• “A social mind cannot attain individuality.”


  • “Your ‘individuality’ is just a deceptive name given by ego to itself.”


  • “Three levels of influence. The three fake ‘I’s:
    1. When the influence is superficial, you call it influence /imposition
    2. When the influence is very deep, you call it your interest.
    3. When the influence has penetrated the very depth of mind – you call it your individuality. This is the most chronic and tragic.”


  • “Interests never arise from individuality.”


  • “The family and the large corporation are the same. Both offer security and hinder individuality. Will corporations exist without the family?”


  • “Individualization is separation for the sake of reunion.
    All loss is nothing but the absurd assumption on which finding rests.”


  • “If there is someone who says that “I am going to meditate so that I will get my individual peace,” then he is no better than the one who says, “I am going to earn, so that I can have my individual bank account bloated.” Individual peace and individual money are no different at all, because in both of them there is the sense of the individual, and the individual is the ego.”


  • “Personality is impure you; Individuality is pure You.”


  • “When all the dirt is wiped off from your mind, then the clean mind that remains; the clean transparent mind that remains is Individuality.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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