• “Truth is that which is and Truth is also that which is not.”


  • “Once the beauty of That is revealed to you, you fall in love with it. And then it gets maintained.”

  • “When God answers your prayers, He rejects your desires.”


  • “Only the One can help you, is helping you, wishes you well and is giving you wellness.
    Know Him, be with Him, and then you will not be afraid.”
  • Little little thought, little little thought,
    Thought thought, ‘Am I just a thought?’
    Thought thought, and thought thought,
    And  thought thought of a God,
    And thought, ’God is thought not’,
    And thought, ‘Surely Reality is caught
    For now there is no thought’
    Little big thought, little big thought!


  • “With God in your Heart, you can fearlessly have the world in your mind and it will be a Godly world.”


  • “Till you want to make something unimportant, it remains important.
    Know the really important. Remember it, and all else will be forgotten.”


  • “Respond to His call and He will take care of the rest.”


  • “It is important to remember the Important.”


  • “Ignorance is to believe that you are someone separate from the One.”


  • “God never told you; God keeps on telling.
    God speaks in a thousand languages, and in no language.”


  • “How deeply loveless are our lives! Trembling in fear.
    When fear is god, violence is the religion.
    All thought, all action, violent, violent.”


  • “Those who understood gave us God: A God beyond dualistic pleasure-pain, problem-solution.
    And man turned God into his petty problem-solver.”


  • “The Prophet of any age does nothing except slay the gods that the commons worship.
    Today’s gods are career, corporations, progress, information.”


  • “Who is God?
    The One who is His own Daddy.”


  • “One has to be an atheist to know God.
    Glory to the God that atheists worship.”


  • “Man does not know God. Man can only think of God, and in this he makes two ungodly mistakes:(i) His mind is limited and lazy, and cannot know the material reality beyond a point. So, he postulates that there are certain material things that are beyond the mind. So, he builds a character called God – as a creator of things. All religions have done that.(ii) Occasionally the mind does get startled by a whiff of the non-material. It chances upon love, it flies in freedom, it dances in joy. It realises that there is something beyond the material. But it declares that the imperceptible, the non-material, the ineffable, too can be contained in the mind. So, using the mind, it embellishes the God character and writes stories about that character.The first mistake happens because we keep feeling small and incapable. We suffer from such an inferiority complex that we can’t even admit that a human gave birth to Jesus. The moment we come across an Upanishad, a Quran, a Bible, we relegate them to divine authorship to escape from them. And the second mistake happens because we are damn arrogant. We want to capture the Ultimate in the mind. We want to claim we know God.”


  • “By repeatedly taking the name of God, you are reducing God to a name.
    To say anything about God is to run away from surrender.”


  • “There is the pull of Maya, and then there is the call of God. In between these, the world exists. The world is nothing but a continuous tug-of-war.
    The Heart versus the mind, the mind versus the mind, God versus God!”


  • “God is not the Truth. God is a technique.
    It’s the Godly ego’s intelligence and humility to say, ‘I am not God. I am just a servant of God’.”


  • “The world is lousy, transient, unreal.
    Creation is an image of the creator.
    Why revere the unreal creator of such an unreal creation?
    Real God?”


  • “We look for God as we are hurt and afraid. When the hurt vanishes, there is no need for God. Looking into hurt is more Real than finding God.”


  • “Spirituality isn’t about God or consciousness. All spirituality is essentially about not being stupid. Its about being really ‘fool-proof’.”


  • “Religion is dead, and God is the murderer.”


  • “Kill God and be Religious.”


  • “God and Enlightenment are fancy names given to just being Oneself.”


  • “Those who don’t have God, they don’t even miss God.
    Missing is a privilege. A saint sings songs of missing Him, a common man doesn’t. The common man doesn’t miss God at all. The common man is happy and occupied in his worldly truthless-godless life.”


  • “Only a Godless mind will be petty.”


  • “Any concept of God is not God at all.
    Drop the concept and surrender.”


  • “A bright light on the ceiling.
    In the light-filled hall, a few are talking of gods, and others plotting a loot.
    Does it matter to the light?”


  • “You and I were together searching for You.
    You egged me on to keep searching.
    Were You helping me search, or actually just hiding Yourself?”


  • “Tools and techniques can help in entering into attention, but tools and techniques cannot substitute attention.”


  • “Either take orders from the One or take orders from many.
    Those who do not take orders from the One, are condemned to take orders from the many.
    The one who doesn’t love the One, cannot love the many.
    One who claims to love many without loving the One knows neither One nor many nor Love.”


  • “Without You, how will I know that I am?
    Without You, I can’t even forget that I am.
    Hold on: Without me, how will even You know that you are?”


  • “It’s His game, and only He knows how to play it.”


  • “He is that which enables you to know Him.
    He is you, when you know Him.
    He is you, even when you don’t know Him and you think of Him as other.”


  • “Ask: Do I really know what is good for myself?
    Then how do I know what is good for others?
    Helping others is an escape from helping oneself.”


  • “Stop obsessing the ultimate. Live simply in the immediate.”


  • “Surrender means that you have stopped fighting the Real, the True.
    When you stop fighting the Real, you become available and to fight the unreal, and energised to defeat it.”


  • “Those who want the Real give up the fake.
    If you really want to live, give up your beliefs about life.
    You come alive when beliefs die.”


  • “The profit is the highest when you trade the imaginary for the Real.
    Get rid of imaginations like fear, hope, ambition, and find Real Joy.”


  • “Anything that requires your intervention to be secured is unreal.
    The Real is self-secure. It requires no defence.”


  • “All continuity is the act of memory. Reality is moment-to-moment, unrelated to anything. Patterns are static. Understanding is dynamic.”


  • “What does one take to be present?
    Houses, markets, routines!God is an absence of all that one calls as Present.
    Thank God for the absence.”


  • Let your mind be drawn towards God, Truth.Give strength to that within you, which is drawn towards God, Truth, and Silence.”


  • “Leela is to remember whom you are wedded to.
    Leela is to not to turn an infidel.
    Leela is to not to cheat in the only Real relationship that you have.
    The only adultery is to cheat on God, because that is your only Real relationship.
    All other relationships can be compromised.
    But you are disloyal and dishonest, only if you compromise on the Truth.
    That is the only infidelity.”


  • “Man is purposeful, God is purposeless.”


  • “When you are totally silent about God, then you are in God.”


  • “If you think it is difficult to find God then you have not yet tried finding Man.”


  • “If you are too afraid to bleed, then God’s bar is not for you.
    There you first go, offer your blood and it comes back to you as a tequila shot.”


  • “Man is purposeful, God is purposeless.”


  • “You areOnlyGod’s bride.Go only to Him.AndGoNaked.”


  • “God is as lovable as an infant.”


  • “Not only do you depend on God for your existence, your survival, your peace.God also depends on you.Just as you are in search of God, God too is in search of you.In fact, God is searching more intensely for you than you are searching for God.”


  • “The face of contentment is the face of God.”


  • “The sign of True Love is that you can forget.You can totally forget.You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking, and that is Real knowing — when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.That is how God is known.”


  • “Don’t talk about God. Don’t take the name of God so often. The more you talk about God, the more it is proven that God is missing. God is not a subject of discussion. God is not something to be remembered. Only objects are remembered. Only the world can be remembered.

    Forget God totally, and now you know God.”


  • “The only relationship that one can hence truthfully have is the direct relationship with God.Any other relationship would be tangential, wavered.”


  • “Two persons can be unified with each other only if they are first unified with God.And hence, every real relationship is a triangle – Center and these two.”


  • “Where there is no God, there is only exploitation.”


  • “Marry God – that is the only right relationship.Be wedded to God.Be fully committed to the Truth.”


  • “When you are free of everything; when you are free of the world, free of yourself – you are wedded to Freedom.

    And to be wedded to Freedom is to have God as your spouse.

    God is the only rightful partner.

    Peace is the only lover.

    Truth is the only attraction.

    Nobody wants anything else; nobody has ever wanted anything else.”


  • “When God gossips, it is called creativity.”


  • “God has blood on his clothes. His face is smeared with grime, sweat, blood, bile. He is a killer. You don’t see that face too often. Probably, you have never thought about it. Never seen it, right?But there is nothing as bloody as God.”


  • “God is man’s first and last mistake.”


  • “When God is the Lover, to be Kissed is to be Killed.”


  • “The Teacher brings you intimate to God, and excuses himself from there.”


  • “God is the highest freedom.
    The idea of God is the greatest bondage.”


  • “Man can never forgive God.”


  • “God never produces instruments, God only produces God.
    Or if you want it more specific –
    God produces Godliness.”


  • “It is alright to pursue your desires and seek fulfilment, but only if you, first of all, understand what the Total desire is. What your self is really and deeply craving for. When you will understand the totality of desire, then you will also understand that you are craving not for the garment but for the Total, you may call it by various names – the Beyond, Truth, God. You can call it anything.”


  • “When so much of advice is available on how to get peace, how will one ever get peace? When so many people are intent upon telling you what to do with your life, how will you ever know what to do this moment? When you are repeatedly being told, and told, and told, about what Love means, what money means, what work is, what relationships are, what society is, what God is, how will you ever know any of these?”


  • “Nobody has it to be inspired enough to jump into God. Only God jumps into God.”


  • “God is a vast endless abyss with nothing to offer except Itself.”


  • “To say anything about God you must stand outside God and that is sin.”


  • “To begin in God is the only way to end in God.”


  • “Gratitude is about thanking God when you feel that life is hell.”


  • “You really have no duty towards God. Just take care of yourself and the rest will be just done.”


  • “Whenever the mind will think about God – even if in all its sincerity – the mind will end up missing God.”


  • “God means a satisfaction that never wanes.”


  • “God is a hedonist of the superlative variety.”


  • “All experience is wonderful except the attempt to experience God, and that is the only experience we hold as sacred, right?”


  • “God didn’t send you down so that He could hide from you. God Himself came down in your form.”


  • “In giving God a private province, a special name and a special space, what have you ensured?

    That the rest of the space belongs to you.”


  • “You do not need dissolution of the ego. All that the ego needs to know is that ego too is God. But that would be the death of ego.”


  • “Unless God is demolished, the ego cannot be demolished because these are two ends of the same duality.”


  • “Your will is God’s will as long as you do not feel separated from God.”


  • “Not separated from God, your desire is Godly.”


  • “If you do not rely on God, you would rely on thought.”


  • “In searching for God, man has just forgotten rather abandoned his own God nature.”


  • “Even when you forget, you are in God.”


  • “Don’t we see that our gods are just super-inflated images of ourselves?”


  • “God is man’s highest ambition.”


  • “God does not occur to us in our moments of relaxation and sleep.
    God is just an idea to us.”


  • “It is the idea of God that makes man suffer.”


  • “God, Love, Truth – they are not experiences.
    They are freedom from experiences.”


  • “We use our imagination to paint what God must be like.
    Will it work?”


  • “God, Truth, respond only to the one who is innocent.”


  • “You are God, God is You.”


  • “Had you not been God, why would you have looked for God?”


  • “Through all your ungodliness, the God in you searches for God.”


  • “When you are in God, even your falsenesses are godly.”


  • “You have two options:
    1. Remain in the false and search for Truth. Protect your ego and look out for God.
    2. Be firmly seated in the Truth and enquire about the false.”


  • “Who says that God is perfect and complete?He needs humour.For that he needs fools like us who must forget the Truth.”


  • “If you can remove the false gods from your life, the Real God is anyway there.”


  • “God never knows God.Only ungodliness knows God a lot.”


  • “The man who could not belong to God, obviously cannot belong to you either.

    If your man or woman has no Love for God and Truth, you are an idiot to expect that he or she can have love for you.”


  • “God has given Himself to you. What else do you want?”


  • “When you are totally silent about God, then you are in God.”


  • “Whatever you do is a reflection of what you are.”
  • “Be married to God and then let God save your marriage. Accept God as your spouse and then God will take care of your earthly, carnal spouse as well. Remember your first husband, remember your only father, and then all will be taken care of.”
  • “You don’t need to thank even God. If you live with a smile, that is the only and the biggest thank you that you can send to the entire existence.  Live well.   Live rightly.   Live in love. That is the only gratitude you can express.”


  • “You must take God for granted, totally. Breathe properly. Live rightly. Let the mind be surrendered, devoted… Let the mind be at peace. That is the only gratitude that you can offer. Take care of you.”


  • “Brahman is the stabilizing tail of the universe. All other parts of the body have various utilities and functions. But the tail gives stability.”


  • “If you are facing any problem, you will have to trace it back to God.”


  • “When you don’t try for methods and solutions, then He sends His methods and solutions.”


  • “You hide so much from God, obviously you will hide from your wife also.

You cannot belong to God, how will you belong to your wife?”


  • “When you look at the entire existence as manifestation of God, then you also look at your man and woman as manifestation of God. Then you know how to touch someone. It all goes together. When you know how to touch a wall, you also know how to touch a book. You also know then, how to touch a deer or a dog. If you do not know how to touch a dog, you also don’t know how to touch a woman. If you are cruel towards animals, what do you think, you really know how to touch a woman? If you are found kicking a dog, your sex would be involving, the kicking intention, definitely.”


  • “Whatever you do has a reason! And there is something that has no reason at all. That is God.”


  • “God, most clearly shows up in all that which is crazy about you.”


  • “Do something without purpose. Act without motive. Give without bothering for returns. Love, without bothering for tomorrow. Learn, without bothering for consequences. And that is God! The uncaused one. The first one. The one beyond reason. And if you cannot enter any of that then observe all your actions done with a reason, for a profit, for a benefit.”


  • “God is man’s highest imagination.”


  • “If it is God who redeems, it is the ‘idea’ of God that makes you suffer.”


  • “God is the highest freedom, the idea of God is the worst bondage.”


  • “God in all his playfulness is the mind. This world is the dance of God, and this world is the mind.”


  • “There can be nothing called the journey towards Truth. All journeys will take you away from the Truth. Truth is the cessation of the journey, not a continuation. Nothing in the world will take you to God – no city, no river, no practice, no knowledge, no effort.”


  • “The one to whom you most quickly and frequently turn to seeking support, is also the one who would want you to keep seeking support. That is the difference between God and this world. When you take support from the world, the world ensures that you keep taking support. The world ensures that you never become strong enough to not to ask for support. When you take support from God, He ensures that you need no more support.”


  • “What does it mean to seek help from God? To seek help from God means, seeking peace from peace itself.”


  • “You chase God when you think that God is somewhere else. The saint is the one who has stopped chasing God.”


  • “The one who is not one with nature cannot be one with God.”


  • “In matters of the Essential, the first is the last, the beginning is the end.”


  • “A man who could not belong to God, cannot belong to you either.

A man who could not be loyal to God, how he will be loyal to you?

A man who could not be loyal to God, how he will be loyal to you?”


  • “A pursuit of God is the most ungodly pursuit.”


  • “Do not correct to yourself; instead, just see what you are doing.

Surrender is about looking at one’s daily life which is not imaginary. Do not try to think of an imaginary God.

Live in the facts.”


  • “Life is not about chasing God. Life begins with God.”


  • “The mind wants to live. The very center, very nature of mind is God. Don’t teach it insecurity. Whenever you will teach the mind insecurity, you will find the mind restless.”


  • “God has already given you all that he could. God has given the absolute to you, he has given himself to you. Now what more can he give?”


  • “Understanding is not a conclusion, understanding can never be captured in a statement; Understanding is pure awareness. And pure awareness is truth itself, which is God. “Pragyaanam Brahm” – Understanding itself is the Truth.”


  • “God, Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth – they are not experiences, they are freedom from experiences.”


  • “We are all women, so it applies to everybody. In spiritual terms, everybody sitting over here is a woman, and the only man is God. So it applies to everybody.”


  • “Success and failure, belong to this world, they keep coming and going, they are not important. What is important is the center from where you are acting. Keep failing, how does it matter? You can fail only if you take up a tremendous challenge. Go for the stars and fail. Failing is beautiful. Go for the God and fail.”


  • “It is such a relief that God is unknowable. Had he been knowable, you would have gone to Him and troubled Him so much.”


  • “Spirituality is not a search; it is just an honest acknowledgement of what is already going on. God is not hiding anywhere.”


  • “Unless you drop your cleverness you’ll remain a victim of your own cleverness. God, Truth, respond only to the innocent. To the crooked ones they say, “Let your crookedness and your cleverness help you. Let your knowledge help you.””


  • “Spirituality is not a search; it is just an honest acknowledgement of what is already going on. God is not hiding anywhere.”


  • “That’s my stupid definition of God: The one who is His own daddy.”


  • “God is neither personal, nor impersonal. God is not. There is no‘thing’called God. God is not a thing. God is nothing that you can think of. So, don’t even talk about God, that is the best and the highest respect you can pay to God. Do not even talk of him. By talking of him, you malign him. By building a church for him, you bring him down to your own dimension. By praising him, you lace him with attributes that are suitable only to humans. But that is the kind of treatment we have been giving to Truth, and that explains the kind of treatment we have been giving to ourselves. That explains why we suffer. Because we talk so much about God.”


  • “Leave God alone.

Don’t touch that purity with your dirty hands.”


  • “Just hold yourself from thinking of God. Think rather of your own situation, and think deeply — that is real religiosity.”


  • “The Real lover has nothing to do with the past – he doesn’t worry whether God created the universe and when and how. The Real lover has nothing to do with future– He is not bothered whether and when and how the universe will be dissolved by God. He just Loves.”


  • “When God is the Lover, to be kissed is to be killed.”


  • “If you have any weakness, if you have even a single point left uncovered, undefended, if even on a single front you’re weak then God will exploit that.”


  • “The evil is nobody but God in forms that we dislike.”


  • “God is not known as knowledge or information. God does not come to you through the database of memories.”


  • “God is knowing in absence of knowledge.”


  • “God is realization without the aid of mind.”


  • Two persons can be unified with each other only if they are first unified with God.


  • “Real love is possible only with an immensity, an absolute totality, which is sometimes called as ‘God.’ You are attracted to that which is limited; and you love that which is unlimited. Your attraction to the unlimited is called love.”


  • “Getting God is easy, tolerating Him is difficult.”


  • “He won’t touch you if you are not pure. First of all, he sanctifies you. He prepares you so that he can enter in you. And if you are not prepared to be prepared by him, you will also not become a part of him. Have a great capacity to take suffering. Learn to live joyfully in the thick of suffering. And don’t deny when it comes; accept it. Don’t turn your back on it because it anyway does not go away. You just become pretenders. There is no need to pretend.”


  • “Even the lords cannot help you if you are not prepared to get rid of your smartness and your self-belief.”


  • “God will not act on your behalf by shining as an angel somewhere, instead, God acts on your behalf through your own body and mind.”


  • “Any concept of God is not God at all. Drop the concept and surrender.”


  • “There is no God except in the mind that thinks of it.”


  • “To say anything about God is to escape from surrender.”


  • “I am not praying to Him. He is praying to himself through me.”


  • “I am not praying to Him. He is praying to himself through me.”


  • “That is the real definition of adultery: To be disloyal to God.”


  • “Sin is to be committed to anybody other than God.”


  • “If you don’t rely on God, then you’ll rely on thought.”


  • “Only when you can rebel against the existing religion then you can be assured that God is powering you. Because without the support of that One reality, that one Truth, how will you have the courage to stand against the false?”


  • “Had you been rejected by God, you would not have been there. Neither as a body nor as a consciousness and obviously not as understanding.”


  • “Living is not a favour that somebody grants you. By virtue of being, you are free to live. Free to live and free to live freely. You need nobody’s approval. No God has the power to sanction your being. If you are, you are.”


  • “There is someone within you who really likes the rains. He will force you. On your own, you will never go. You will be thrashed into moving out. Either move out on your own or be kicked out.”


  • “God never knows God. God has no conception of God. Only ungodliness knows God a lot.”


  • “A Jesus is not a rarity. Existence is producing them all the time. Truth is not selective or miserly. God does not decide to send a Prophet only once in twenty thousand years. Flowers are there all the time, blossoming. Our problem is that we want the old one.”


  • “It is a grave misconception that we want God, or enlightenment, or some divine knowledge. We do not want anything. All that we want is freedom from our burdens. How can you want God? Is God an entity, a person, a thing, a thought, an object? How can you want God? Do you have any definite idea of God? Where will you get God? God cannot be an object of desire. You are not really wanting God, you are just wanting liberation from the self-inflicted wounds. From the self-built prisons. Nothing new is needed. It is only the gathered mass that is crying out for redemption. Let the old go. That’s all that is needed. Because with the old, whatever you are searching for, the searcher remains the old one. When the old goes the search also vanishes. Because the searcher is, gone. The searcher was so old, he went away with the old.”


  • “Intimacy is nakedness. Unless you are, prepared to be naked, you will never be able to see the other as naked, and that is a bad bad punishment. If you continue to be clad, in your own veils, the other too would never drop his veil. And if you cannot know the other. You can never know God either. God will never come to you as a standalone entity. When you know the other, the God is the knowing. When you love the other, God is the love. When you go close to the other, God is the closeness, without the other, where is God?”


  • “You can never reach God directly, the world is the medium. The world is the gate. The world is your only opportunity. If you cannot be naked in front of the world, you are not being naked in front of the God. And God does not like those, who hide themselves.”


  • “God is another name for total openness, total availability, and total vulnerability. Nothing left hidden. Nothing left secret. Nothing left protected. Nothing left to doubt or conjecture. No half Truths there. God is the absolute.”


  • “The only complete is God. The only complete is the absolute. Obviously. Absolute is a synonym for completeness.”


  • “There is no God in your life and that is why you are a beggar.”


  • “Alone is the one who has the absolute God. We had also said that the fellow who is alone lives only with himself. Now you will know why the Upanishads had to say that “You are God”.”


  • “There is great joy in parenting, there is great joy in helping the other grow and seeing the other grow. Be a parent, even to your lover. Be a parent even to your husband, even to your wife. If you are a man, be a Father to your wife. If you are a wife, be a Mother to your husband. That is Godly.”


  • “God wants you to be Godly. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are not Godly, then anything else that you do is in vain. Live a Godly life.”


  • “When you love God, then God is freely and easily available.”


  • “For the entire universe, the entire existence, there is God. For man, there is the consciousness of God.”


  • “The God of a tree is so deep within the tree that the tree-ness of the tree will not touch God. Hence, there is no God in the consciousness of a deer.”


  • “The God of our deer is so deep within it that it’s deer-ness does not touch God.”


  • “Man worships God and man rivals God.”


  • “As you are born, you set up a competitor for yourself, and all your life you spend in trying to live up to that competitor. Who is that competitor? God. The absurdity of the whole thing is, you have by yourself defined the competitor as unconquerable. You are trying to reach a place that you have defined as unreachable, but that gives you something to live for. That gives you something to remain occupied with. Not something, a lot actually. Which means that now life has a purpose. Now you can never be left alone.”


  • “If man has one problem, the problem is God. Remove the God concept and you will be healthy.”


  • “The only possibility, the only solution then, is to quit God. To leave the root to belong to the depths.”


  • “One does not want God. One wants to see God. One wants to experience God. One wants to touch and feel God.”


  • “When I am saying man must quit God, I am saying that man must quit this urge to experience God. This urge to experience God comes from having a definition of God, and it is from that definition of God that shame arises.”


  • “There is only one way to perfection. Get rid of your concept of perfection and the quest for perfection. Imperfect is greatly perfect, but that perfection is lost when you start comparing the imperfect to the perfect. Man is not to be compared to God. Man lives in God. God is not to be seen as a superlative extension of man. Don’t imagine perfection, and imperfection is greatly perfect. Imagine perfection, and then even the utmost perfection is so very imperfect. Straightforward, direct, as it is, that is life.”


  • “Your God is what you are.”


  • “An idiot, even if he gets God, remains an idiot, with God.”


  • “All the qualities and virtues that are associated with God, can possibly be obtained without affecting your artificial core. You can start talking wisdom. Now you are a very wise idiot.”


  • “When you rush towards Maya, you are actually rushing towards God.”


  • “Godliness and joy are to be surrendered to, not fought up to.”


  • “Because to allow yourself, to be touched by anything, is to allow yourself to be touched by Truth, by God.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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