• “Humbly go to the root of the mistake, without feeling ashamed, without feeling bad about yourself, without expecting greatness from yourself, without having a great image of yourself. Look at yourself laughing, as one laughs at an idiot or a joker. Laugh as a joker laughing at his own jokes. Now, if you are lucky, you can reach the mother mistake. It thrives on seriousness. Seriousness is the mother mistake. Don’t take yourself so seriously.”


  • “What remains obvious is what you have lost: the trivia, the desires.
    What remains hidden is the greatness you are situated in now.”


  • “Small is big.
    Big is imaginary.
    Now is forever.
    Forever is never.
    In daily events, life is lost and won.
    Grand moments, well, there’re none.”


  • “How will you realise your vastness if you are so caught in your petty affairs?
    Why must so much of your life and energy go into the trivial?”


  • “You do not know ambition; all you know is some petty desires. All that you know is desire for some petty limited sum of money, some possessions, some this and that. Because ultimately whatever you want is quantifiable, is just a number. Even the highest that you can think of is just a number.
    You do not really know ambition. Ambition in its purest form means Immensity. Ambition in its purest form means desiring only the Highest; desiring right till the end of desire; desiring That which will bring a fullstop to the desire.”


  • “In the infinitude of wholeness, every path is a middle path.”


  • “Look at how our restlessness plays out – all the institutions that we have built, this entire edifice of civilization and culture that we have raised, the literature, the technological progress, arts and culture, the various sciences; in fact, everything that we call as human development, human activity, it is strange, everything that we attribute to man as a proof of his greatness is actually coming from his restlessness.”


  • “Real greatness is when you have forgotten about greatness.”


  • “The less you have, the more is your effort to get, and the more is your fear. And the more is your fear, the smaller you think yourself to be.
    The smaller you think yourself to be, the more again is your effort to obtain something — greatness, bigness from outside. And because it is to come from outside, it is unreliable. No beggar is ever sure of how heavy his begging bowl would be at the end of the day. The world is not obliged to meet your expectations.”


  • “Even in the moment of your greatest fall, still do not feel small.
    Back yourself completely.
    Be your biggest fan.”


  • “No Disease is big; only That is big.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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