• “If your sleepy eyes are full of dreams, you will not like the Sun rising.”


  • “The question is: How do imaginary beings in their imaginary world use their imaginary mind to discover the Real? Can I find out the bridge?”


  • “Practicality isn’t the ease or convenience of doing. Practicality is Reality. Only the Real can be practical. Can the imaginary be practiced?”

  • “The world is lousy, transient, unreal. Creation is an image of creator. Why revere the unreal creator of such an unreal creation?
    Real God?”


  • “Small is big.
    Big is imaginary.
    Now is forever.
    Forever is never.
    In daily events, life is lost and won.
    Grand moments, well, there’re none.”


  • “A ‘better world’ is just imaginary.
    Befits the world to be as seductive, deceptive and mean as possible.
    Liberation means nothing if easy.”


  • “The profit is the highest when you trade the imaginary for the Real.
    Get rid of imaginations like fear, hope, ambition, and find Real Joy.”


  • “The evolution of Universe is the evolution of consciousness.
    Big bang is imaginary as consciousness was too primitive to give it that shape.”


  • “Imagination is repetition.”


  • “We are quite serious about the stories in our head. Remove the seriousness. Then remove the stories. Does the ‘I’ heaviness in head remain?”


  • “Only caged birds imagine the pleasure of flying.”


  • “Science is extremely important so that facts are facts and imagination is imagination, and you keep the two apart.
    Only when you are fully into facts then the door of Truth opens.”


  • “Anxiety is thought. The presence of thought implies the lack of attention.
    All anxiety is imagination.
    In understanding of the present, energetic action starts and anxiety disappears.”


  • “Attend to the facts and your imaginations will fall in place.”


  • “We use our imagination to paint what God must be like.
    Will it work?”


  • Life is right now, everything else is an imagination.


  • “Existence has no obligation to live up to your imagination.”


  • Faith is when all imagination has seized. When even your trust in the fact has seized. Just the enquiry has not seized. And then you just know.


  • “Imagination is no crime.

    The crime is when you think of imagination as the Truth.

    So imagine, but remember that you are imagining.”


  • “What is purely imaginary will lose its sting the moment you see that it is merely ‘imaginary’.”


  • “The Real is not to be chased down and obtained.Our addiction to the images has to be understood and dropped.”


  • “Find something real. Stop placing imaginary hopes upon this and that.”


  • “In the dream state, everything is imaginary. The choices that you so craved for in the waking state, they manifest themselves in the dream state. You could not have them when you were waking, so you have them when you are asleep.”


  • “What is our consciousness? Consciousness is the content of mind. Consciousness is our thoughts, ideals, emotions, feelings, relationships. What is our consciousness? Our consciousness is doubt, fear, convictions, beliefs, attachments, imaginations, effort, attainment, beginning, end. That is what we call as consciousness.”


  • “A heroic life goes on and on and on. And that is the mark of the real hero, that is what distinguishes him from the mythical hero of our imaginations.”


  • “Coming to the end of imagination is creativity.”


  • “God is man’s highest imagination.”


  • “Now is not the Present, now is an imagination.”


  • “Start from your life; everything else is an imagination.”


  • “You don’t need to imagine that you are ‘one’. You only don’t need to power the imagination that you are separate.”


  • “Where there is imagination there would be competition.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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