• “Intention is motivation. Intention is greed. Even the purest intention is pure greed.
    To breathe, think, and act free of intention is a totally different dimension of living.”


  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly. Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature. Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence. Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “Let the stupid ones own territories; you own your mind.
    Reclaim your mind.
    They have occupied your mind through greed, deception and fear. Now fight back to take what is yours. This is the only battle worthy of being fought.”


  • “Don’t run away. Where will you go? The rascals are everywhere. Don’t succumb to greed. Don’t fall prey to fear. The mind is your own territory. Reclaim it. Fight with all your might. No half measures. This is the only battle worth fighting. Reclaim the mind.”


  • “Pleasure protects pain.
    I do not give up my pains because the pleasures too would evaporate with them.
    The greed of pleasure sustains pain.”


  • “Subjugation is not surrender.
    What is enforced through fear or greed cannot be surrender.
    Surrender is the highest expression of free will.”


  • “With greed comes slavery.”


  • “Where there is a goal, there is not a ‘need’ but a greed.”


  • “The man who is greedy and ambitious in office, how can he turn loving in the family?”
  • “Consumption begets more consumption!”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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