• “This entire world is a dream, and it is a deep fallacy to believe that when the state of consciousness changes, that when you wake up from sleep in the morning, the dream ends. The dream does not end, the dream changes. From one dream you move to another dream. And if your entire life is just a sequence of dreams then what I am saying is that there is no point feeling guilty about dreaming. Because life is nothing but one dream sequence after the other.”
  • “When you call your action a mistake, you think you have avoided a part of the punishment. But you pay more dearly by carrying a feeling of guilt that inevitably goes with every mistake. There is no need to act guilty. Manfully ask for the price to be paid – which the world calls as punishment – and pay it.”


  • “We suffer from two kinds of distractions:
    First: Caused by submission to external agents.
    Second: Caused by resistance to external agents.
    The second is proud that it is trying to control the first, and the first is guilty that it could not be the second.”


  • “The world arouses your sensual pleasures in a thousand ways, and simultaneously raises moral taboos against arousal. The result is guilt. Provocation and guilt hollow the mind and sap away its strength. The only way is to avoid both provocation and guilt. Catch yourself being provoked, tempted, and ashamed in ways subtle and gross.”


  • “Is guilt really eternal? Different people, different times, different guilts.
    Guilt too may just be an implant by the society.”


  • “We know not a bit of the Self but keep dying of guilt of being selfish!”


  • “Guilt is a great method to not to change.”


  • “Guilt is trying to protect your self-concept. The self-concept is coming from somewhere. The source from where the self-concept is coming is also the source from where guilt arises. Those who give you your self-measure are also those who give you guilt along with it.”


  • “What brings about real improvement?

    Guilt cannot bring about any improvement.
    Real improvement comes when you are honestly prepared to look at what is going on.”


  • “Guilt is an accompaniment of conditioning.”


  • “Guilt is a great method to not to change.”


  • “Do not ask, ‘Why did I get angry?’
    Ask, ‘Why does guilt arise? Why this divided mind? Why can’t my anger be complete?’
    And if there is completeness, would not the anger be transformed? Does not ‘resistance to anger’ give fuel to the anger? In trying to control yourself, are you not giving yourself energy to act in the same way?
    That’s the basic principle of duality: What you try to control, you give energy to that.”


  • “Wherever there is ownership, there would be shame. Whatever you can own, would be a cause of shame for you. And there is no object that would not bring shame to you. The ego is mired in guilt, and it thrives in guilt. And from this sense of guilt, comes this desire of betterment.”


  • “‘Let me improve myself. Let me get a glorious future. Let me try to achieve something.’

    The entire game of ambition, originates from ‘guilt’.

    So, do you see that how these are connected?

    Freedom from ownership is also then freedom from future, because freedom from ownership is also freedom from ambition.”


  • “Do you know why one wants to cry over spilled milk? So that one doesn’t have to do the right action then and there.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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