• “Social conditioning begins with the clever objective of freeing man from physical conditioning. Social conditioning will not help you get rid of physical conditioning. Going beyond physical conditioning happens by having the faith to live in a purely physical way.”


  • “Ask: Do I really know what is good for myself? Then how do I know what is good for others? Helping others is an escape from helping oneself.”


  • “To really help someone is to make it unnecessary for him to seek help. Those who desire to help others, desire that people keep wanting help.”


  • “Don’t look so startled. The world has not suddenly changed. You have woken up.
    Now come and help with the wake-up calls.”


  • “Normal’ is a pattern followed by the majority.You have to announce that you are not ‘normal’, that you are not one of them. This is an announcement of courage as well as compassion. To be one of them means that you cannot help them.”


  • “Go to the roots of your anger and you will reach the root of your suffering; the root of your ego. Attack there!

    Don’t find helpless targets.

    Don’t find cheap substitutes.

    Attack the real enemy.”


  • “See that you were born extremely old. That will help you die as a child.”


  • “Listening is sufficient. But if you will analyse and make these words an object, then you will miss. If you’ll keep analysing whether I’m getting the answer to my question then you will miss. Because you will not realise what corresponds to what.

    Does the sweet aroma of the flower know that it is arising from the ordinary soil? So the gardener is coming with some fertiliser, with some manure to the plant, and the flower is wondering, “How will it help me? I need to be more brightly coloured, I need to be more fragrant and this fellow is dumping soil! How can soil contribute to brightness? How can soil contribute to fragrance?”

    You never know.

    You don’t know.

    Which word cures what, you will never know, so just pay attention. If you think you are smart enough to be selective in listening then you’re making an idiot of yourself. You will never know what cures what. You will never know what contributes to what. And you will never know that in your inattentiveness you have missed what. You’ll just miss and you’ll think: Oh! What I missed was quite unimportant. Like in a detective movie, you do not know what is unfolding, and you missed fifteen minutes out of the two-hour movie and you think: No, no, no those fifteen minutes were quite unimportant. It has to be a very lousy movie if fifteen minutes are unimportant in it. And because it is a mysterious story how can you know what exactly you have missed, can you know? But you’re so smart, you know, you think: I can pick and choose. I can select what is important for me. I will decide. I can come thirty minutes late. I can pay attention to my own questions and I can remain clumsy when other questions are being answered; I know what is important for me.

    Had you known so much, why would you still have questions?

    You never know what will hit where, so just be attentive. And every moment is a moment of attention.”


  • “When you are helping without reason, it is compassion.”


  • “You have helped someone only if he no longer needs your help.”


  • “Your lover is the one, must be the one, who helps you reach your heart.”


  • “Truth is not merciful in the sense that it will help you maintain your false and ugly world.”


  • “Get That! Get that ‘right’ thing – which we are calling as a ‘thing’ for want of a better word.

    Maybe, it is so attractive, so enamouring that you will be helpless in front of it, that you will be unable to prevent yourself from concentrating, that even concentration will become a meek word.

    Then what do we call it?

    Then we call it submersion.

    Then we call it sublimation.

    Then concentration is such a petty word that we don’t even use it.

    And then in that state, whatever you do, you won’t need to concentrate.

  • “If you want to cheat somebody, it is so easy, because the person himself will help you in cheating him.
    But if you want to liberate somebody, it is extremely difficult, because the person himself will kill you if you want to liberate him.”


  • “Please understand this carefully once again. If you come across something or somebody that attracts you to itself, then that thing is in fact dangerous for you, because it will completely envelope you, encircle you, and in that way enslave you. It will say you can move no further , your journey ends here, there at me. You are my husband now and go no further. You are my son, look no further. The real lover will say: because I love you, I’ll help you go Beyond. Maybe we will travel together to the Beyond.”


  • “The mind can only look at duality — the eyes see figures, the ears hear sounds, and you can only touch material.
    So, find out something or somebody who is like a bridge between the dualistic world and the non-dual Source.
    That will help you remember.”


  • “Every helplessness is acquired.”


  • “India is the place where maximum scriptures were written, and India is also the place where they came to know that scriptures cannot help you beyond a point. Only direct transmission can help. India has had the greatest libraries. But India has also said that without coming in direct contact with a Teacher, things will not materialise.”


  • “How will you ask for infinity without being inspired by infinity itself? Strange is this asking. You get it, and only then you can ask for it. Such is the compassion of the giver. He gives first and after that, you ask for it. And such is the worthlessness of all asking. You have already gotten it when you are asking for it; what is the point in asking? Such is the stupidity of all desires. What you are asking for is already yours. And asking for it again and again cannot help you. What has already been given to you cannot be given again.”


  • “Only by seeing the falseness of otherness, you are able to help the other.”


  • “To help others, you must be free of others.”


  • “Religion is that which leads to your awakening, not that which helps you in remaining more asleep.”


  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”


  • “You may be going out to sell an unworthy, misery furthering product or service. Do not think that you have made the fool of the customer. You have made a fool of yourself. And on the other hand if you are able to sell a product which gives joy, and alleviates suffering, then you have given something of value, not only to the customer, but also to yourself.
    By helping others, you help yourself; by sinking others, you sink yourself.”


  • “Only by seeing the falseness of otherness, you are able to help the other.”


  • “Let the thought not be there for you. The thought is there for you only when you think that the thought is going to help you.”


  • “You help yourself by not pretending that you are capable of helping yourself.”


  • “Only a deep and direct surrender of ego will help you.”


  • “You are not helpless by chance, you are helpless by choice.
    Our helplessness is a deliberate ploy of the ego to retain itself.”


  • “The right teaching helps you forget.”


  • “No one is helpless out of circumstances; everyone is helpless out of choice.”


  • “You are free, now why do you act helpless.”


  • “Find your own help. And once you have been helped, help flows through you in a thousand unthinkable ways to the entire universe. You cannot think about those ways.”


  • “To be free of the other, help the other be free of you.”


  • “If you really want to help, yourself or the other, but if your intention is to help; first of all, create conditions in which the helped one can see that she needs help. Because nobody is to be helped against the other. Everybody needs help only against himself or herself.”


  • “The real helper is a man without ideals. The real helper is free to help. That is what is meant by being without ideals.”


  • “Time will not help.”


  • “To help the other, you have to be a nobody.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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