• “Since you are ever in a dream, I am just another character in your dream. How can a character in your dream help you come out of the dream?
    You do not know me.”


  • “ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.”


  • “What is it?
    It is not.”


  • “The ultimate humiliation to the false is that it cannot declare itself to be false.”


  • “This entire world is a dream, and it is a deep fallacy to believe that when the state of consciousness changes, that when you wake up from sleep in the morning, the dream ends. The dream does not end, the dream changes. From one dream you move to another dream. And if your entire life is just a sequence of dreams then what I am saying is that there is no point feeling guilty about dreaming. Because life is nothing but one dream sequence after the other.”


  • “Leela is to put your heart, soul, complete energy and complete attention into it despite knowing that it is a game that you can never-never win. That is Leela. “I know that I can never win it. I know that I will be beaten and defeated at every step, at every point. I know that I will be betrayed, I know that I will be let down and yet every single drop of blood that I have, my flesh, my bones, my body, my discretion, my heart all are devoted to what I am doing”. Then you know that you have known it to be Leela.”


  • “The world’s problems are solved by not taking the world as real. Understand this. The world’s problems are solved by those who do not contribute to those problems. The world’s problems are not solved by those who take the world seriously. The world’s problems are actually solved by those who know that the world does not mean anything. Hence, leave the world to itself. If you can leave this Earth to itself, will global warming be there?”


  • “What is It?
    Nothing in particular.”


  • “The inattentive eye looks at an object, and finds an object.
    The attentive eye sees an object, and becomes sure that the object is not there.”


  • “Illusion of wellness is the actual disease.”


  • “The more it appears, the more empty it is.”


  • “From Him comes the entire game of illusion and from Him comes the only chance of redemption.”


  • “You can never figure out the source of illusion. You will never reach to the roots of it. You can only be at your own roots. That is sufficient.”


  • From Him comes all illusion, and from Him comes redemption.


  • “For the centre to change, the existing centre can do nothing. The existing centre can do nothing, to change itself. All that it will do, will only reinforce it, never change it. Kindly drop this illusion that you can do anything, that will ever change you. 

    Real change comes not from your efforts, but from your Surrender.” 


  • “There are no imperfections, there are only illusions.”


  • “Reality is not the opposite of illusion;
    Reality is the basis of illusion.
    When understood, illusion itself shines as reality.”


  • “The only benefit, is knowing oneself. The only harm, is keeping someone in illusion.”


  • “Whatever you are doing, if it keeps others, in illusion, if it furthers their dreamlike state, if it deepens their identity, then your action is not good even for yourself.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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