• “The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by the complex mind.”


  • “The Teacher is the voice of Truth, not the man behind the voice.”


  • “You do not know me.
    Neither are you coming here to me, nor are you running away from me.
    Find out: who wants to come? To whom are you coming? Who resists the coming?
    You are not coming to me, you are coming to your Self. You are not listening to me, you are listening to your Self. 
    By not coming here, you may avoid this physical location. But can you get rid of yourself, your essence?
    When you come here, you come to your Home. It is not a man you are listening to, you are listening to your own pure voice. It is not the physical location that calls you, it is the call within. The call to return Home, to peace.
    If you don’t come to me, where else would you go? Wherever you would go, you would find me. One day, you may find me staring back at you from the mirror. One day, you may find me sitting right in the middle of your Heart.”


  • “Your own essence is the Guru, the essence of everything.”


  • “The real Teacher is not a person. The Prophet is not a body.
    Do not let your mind be engaged in gossip about the source of the Teacher’s voice.
    Rest assured the source of the voice is not the throat or the brain. Yes, because the voice is coming to you, so it must appear as if it is coming from a tongue, as if the language has been thought out by a human brain. But no, neither has the language been thought of by the human brain nor is the lip responsible for bringing the words to you. It is the song of the beyond. Just that it is being transmitted through a body. Do not be concerned with the body, listen to the song.”


  • “At the Center, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing.”


  • “More you stay with the world, more you need it.
    More you stay with a Teacher, less you need anything, including him.
    World clings. Guru frees.”
  • “The Teacher offers unsolicited support when you do not feel the need for that support. Then you get used to that support.Then the Teacher takes it away. You are in tears and you declare him insensitive and undependable. “How dare he break the pot he himself so lovingly made?”, you shout.You walk away from him in rage and despondency, and stumble.And he supports, yet again. In another form, in another name.You are doomed to meet the Guru. You cannot escape him. He will support you despite your ingratitude and break you despite your gratefulness.He is You.”


  • “Don’t ask for a real Guru; be a real disciple.”


  • “Guru is neither a person nor a qualification, Guru is the mind surrendered to learn.”


  • “In learning from the Guru,
    All that is needed is just closeness.
    There is no barrier bigger than closeness.
    Discipleship: A tight rope walk.”


  • “We never look at our lovers that way; in fact, it would be so unromantic if the lover looks like a Guru, acts like a Guru, even remotely resembles a Guru, that would be disqualification enough for you to reject him or her.”


  • “The Guru is the lover, the lover is the Guru, and there can be no distinction between the two.
    This challenges our images.
    The lover is imagined to be active, attractive.
    A Guru is imagined to be staid, passive, wise, but hardly attractive in the worldly sense, that is.
    No, these two definitions must converge, and they can converge only if both of them dissolve.”


  • “What’s the fun in having followers?
    I want you to see that you are the Guru.”


  • “The self uses the words of the Guru to defend itself from the Guru.”


  • “The Guru has no unconditional authority. The authority of the Guru flows from the Guru’s proximity to the Truth. And the day, the ‘person’ of the Guru, loses that proximity with the Truth – it may happen, strange things may happen on this earth. It may happen that the ‘person’ of the Guru does lose proximity to the Truth – that day he loses all his authority.
    Because ‘authority’ does not belong to your eyes, to your shirt, to your hair, it belongs to your Heart. And the day you yourself have lost touch with your Heart, losing touch with your Heart you have also lost touch with your authority. Now you have no authority.”


  • “The world can redeem itself only by placing the highest value on the Guru.”


  • “Guru means a great paradox where the periphery and the centre dance with each other, where the sky and the stars are one with each other.”


  • “Guru is the only reality.
    Guru is all that there is.”


  • “Guru is not an object in the universe.
    Guru is the foundation of the universe.”


  • “Guru is the name of the great game where there is neither victory nor defeat.
    The great game is in the Truth and is played by the Truth.”


  • “Guru is the realization that even Maya is Brahm.”


  • “You are really one with the Guru when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.”


  • “Question: Can you please take me to awareness?

    AP: You are already there. I am already there. You are me. We both are not. Now let’s coolly act that I am your Guru taking you there. Join the dance.”


  • “What kind of a student are you if you can’t see the Love contained in the Guru’s harshness? The energy spent by the Guru in scolding you is the highest compassion.

    The Guru, in his eagerness, seems to have embraced an unwilling student.”


  • When the mind is immersed in the source, you are the Guru. Guru is not a qualification; Guru is a state of mind.


  • “If you are not syncing with the Teacher, you are sinking.”


  • “The Teacher’s role is to show that a teacher is not needed.That is the rightful role of the Teacher.”


  • “The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom.”


  • “The Teacher brings you intimate to God, and excuses himself from there.”


  • “The Real teacher disappears from the outside and you see him in your Heart.”


  • “The more time you spend with the scriptures or with the Teacher, the easier it will be for you to demolish the influence, that the world has built-up upon you.”


  • “India is the place where maximum scriptures were written, and India is also the place where they came to know that scriptures cannot help you beyond a point. Only direct transmission can help. India has had the greatest libraries. But India has also said that without coming in direct contact with a Teacher, things will not materialise.”


  • “While on one hand, I will always say, that one must read and read a lot. On other hand, reading is fraught with its own risks and reading can never substitute for a living Teacher. No book is going to come and hold you accountable.
    No book is going to come and tell you on your face that you are cunning.
    A book is a book.
    When those words were spoken they had great life in them. Now, ‘you’ are master of the book. ‘You’ can manipulate the words. ‘You’ can interpret them according to your own convenience, and ‘you’ can quote those words.
    When the teacher is alive then you dare not manipulate him. After he is gone, the words are yours. You do what ‘you’ want to.
    The words will become the play thing in the hands of ego.”
  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”


  • “The complicated mind cannot become one with the simple. The words of the Teacher arise from a point of innocence. With all your cleverness, how will you ever know those words?”


  • “What comes from a certain point, can be understood only at that point. What comes from a certain depth of meditation, can be understood only at that depth.
    Teacher is expressing thoughtlessness. If you had even a single thought while listening, just tell yourself that you have missed it.”


  • “Student would understand the Teacher only when he is already the Teacher.”


  • “If the Teacher is occupying your mind then remember that only falseness occupies the mind.”


  • “The Teacher speaks from his aloneness and the student must listen from his aloneness. If the teacher is speaking to the student, he cannot speak, and if the student is listening to the teacher, he is surely not listening.”


  • “The Teacher just speaks; from nowhere, for nobody. It’s a useless, purposeless, miraculous sport, from nowhere and for nobody.”


  • “Listening without separation is the only way to listen to a Teacher or to a poet.”


  • “When you prove to the Teacher that you are ready for the Truth, he holds you and put you through punishing tests.

    When you insist to the Teacher that you are not yet ready, he lets you go your own way.

    Blessed is such bondage, and cursed is such freedom.”


  • “If you feel bad when scolded by the Teacher, then you do not know what it means to not to be scolded by the Teacher.”


  • “The right teacher disappoints you because he gives you nothing.”


  • “The right teaching helps you forget.”


  • “In front of a Teacher, one does not take his questions seriously. One just puts his situation forthrightly and lets the happening proceed from there.”


  • “One does not come to a Teacher to gain conclusions.
    One comes here to drop what one already has.”


  • “No scripture helps the one, whose eye for honest observation is not open. I call them the two wings of spiritual flight. First, an honest observation of the world, second, a deep faith in the words of the scripture and the Guru.”


  • “A child, simply splashing water in his bath-tub, is to me, more of a spiritual icon, than any accomplished guru. He has more of the untouched play of Shiva in him.”


  • “The Guru is the one that powers the seeing, the Guru is the seer and the Guru is the seen.”


  • “The Guru is not the object in your universe, the Guru is the foundation of the universe.”


  • “Guru hence is freedom from the great fear of death. With ‘Gu’ there is only death. With ‘ru’ there is neither birth, nor death. In ‘Guru’ there is immortality in the middle of death.”


  • “Guru is the name of the great game. A game in which there is neither victory, nor loss, just fun. When fun is divine, you call it as Joy.”


  • “To know the Guru, is to know the Truth. To know the Guru, is no different than knowing the Atman, the Brahma absolutely.”


  • “The realization that the false has no recourse but to submit to the Truth, is the Guru. The realization that even the false is Truth, is the Guru.”


  • “Guru is the realization that even the Maya is Brahma.”


  • “You leave the guru when the Guru enters your heart. You leave the Guru when you realise that you are already one with the Guru. Then you need not be close to the body of the Guru, because physical closeness is in anyway a deep separation. How close can two bodies come to each other? They would always remain afar. A distance would always be there. You are really one with the Guru only when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.”


  • “The real guru is not at all interested in making you feel pleasant and nice and comfortable. He is not aiming to make you smile. He wants to bring the Truth to you and nothing short of that. He loves you so much that He wouldn’t settle for anything less than The Absolute. He says that you are worthy of the Total, how can you have anything less than That? He keeps on pushing you so that you move out of your comfort zone.”


  • “Peace itself calls you to peace. That is the Guru. Guru is not something or somebody who lives in a Ashram.Your own peace which continuously beckons you, is the Guru.”


  • “‘Guru’ stands for that which calls, the force that which pulls you inwards from darkness into light.”


  • “The master and the disciple, they exist at two levels that are related, yet different.”


  • “When you have a deep belief that only the material is real; only that which your eyes show to you is real, then you take The Guru too just as the body.”


  • “The world can redeem itself only by placing the highest value on the Guru.”


  • “All the marks, the stains that have been left on your psyche by the various teachers, the role of the Guru is to clean those stains. They make you into somebody;the Guru turns you back into nobody.

So he himself, first of all, has to be nobody. Because this becoming, this becoming ‘somebody’ is your very hell.”\


  • “A guru who does not shred you apart is simply a crowd-pleaser!”


  • “These are like two wings of a bird. Support of an external Guru or scripture and your own independent observation. When both are fully functional, then you really take off. One should not miss out on any of these.”


  • “Only somebody who has seen the total failure of his ways is so determined to get rid of suffering that he can sacrifice anything, anybody. Only such a person, such a mind can be helped by the Guru.”


  • “Guru’s words are not at all for somebody who has the slightest of doubt in the Guru.”


  • “The Source itself is the Guru — always present, always ready, always knocking. Closer than the closest.”


  • “When you are an awakened disciple, you meet only the awakened Guru. It’s always a perfect match.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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