• “Joy is happiness without reason. It is a subtle happiness arising from nowhere. It is so subtle that it really cannot even be called happiness. In that sense, joy is just an emptiness – empty of sadness, and empty even of happiness.”


  • “Those who don’t have God, they don’t even miss God. Missing is a privilege. A saint sings songs of missing him, a common man doesn’t. The common man doesn’t miss God at all. The common man is happy and occupied in his worldly truthless, godless life.”


  • “Renunciation says: Neither happy, nor sad.
    Realisation says: Happy when happy, sad when sad.
    In dropping something, mind makes it important.”


  • “You yourself are happiness and sorrow.”


  • “To move as per, and towards, our conditioning is what we call ‘happiness’.”


  • “Peace is not happiness; it is freedom from both happiness and sadness.”


  • “Happiness is conditional and is dependent on sadness.
    Joy watches all duality – happiness and sadness – and smiles.”


  • “A great obscenity of language is to coin the word ‘joy’, a concept.
    The greatest obscenity is to put ‘happiness’ as a synonym of joy.”


  • “Entertainment is to Enjoyment
    what happiness is to Joy,
    what attachment is to Love,
    what knowledge is to Awareness,
    what fact is to Truth.”


  • “One does not chase what one already has.
    One chases happiness only when one is sad.
    Sadness is the cause of all happiness.
    And vice versa.”


  • “To be more happy, be more sad. Such is happiness- a mere relief from sadness. Loose it, then find it, become happy.
    What’s beyond this duality?”


  • “To be happy is to be sad. Happy and sad are not distinct words at all. Happy-sad is a more correct description of the mind.”


  • “Mind lives in images.
    Happiness is pleasurable imagination.
    Imagination is dissonance from reality.
    Dissonance causes sadness.
    Happy is Sad.”


  • “Joy is the vast space in which both happiness and sadness come and go.
    If you must be sad, be joyfully sad.”


  • “Can there be happiness except in a background of sorrow?
    Without sorrow, our happiness’s would vanish.
    Is there beyondness from these two?”


  • “The new, the happiness that you are looking for, will not come through experience, will not come through time; it comes when you are a little less insistent upon cheating yourself.”


  • “There is no search as ignorant, as useless and as tragic as the search for happiness.
    Happiness is a mirage that appears only from a distance.”


  • “If you want to have the pleasure of happiness you would also have to claim that you’re unhappy when you’re not happy.”


  • “Nobody has ever laughed except in tears.”


  • “Faith is not about being happy. Faith is not happiness because happiness is not something that can be independent of a reason. If you are always happy, then you will not call yourself happy. Happiness is by definition, must come and go. And hence it is reason dependent. For a reason it comes, for another reason it goes away.”


  • “You are experiencing your happiness only because you have been suffering terribly.”


  • “Just get rid of the sadness. Don’t chase happiness.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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