• “There is no realized ‘man’. When one realizes, the man is no longer there. One who knows Brahm becomes Brahm. He doesn’t remain a ‘man’ anymore. That is why the goal to attain realization is an impossible goal because the one who makes the goal, dies.”


  • “Once you have reached the destination, you can begin the journey.”


  • “To be at rest is to be at the destination even in the middle of the journey.”
  • “There is nothing to be attained here except to get rid of all that you have already attained.”
  • “Desires are bad deals. To get something which is worth five rupees, you trade away something which is worth five crore. To earn bread and butter, you trade away your precious life. To earn a little bit respect and acceptability, you trade away your precious youth. Never say, “I have earned something in the world”, for earning is such an illusion. What you really have, you do not earn. With the world, whatever you get you get through trading, not through earning. It’s just barter.”


  • “You do not know ambition; all you know is some petty desires. All that you know is desire for some petty limited sum of money, some possessions, some this and that. Because, ultimately whatever you want is quantifiable, is just a number. Even the highest that you can think of, is just a number.
    You do not really know ambition. Ambition in its purest form means Immensity. Ambition in its purest form means desiring only the Highest; desiring right till the end of desire; desiring That which will bring a fullstop to the desire.”


  • “As you are, you are bound to have goals. I cannot advice you to not to have goals. Because it is impossible for you. It is impractical for you. You will need goals. Given your constitution, your stage in life, the makeup of your mind, you will need goals. And if you must have a goal then the goal must be goalessness.”


  • “You have reached the Goal when you forget everything about goals.”


  • “As soon as the idea that life must have certain specific goals is dropped, everything becomes its own goal. Now nothing remains unimportant.”


  • “Can’t dance? Why then are you alive?
    Dancing is goal-less. The goal-driven mind can walk, can run, but can’t dance.
    That is it’s punishment.”


  • “Do not confuse between the Essence and the manifestation, between the Centre and the periphery. The Centre has no mission or goal but the periphery must have a mission, otherwise it will rot. The Essence and its manifestation should not be confused with one another. What applies to the limited will not be true for the unlimited. The Upanishads warn that both Vidya and Avidya must be known simultaneously and separately.”


  • “To be goal-less means to live in deep realisation that nothing is wrong with you, you are complete. So, before you chase your goals, become goal-less. When you succeed, laugh, and when you fail, laugh even more. Let not spirituality become a refuge for you – a shelter against the incapability to chase goals.”


  • “To the goal-oriented mind, to the go-getter:
    Why are you trying to cure yourself of a disease you don’t have?
    Just chill. Nothing’s wrong.”


  • “The only good goal is that which brings you back to yourself.”


  • “Purpose, Goal, Desire- the mind’s attempts to come to an end, a rest.
    Intelligence is to see the stupidity of desiring to end desire.”


  • “Before you chase goals, become goal-less.”


  • “Man is the only creature in existence whose defining characteristic is his deep fear. Fear in his relationships, his goals, fear in his laughter, his love, his living, his progress, fear in his entire being.”


  • “Absolute Goal first, other goals later.”


  • “I run around desperately to improve my life,
    And what is this ‘life’ that I want to improve?
    Difficult to know that while running around!”


  • “The ultimate aim is to find aimlessness.”


  • “What is a goal?Each and every thought and action that arises as a result of my restlessness, is a goal.Ostensibly, every goal wants to get rid of the restlessness.”


  • Where there is a goal, there is not a ‘need’ but a greed.”


  • “A person deserves to be your lover only if the person is saying I am not going to become your goal. I am not going to become your objective. I will only become a fellow traveller, a means, a bridge. If you come to me then I will take you beyond me. I will not make you stay with me. I will not possess you. I will not make you stop at me. Instead, I will guide you beyond me. That is how the wise man decides on his lover, if it all it can be called a decision. Because in such matters, what happens is so spontaneous that it cannot really be called a decision. But what Kabir is enunciating to us is the basis of spontaneity. That basis is ‘The Beyond’.”


  • “If you want to do anything really substantial, really meaningful in life, then it cannot be driven by reason, it cannot be driven by a tangible goal.
    It can really only be driven by a very unreasonable fire in the Heart.”


  • “To go for goals is gloom, to fantasise a future is frustration.”


  • “The ego self lasts only as long as it has not reached its goals. And its goal is not its amplification but its dissolution.”


  • “In awareness, there is nothing to be missed because the highest goal is reached, and there is nothing to be achieved.”


  • “The day the instruction comes, the day this knowledge comes, that attaining to Bliss is a worthy goal of life, the life becomes disturbed.”


  • “Where there is a goal, there is not a ‘need’ but a greed.”


  • “To act with purpose is to act in exploitation.
    To act in purpose is to act in deprivation.”


  • “You become goal-less only when you become identified and identical with the Atman; only then you have a right to say that I have no goal in life. Till the time you are not identical with the Atman, till the time you are identified with your body and mind, you indeed do have a goal and what is that goal? To be ‘dis-identified’. That is the goal.”


  • “Goal is a guarantee.”


  • “The presence of a goal is a guarantee that the mind is feeling deficient in something.”


  • “What is a goal? Each and every thought and action that arises as a result of my restlessness, is a goal. Ostensibly, every goal wants to get rid of the restlessness.”


  • “Where there is a goal, there is not a ‘need’ but a greed.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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