom from sadness, but that freedom from sadness is not happiness. That freedom is freedom from sadness and happiness both.”


  • “Love arises only in freedom.”


  • “Don’t ask for your personal freedom. Help others around you, be free. You will never be personally liberated, never. It’s impossible. Individual enlightenment is a myth. Either all get it together or nobody gets it. We all are in the same boat. Either we all cross or we all sink together.”


  • “Being alive is movement. Being alive is energy, being alive is freedom.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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