• “The Present does not come from the past, and never becomes the future.
    Present is not a point in time; whatever is in time changes. The Present never changes. Whatever you find changing around you or within you is not Present.”


  • “You are what you are doing right now.”


  • “Rooted in the timeless, it’s good fun to play around in time. Past and future are mere harmless jokes when the mind is immersed in the Present.”


  • “To go for goals is gloom, to fantasise a future is frustration.”


  • “Confidence is a word that becomes relevant only in presence of fear, dependence on others, desire for future.”


  • “To plan for future, one must believe that the world is an evil place.”


  • “The Present is not this moment. Were the present ‘this’ moment, it would change with time.
    Past and future change in time, Present is beyond time.”


  • “You are fond of saying that the ego drops only when it reaches its climax and becomes ripe. But this game of climaxing is just a trick of the ego to sustain itself. One never reaches the climax of the ego; one is already and always at the climax of ego. The ego will not ripe in the future, the ego is already fully ripe. To realize that twenty-four hours and seven days, one is hundred percent ego – is to reach the climax of ego. The climax and the dissolution both are together in the depth of realisation.”


  • “Thoughts want nothing but security and continuation in the future.”


  • “Rooted in the timeless,its good fun to play around in time.
    Past and future are mere harmless jokes when the mind is immersed in the Present.”


  • “Behind all our choices there is a deep desire to come to the end of choosing. Behind every endeavour is a deep thirst to come to the end of all endeavours. In that sense the ego desperately wants to come to an end. It is suicidal. But it is not fearless enough to die. So it just keeps hoping for a better future.”


  • “And finally,the only important question is: Did you get the joke?
    If yes, there is just joy.
    Else, there are morals, targets, safety, future…”


  • “The spontaneous energy of life, when denied expression, shows up in the form of desire.
    Desire: Spontaneity stifled and relegated to future.”


  • “No shame can hurt you if you have the Light within.
    No past can harm you when you are well-seated in the Present.
    When you are in the Present, you can play with the past and the future.”


  • “Aren’t we already a time machine? We move into past and future all the time!”


  • “If life is dull and lacks ease today, why seek a cure in the future?
    Problem is in the now, solve it in the now.
    Ambition is a false medicine.”


  • “Future bothers only when attention is not in the Present.
    Be in the Present and act with all your energy. Future will disappear.”


  • “What do we try to save?
    Stuff of mind like respectability, relations, future.
    For the imaginary stuff, we lose the Real.”


  • “Isn’t it amusing that the more ignorant one is of the Present, the more desperate he is to build a future!”


  • “All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price. Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.

    The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands. We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price. We take these two as separate happenings. These are not separate happenings. This is the same happening.”


  • “Most of your money is just psychological security in the bank account, right? How much of it do you really eat, breathe, live? You use it just as a number to console yourself. Don’t you? Will you ever use that money, seriously? For most of us, money is just a mental comfort. Something to be used in future. The whole concept of saving, is it not a disease of the mind?

    Keep saving! Keep saving! Saving for what? And mind you, if you die, even with one rupee in your bank account, then is that not a tragedy? Why did you spend your life earning that one rupee? Why? Now you have died and that one rupee is still there. The fact is, most of us die with so many rupees in our account. Why do you leave anything behind?

    Ask yourself sincerely, ‘How much do you really need?’”


  • “The more you are absent, the more you will be wandering in the future.”


  • “Something which will remain unaffected by whatever is happening on the outside, in the world, there is a state of the mind which remains continuously untouched by whatever is happening outside, this is called unconditional.
    ‘It doesn’t matter what is happening here, there, with that person, in the future, in the past, today, tomorrow, I have a particular state of mind that does not change’, and that is called the unconditional state.
    You may call it Love, you may not call it Love, that doesn’t matter, this unconditionality itself is the Love. That state of mind which remains untouched by all the movements in time and space is unconditional, and that alone is Love.”


  • “To go for goals is gloom, to fantasise a future is frustration.”


  • “When Hafiz says, ‘Wonderful future’, he means That which time leads to, and that is timelessness.”


  • “If you act as the doer then you will have to live into the future to bear the fruit of the doing.”


  • “Only the one who is deeply surrendered to the Present gets to be the master of the past and future.”


  • “The one who runs away from life’s challenges is also running away from life’s joys. And thinking about the future is a great way of escaping from challenges.”


  • “‘Let me improve myself. Let me get a glorious future. Let me try to achieve something.’

    The entire game of ambition, originates from this ‘guilt’.

    So, do you see that how these are connected?

    Freedom from ownership is also then freedom from future, because freedom from ownership is also freedom from ambition.”


  • “If you plan for tomorrow, don’t you see that you will have to drag yourself on till tomorrow?”


  • “What we call as progress is the disease of the mind. The saint has no need for any progress – for progress always belongs to the future and the saint is the one who has quit the future.”


  • “When you don’t try for methods and solutions, then He sends His methods and solutions.”


  • “Every moment is complete in itself, leaves no residue behind. I have no obsession with the past because the past is, complete and closed. I have nothing to give to the future because right now, I have no fear. I am not living in incompleteness. There is nothing that would get rolled over to the future.”


  • “If you are someone, who must take care of the future, who lives in hopes, then you are also someone who lives in fear.”


  • “Mind must be given very little to carry forward into the future.”


  • “Whatever you are in, be into it so completely that there is not much need to do something about it in the future.”


  • “Only the one who is deeply surrendered to the present, gets the rights to be the master of the past and the future.”


  • “Future is completely related to the past. The present is not related to the past or the future. What you call as the future, whenever you say future, What do you think of? You surely think of something that you have already experienced in the past.”


  • “What do you hope about the future? All that you hope is that my past, the pleasurable elements of my past be repeated. Mind looks at the past and divides the past into two halves, pleasant and unpleasant. It says to let the pleasant be repeated. This it calls as hope of future. All hope of future is repeatation of the past. Whatever was pleasant in the past, let that be repeated. Then the second half is unpleasant, and this the mind says should not be repeated. This is apprehension.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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