• “Know your head, and keep it down.”


  • “Constant remembrance of ‘I am’ takes me beyond what I think I am.”


  • “Gratitude is the only legitimate function of mind.”


  • “I do not know my own good, so I cannot desire my own good. Existence knows what is good for me. So it sends me the Sun; it has given me the capacity to love and understand. There is a bigger power, a totality that knows what is best for me. And let that bigger power, let that totality decide what is good for me.
    I should not look after myself because I cannot look after myself, and if I try to look after myself I will only do myself harm. If I do not want to harm myself then I should not have this stupid belief in my expectations.”


  • “Gratitude is not a need. Gratitude is not an obligation.Gratitude arises. It arises in spite of your resistance.You are not obliged to feel grateful.”


  • “Faith is about having gratitude even when bad things are happening to you.”


  • “Gratitude is not about uttering thanks when you receive a pleasant gift.
    Gratitude is about remaining thankful when you are being destroyed.”


  • “In Real gratitude you’re thankful because something has been reduced not because you have obtained something.”


  • “Gratitude is about thanking God when you feel that life is hell.”


  • “‘Whatever is going on, I remain joyful’, that is gratitude.”


  • “Live in Love – that is the only gratitude that you can express.
    Let the mind be at peace – that is the only gratitude that you can offer.”


  • “The one who is in gratitude, cannot complain.Gratitude and complaints cannot go together.”


  • “You don’t need to thank even God. If you live with a smile, that is the only and the biggest thank you that you can send to the entire existence.

          Live well.

         Live rightly.

        Live in love.

        That is the only gratitude you can express.”


  • “You have expressed your gratitude really, if you live as you are this moment – carefree light childlike If you can live this way, that would be the only expression of your gratitude. Otherwise, you need not express gratitude in words.”


  • “Your motionless, thoughtless, expectation-less silence is the only prayer possible, there is no other prayer. You verbalize it, and you lose it. When you are feeling alright with yourself, then that noiseless silence is the expression of your gratitude. You are silent because there is nothing to be noisy about. That is your thank you.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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