• “The profit is the highest when you trade the imaginary for the Real.
    Get rid of imaginations like fear, hope, ambition, and find Real Joy.”


  • “Hope continues the rubbish of the past.”


  • “Hope – A false medicine for restlessness.”


  • “We have a tremendous potential to suffer. And a tremendous resistance to call our situation as suffering.
    We name our situation as ambition, hope, desire, duty, passion, love, but never give it the right name – suffering. We laugh aloud among others, and suffer quietly in our loneliness.”


  • “Whatever you choose you choose as a medium to something else. You don’t choose something alone, you choose an entire story beginning with that thing. Have you ever chosen anything that is final? You choose with the hope of reaching the final. To choose That alone is to come to the end of choosing, to come to the end of time.”


  • “Nobody ever sells you anything except hope. A promise is what you buy. Every product is a promise – of love, of contentment, of freedom. Your hope makes you a slave of salvation-sellers. Just be hopeless, and enjoy freedom.”


  • “What am I?
    Just that?
    No. Hope, memory, desire and identity as well.
    All of which, are, again, just fear.
    And fear can’t Love.
    Tough luck!”


  • “The hope of an answer sustains the question. The sustenance of questions appears to make life purposeful, but is actually a trap. No answers.”


  • “If we could see how stale memories dress up as fresh hopes, would we still find hope a virtue? Is there being beyond memories and hopes?”


  • “When one loses all hope in the little, that is the point when he has been totally possessed by the Grand.”


  • “To hope is to postpone the good, and embrace the waiting.”


  • “To ‘hope’ is to postpone that, which is available, today. ‘Hope’ is to postpone the good, and embrace the waiting.
    You look at the situation of the mind. It is a very peculiar situation. On one hand, it knows, that nothing less than the Total, the Ultimate, the Final, can bring Peace to it. It knows that. On the other hand, it also knows that the Total, the Ultimate, and the Final, mean the death of mind, as it has known itself. In the form it has known itself, it will be no more.”


  • “Whatever you can hope for, something higher than that is already given to you. And it is the most difficult thing to accept, because the mind has been trained in living purposefully. If you accept that the Highest has been just being gifted to you, then what do you live for? So it is very-very difficult to accept.”


  • “If I understand things fully and let the right action happen today, then my mind will not wander into hopes of tomorrow.
    It will be completely occupied with the great possibility of this moment, of what is to be done.”


  • “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


  • “Hope promises change, but is an agent of continuity.”
  • “To hope that partial freedom is possible is to remain forever in slavery. In fact, no one ever wants slavery, people just want partial freedom, and that is slavery.”


  • “Only a spiritual man can really experience pleasure and pain, day and night.

    The worldly man is so terrified with experience or so hopeful from experience that he won’t be able to experience.”


  • “If the ego is not careful, if it is not touched by wisdom then it will forget that the objects that it is getting attached to, that the objects that it is pinning its hopes upon, are of its own projection. And how can that which ‘I’ have projected bring completeness to me? If I am incomplete, all my projections would also be incomplete, they cannot take me anywhere higher.”


  • “When you don’t feel good about yourself, then you have a lot of hope. Hope is an indicator that things are terribly wrong.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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