• “A person is a friend, a person is a worthwhile companion, only if in that person’s company you can feel alone, you can feel relaxed and peaceful, only if the person’s company does not make itself felt. “


  • “The friend brings you back to you.”


  • “Who is my best friend?
    Who I am.
    Who is my worst enemy?
    Who I think I am.
    But who will tell me all this?
    Who I am despite my not knowing.”


  • “Mind – The worst enemy, the best friend.”


  • “Don’t read books for the sake of seeking; instead, read books because they are wonderful. Don’t go to books to search for an answer. Go to books just as one goes to a friend. One doesn’t go to a friend to search for something. One goes to a friend because the company of a friend is a peaceful company.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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