• “When you believe in your identity, you will never know the reality.”


  • “The one and only objective that the ego has is to maintain a separate identity from the Ultimate, from God.”


  • “Real union is dissolution of the two uniting entities. Love.
    Attachment maintains identity, separation. It’s the absence of union, of love.”


  • “What am I?
    Just that?
    Hope, memory, desire and identity as well.
    All of which, are, again, just fear.
    And fear can’t Love.
    Tough luck!”


  • “Searching for your true identity or your real self, you will just be disappointed.
    The real Self is not yours at all.
    Self is not personal.”


  • “To be something is to miss out on everything.”


  • “The body-identified person respects the doer.
    The mind-identified person respects the thinker.
    The unidentified person respects realization.”


  • “The understanding of a Self or Soul or Atman was given to rid man of his body-identification.
    And man said: The soul is in my body.”


  • “We live to expand.
    Body-identified man reproduces physically.
    Mind-identified man expands thoughts.
    The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “Do not be paralyzed by suffering, do not be dumbstruck. In the moment of suffering, gather your wits and go close to the sufferer. You will see that the sufferer is a joke.
    The more you look at the sufferer, the more you see that he is a clown. Your attachment to him will evaporate. You cannot now identify with him, or glorify him, or decorate him.
    The sufferer is a joke, and deserves only as much consideration.”


  • “Responsibility does not come with identity; in fact, responsibility comes with freedom from identity.
    Real responsibility is very unpredictable, so it’s very thrilling.
    Fake responsibility is boredom, real responsibility is extremely thrilling.”


  • “Attachment is a side-effect of your basic search for identity.”


  • “The experience itself is the identity.”


  • “Who am I?The honesty with which I admit ‘I am my identities’.”


  • “Your resistance shows that you identify with that which you resist.”


  • “One does not just remembers something. One remembers it only if the ego finds nutrition in it. You see, what do we remember? Either the pleasurable events from the past or very painful moments from the past. In both these cases, the ego finds identification.”


  • “Where there is identification, there is bound to be conflict.”


  • “The ego is that which creates you and the universe together and as separate identities and from nowhere.”


  • “Your resistance shows that you identify with that which you resist.”


  • “The Self-image must always tally and agree with your image of the world. You can maintain the image of the world, only as long as you remain away from the world. Nothing is as you think it to be. Not even you are as you think of yourself to be.That is why closeness is dangerous for thoughts. They are proven to be foolish when you go close.”


  • “Nobody is worthy of deep hatred. But images can be deeply hated, only images can be deeply hated. So, if you are hell-bent on hating someone, you would increase the distance between you and that person.”


  • “Dropping of identity simply means having the identity that is needed at that moment.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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