• “Ego is good, nice, beautiful but only when friends with the Self.”


  • “When the mind is not divided, then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “ All that you can do is: When ‘The Way’ comes to you, don’t block it.”


  • “Where there is self-consciousness, there is world consciousness. There is no being in it.”


  • “Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on awareness. Memory is not a substitute for awareness.”


  • “Body as a machine has to be conditioned. But man has to be unconditional.”


  • “If you fail to comprehend me, turn inwards.
    To understand the Truth, you require a Mind full of Intelligence or a Heart full of Love.”


  • “When something is absolutely stupid, intelligence cannot defeat it.
    For stupidity to be corrected by intelligence, stupidity must first have at least a modicum of intelligence.”


  • “To be human is to have a body of earth and a heart of the sky. If you just have a body of earth with no heart, then you are a puppet, not a human being. Even a puppet has a body, even a puppet moves. To be human is something totally different. To be human is to have the sky in your heart — that great silent vastness in your heart. Then you are human.”


  • “Anger cannot be right in isolation. If everything else about you is wrong and petty, then anger too is bound to be wrong and petty. Do not be too bothered with the problem of anger. Do not try to look at the one fragment of mind and quarantine it.
    The quality of your life is also the quality of your anger. When life is genuine, then anger is also genuine. When life is fake, then all you have is fake anger. When life has depth, then anger too has depth. When life is shallow, then anger is mere poking and pinching.”


  • “What takes you to your beautiful Heart is beautiful.”


  • “The Sun never rises for closed eyes.”


  • “The honest man has just One priority.”


  • “When there in Innocence in the Heart, only then is there Intelligence in the mind.”


  • “To be a human is to have Sky in the Heart and Earth in the body.”
  • “There can be no intelligence without innocence. Innocence is the very environment of intelligence.”


  • “The innocent mind catches itself acting clever.
    Only in deep innocence one sees his deep cunningness.
    Innocence is cleverer than cleverness.”


  • “Only two minds culminate in faith: Either a sharp intellect, or simple innocence.”


  • “For Innocence, look into the eyes of animals.
    For Truth,listen to the birds.
    For Reality,touch some sand.
    For repulsion, look at a man’s face.”


  • “Mental health is such a stranger to us. We start feeling uneasy in our rare moments of simple innocence.”


  • “Where does innocence come from?
    Innocence comes from nowhere.
    Cunningness comes from here and there.”


  • “There can be no intelligence without innocence.
    Innocence is the very environment of intelligence.”


  • “When I don’t lurk around probing,
    Nor stalk in salacious achieving,
    It’s just Joy experiencing its Joy,
    Truth in its own innocence shining.”


  • “Foolishness clutches and memorizes.
    Intelligence understands and forgets.
    The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.”


  • “You have to be very intelligent to realise how intelligent He is.”


  • “Intelligence is the ability to differentiate the accidental from the Essential.”


  • “There is no sin; there is only stupidity.
    One is not unethical; one is just unintelligent.”


  • “Would you continue to act puzzled with the myriad reflections of the Sun in the lake?”


  • “Intelligence is fully yours, and yet you cannot own it.”


  • “Our knowledge is, in some areas, pretty detailed as well and it’s quite amazing, the extent to which human intelligence has gone and created this knowledge and other human beings have absorbed it and are putting it to use. Now, having known this much, is it not strange, what you read in newspapers? “Man quarrelling with man, nation quarrelling with nation, husband quarrelling with wife, neighbour quarrelling with neighbour, man quarrelling with himself!”
    When we find nobody else to engage, we are busy fighting ourselves. And we know so much.
    We know so much. Yet basics of life – jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, small happenings in our environment seem to shake us up.”


  • “Spirituality is Intelligence manifested.
    The spiritual mind is sharp, incisive, and simply understands.
    Dumbness is a lack of spirituality.”


  • “Mind is brain plus intelligence.
    This intelligence does not come from anywhere, this is entirely yours.”


  • “Intelligence is purely yours, no one can give it to you and no one can take it away from you. It is yours. In fact, to say it is yours is not accurate. It is what you are.”


  • “There is only one way to know – to let intelligence operate in attention.”


  • “When you are listening, you just listen; and in that listening, there is the dance of intelligence and you just understand.”


  • “Knowledge is the whole movement of mind.Intelligence is the settlement of mind.Be seated in intelligence.

    Knowledge can used as a resource.”


  • “Knowledge can be your slave, but you have to be a slave of intelligence.”


  • “When it comes to the world, do not believe any good news.Intelligence.When it comes to the Truth, do not believe any bad news.”


  • “Intelligence is purely yours, no one can give it to you and no one can take it away from you. It is yours. In fact, to say it is yours is not accurate. It is what you are.”


  • “Joy is the nature of intelligence. Only in intelligence is there joy.”


  • “We all have the capacity to display basic intelligence.”


  • “No scripture will ever tell you, “What is the right action for you.” No commandment will ever tell you the right action for you because life is dynamic, it is constantly moving. How many times will you refer to an instruction manual? Every second, that decision is needed. Every moment is new and fresh and it demands a new response from you. Will you keep referring to a scripture? You must have an awakened intelligence within which will help you decide what to do. In fact, that decision will not be decision at all because all decision involves the use of mind and thought.”


  • “Intelligence is not a skill, intelligence is not something you gather with time, intelligence is not concentration. If you practice solving particular type of questions for a long period of time, for 2 years, for 3 years, you will become very skillful at solving those questions, that is not intelligence.”


  • “Intelligence is the capacity to observe yourself.”


  • “Intelligence is not about replying to a question. Intelligence is about knowing what is happening in your mind when you are listening to that question, being alert to that.”


  • “Intelligence is watchfulness, intelligence is really, really knowing; knowing what is happening here.”


  • “Intelligence is joy, Intelligence is freedom from domination, from exploitation, from fear, that is intelligence.”


  • “You are an intellectual, when you have found something more interesting than sex. And when you have found something more interesting than the intellect, then you are spiritual. Then you are Godly.”


  • “In intelligence, lies freedom.”


  • “Life is quite intelligent, life knows how to decide on your behalf. If you have just a little trust on life, she will take all your decisions beautifully. Better decisions, than you and me can ever make. Just trust life with the decision making part.”


  • “An honest life is an intelligent life, because it is a direct life.”


  • “Spirituality is not another name for stupidity. To be spiritual is to be beyond normal intelligence. It does not mean that you won’t even be normally intelligent.”


  • “Spirituality is not some heavenly mumbo-jumbo. The spiritual man is an intelligent man. He knows how to live. He is intelligent in the small actions of daily life. A spiritual man cannot be stupid. A spiritual man could not be just talking about the big things – Heaven, Love, God, Truth, Joy – and be slipping in his daily actions.”


  • “You must let the world proceed in the manner in which it would. The body has its own intelligence. The river knows how to flow. The birds know when to wake up. The grass is beautifully green on its own. You don’t have to interfere, just as you don’t have to interfere when food gets digested in your guts. You don’t have to interfere with your thoughts. Thoughts keep tormenting us precisely because we resist them, we interfere. The sage is saying something absolutely radical. He is saying, “Let it be. Let the drama continue. You have no obligation to control anything. Your only obligation is to stand pure. Your only obligation is to not to get sucked in.””


  • “Your words are an obstruction in praying, they are not the prayer. Spirituality is about having the courage to sound foolish. Most of us keep on wanting to sound intelligent. Right? We are so afraid. The spiritual man is not at all afraid, he says, ‘I am prepared to appear stupid. It’s alright’. That is prayer.”


  • “Knowledge is the stuff of mind; Intelligence is the sublimation of mind. Knowledge is the whole movement of mind; Intelligence is the settlement of mind.”


  • “Intelligence is that which operates when you do not take yourself to be very clever. Intelligence is that which comes into action when you do not have a grand belief that your action will deliver the goods for you.”


  • “If you are so intelligent then you can figure out the core of the teachings of Jesus, then you are already a Jesus.”


  • “We have taken so many beliefs, we have taken religions from outside, we have taken a sense of patriotism from outside. We have taken a sense of purpose from outside. All our life is nothing but the garbage bin and everyone keeps on throwing his rubbish into it. Nothing is our own. That what really is your own, your own intelligence, you are afraid of it. You are insecure about that, that how I dare be intelligent? That’s your right. You are intelligent, you must act intelligently. Don’t be afraid of that.”


  • “When you will act in your intelligence, let the society say that you are wrong, let them keep on saying, let them keep declaring you a fool or a criminal, but still you will know, you will know deep within that you are right. You will know it so deeply that nobody will be able to convince you that you are wrong. Are you getting it? But that will require some guts. And that will require a great deal of understanding which I am so sure that you are capable of. You are surely capable of that. Yes. I know, it is a little scary, but don’t you want a life that is totally your life, not a dictated life. Yes, don’t you want that?”


  • “Have a taste for being called an idiot. You must relish stupidities. Don’t be too bothered about looking intelligent. Why have you burdened yourself with this unnecessary obligation? It’s okay! ‘Who am I?’ The stupid one.”


  • “You cannot be lazy without being too intelligent for yourself. A lazy man is not only intelligent, he is actually too intelligent. He knows all. Otherwise, how can one refuse to learn from life? And there is only one way one learns from life. By? Being with life. By allowing oneself to flow with life.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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