• “When nobody can say that they know you, then for sure you have known yourself.
    And when everybody in the world knows you, then for sure you do not know yourself.”


  • “To know yourself, firstly stop believing that you know anything about yourself.”


  • “The Real cannot be experienced.”


  • “Leela and Maya: Maya is when one acts in the mistaken belief that the expression is the Essence.
    Leela happens when one knows essence as essence and expression as expression.
    When the world takes control of one, it is Maya. When one is not ruled by world while still participating in it, it is Leela, and that is the only healthy relationship with world.”


  • “Do not confuse between the Essence and the manifestation, between the Centre and the periphery. The Centre has no mission or goal but the periphery must have a mission, otherwise it will rot. The Essence and its manifestation should not be confused with one another. What applies to the limited will not be true for the Unlimited. The Upanishads warn that both Vidya and Avidya must be known simultaneously and separately.”


  • “”I am this! I am that! I am not the body! I am Brahm! I am Him!”
    Why not just be a little honest and direct and admit, “I do not know”?”


  • “What the ego dismisses as randomness, faith knows to be Grace.
    Ego reasons and finds not.
    Faith surrenders to mystery, and finds benediction.”


  • “Beliefs come from time, past.
    Knowing is right now.
    Faith is knowing that there is stuff beyond time.”


  • “Nothing is not a thing.
    Now is not a time.
    Here is not a location.
    Witnessing is not an action.
    Knowing this is not a thought.”


  • “To say ‘I know not’ is as much a lie as ‘I know’.
    To say ‘The world is false’ is as much a lie as ‘The world is real’.
    Why not just shut up?”


  • “Ignorance is to call anything as unintelligent.
    Intelligence is to know ignorance as Intelligence, complex as Simple, limited as Limitless.”


  • “Why was I born?
    So that I may be Born.
    Why am I here?
    So that I may be Here.
    Who am I?
    The one who may Know.
    Be really Born, be Here, Know.”


  • “It all begins and ends where I am.
    It all begins and ends when I know.”


  • “Teach with the humility that nothing can be taught.
    Learn with the assurance that all is already known.”


  • “We all carry loads of rubbish, mostly without knowing.
    To know this enormous junk is healthy.
    Dirt gathers twenty-four hours, must be known twenty-four hours.”


  • “The deepest enquiry begins as a tense, ruthless questioning, demanding answers, and surrenders as a humble faith, knowing beyond answers.”


  • “Compassion is knowing that suffering is not necessary, and that the mind can attain to its natural joy.
    Love is the mind radiating that joy.”


  • “I run around desperately to improve my life.
    And what is this ‘life’ that I want to improve?
    Difficult to know that while running around!”


  • “To know a Buddha, you must be somewhat like a Buddha.
    A ‘normal’ man has only beliefs about joy, freedom, love.
    Borrowed images taken as truth.”


  • “To know what I am not is to know myself.”


  • “It is not enough to just decry the two ends of duality as false.
    One must live the joy of knowing this.
    This knowing makes True of the false.”


  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. Rather, the mind is just too full of knowledge. This dead knowledge substitutes real knowing.”


  • “To know oneself is the only existential obligation. To be is the only way to know.”


  • “Once you know who is worrying, hating, loving, it will be impossible for you to worry, hate, love.”


  • “Liberation is to know that there is nobody to be liberated. The bonded entity itself is the fundamental illusion.”


  • “When I know, there is no way to know that I know.
    When I think that I know, I think and I do not know.
    Only a bad witness is witnessed !”


  • “The individual mind, fed by senses, operates in limited thought.
    But The Mind already knows all.
    Otherwise, learning is impossible.”


  • “To know, I don’t need to close my eyes in negation; I need to open my eyes in intelligence. The world itself is Truth. Falseness is in my eye.”


  • “In inattention, there is nobody to know the ego.
    In attention, there is no ego to be known.
    Ego can never be really encountered.”


  • “Knowing the fakeness of things is alright, but it’s no fun getting stuck at that.”


  • “To know who is sleeping, you need to be awake.”


  • “Even when everything will be taken away from me, there will remain somebody who will know that all is being taken away. I am that Knower.”


  • “The split-mind thinks that it can be loving and ambitious at the same time.
    Can a calculative, insecure, ambitious, planning mind know love?”


  • “Only Truth can know the Truth.”


  • “Meditation is knowing without the need to know.”


  • “Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth.”


  • “One knows the Truth not by knowing the Truth, but by being the Truth.”


  • “You will not know through knowledge.”


  • “The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts.
    The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.”


  • “You see me as me because you see you as you.
    The more clearly you will see yourself, the more clearly you will know who I am.”


  • “The more I know, all that I know is that I do not know, and this lack of knowledge has a quality of knowing that knowledge can never touch.”


  • “To realise Krishna you have to realise evil. You must know evil as evil.
    When you cannot see the false as false, how will you ever see the True?
    When the false is masquerading as the True, how will you know the True?”


  • “If you do not know Love, you will suffer in love.”


  • “‘I know’- Most irreligious statement”


  • “Real learning doesn’t happen when you can say that you know. The real is never explicit.”


  • “You cannot know anything in isolation. Either you know everything or you know nothing. Understanding is not fragmented. Knowledge is fragmented.”


  • “When you believe in your identity, you will never know the reality.”


  • “You are that which knows the external as external.”


  • “Do you know what fun you miss by not knowing your actual face?”


  • “To meditate is to be at a point where parallely two non-events are happening.
    One: There is no need for mental activity.
    Two: All is being known without need, without effort, without knowledge.”


  • “The meditative mind knows all that is Essential.”


  • “You attain your nature only in meditation. Then the magical happens, knowledge-less knowing happens.”


  • “What is Love?
    That which makes you go crazy.
    What is wisdom?
    Allowing yourself to go crazy.
    What is Truth?
    You will know. Just go crazy.”


  • “What we call as knowing, or being awake, is just a burden upon the mind.
    Great joy lies in not knowing, not being awake, even while awake.”


  • “You say you want to know because you don’t know.
    I ask you: how will you know if you don’t already know?
    Even in forgetfulness, you know.”


  • “Who will know the Self?
    The Self, who else!
    How will the Self be known?
    By being in the Self, how else!
    Self alone is in Self.
    Try not, see.”


  • “He is that which enables you to know Him.
    He is you, when you know Him.
    He is you, even when you don’t know Him and you think of Him as other.”


  • “Knowing is the absence of experiencing.
    Experiencing requires an experiencer- the sum of memories and patterns, all unreal.
    Knowing is I-less.”


  • “Be and know.
    There is no way of knowing except being.
    It is impossible to remain yourself and yet know.
    You cannot know anything. Dissolve.”


  • “Not knowing anything, there is just awareness. That knows nothing.”


  • “Let me not confuse enquiry with doubt.
    Enquiry is knowing. Enquiry is closeness. Enquiry is faith.
    A suspicious mind cannot enquire.”


  • “Start from that which you really know.
    Reach that which is really knowable.
    You can cover a million miles only if you don’t move an inch.”


  • “Too many life-experts claim expertise on the base that they have never really lived!
    There is no way to know life than by being in it fully.”


  • “How do I know?
    Birds, animals, insects told it to me.
    First I confessed ‘I don’t know’.
    Then sat by them as one of them and all was obvious.”


  • “What is Vivek (discretion)?
    It is the knack of knowing what to take seriously and what not to.”


  • “Remember what you already know?”


  • “Knowing the fakeness of things is alright, but it’s no fun getting stuck at that. Have the guts to drop the fake.”


  • “All learning is recalling.”


  • “You meet someone and you ask him, “Sir, who are you?” He says, “I am Raj Shekhar” and you walk away, ‘Yes, I got an answer’. So what have you come to know? What does Raj Shekhar mean? Nothing. But you don’t even have the intelligence to realise that you have learned nothing. You feel as if some query has been answered. Has anything really been answered? Or go and ask all your scientists, they keep asking questions and they pretend that they receive answers, ‘Has anything really been answered?’ You check a circuit and you find that the current is five amperes, so?

    You have only named the happening.

    Have you really known what is happening? What do you mean by five amperes? You’ll say a certain flow of electrons, and what is that? And what is that? And what is that? And soon you come to point where you don’t know. So why do you pretend as if you know? No question can ever get an answer. But there are people being awarded great prices just because they can name one thing as another. So there is a happening in the physical world, and if you can translate that into mathematical equations then you’re called a great scientist. What have you known! What have you known in that? It’s just that now from the language of English, it is now written in the language of Mathematics. Does that mean that you have known anything? Does that mean that the query has been answered? And you are arrogant enough to name these answers on your own name. So you have Mr Tom’s laws, Mr Harry’s equations, Mr Dick’s Theorem.

    What have they done? What have they known?

    I once asked, ‘Who knows chlorophyll? The scientist who is experimenting on it or the leaf? Who knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? But if you ask the leaf, ‘Tell me about chlorophyll’, then the leaf will say, “Who bothers? And I do not know anything called chlorophyll. You have named something as chlorophyll and you’re researching on it. I am chlorophyll!” And that is when you know when you are it. That is the only way of knowing.

    When Real knowing happens then it cannot be put in words.

    Then it is no more a concept.

    But the scientist is so arrogant that not only will he research on chlorophyll but also claim a noble price for it. No leaf has ever been given a noble price!

    I am again asking, who really knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? Unfortunately, when knowing happens, you do not know that you know. Because for us knowing is just concept formation, what do you claim to know? You only claim to know that which you can put in words and concepts, right? When do you say that ‘I know’ something? When you can put it in a sentence or an equation. When you can make a concept about it, only then you will say that I know. So the scientist will say ‘I know chlorophyll’ but the leaf will never say ‘I know chlorophyll’. Now the leaf is living chlorophyll—eating, breathing, sleeping chlorophyll— but the leaf cannot claim that ‘I know chlorophyll’. Scientist will claim! Such a stupid situation. Such a stupid situation. And the scientist will say, ‘I know the exact chemical equation of chlorophyll’. Does the leaf know the chemical equation of chlorophyll? Does the leaf know? Now that is very very strange! The leaf does not know even the ‘C’ of chlorophyll, scientist know so much.

    In Real knowing, there is no knowledge involved.”


  • “Spirituality is not about reaching another world.

    Spirituality, mind you, is about knowing this world.”


  • “You are the First man, and knowing this is Spirituality.Not only are You the First man, You are the only One.The entire world is You.Only You are.”


  • “The sign of True Love is that you can forget.

    You can totally forget.

    You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.

    Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking, and that is Real knowing — when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.

    That is how God is known.”


  • “Fulfilment is when you are not thinking about fulfilment.

    Real knowing is when you are not thinking in terms of knowledge.

    Love is when you forget all about love.

    Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.

    If you are thinking that you are fearless, you are just using thought as a defence mechanism.

    Whatever is Real is known by its absence in the psychic world.

    If it does not come in thoughts then it is Real. If the mind cannot imagine it, hold it, touch it, conceptualise it, then it is Real.”


  • “Drop your stupidity.

    Know things for what they Really are.

    And if you want to know things, you will have to know the place where things appear, and that place is the mind, so know the mind.

    Know the mind.

    Having known mind, you have known thought, you have known time, you have known fear, and in knowing all these you have gone beyond all these.”


  • “Free of knowledge, now you are full of knowing — that is clarity.”


  • “Knowing dissolved the knower.
    Knowing dissolved the knowledge.
    Now what to know?
    Now who would know?
    Know not. You know.”


  • “Loving oneself is not at all different from knowing oneself. Loving oneself and knowing oneself are just one and the same thing.”


  • “Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfilment of desire.”


  • “In that Real knowing, value is attached only to the Truth, only to the Absolute, and nothing else matters.”


  • “Knowing the game, you also know your role in the game.”


  • “The moment you start knowing, unloading starts happening. Attention is the key to unloading.”


  • “Knowing who you are, slowly you dis-identify with these limits. Kindly do not think that there would be miracles and the body would start getting free of its limits. Kindly do not think that you will grow wings and start flying. Kindly do not think that your mind would develop supernatural abilities or siddhis.”


  • “Time continues because it does not know what is searching for. Once it knows what it is searching, the very knowing dissolves time.”


  • “The spiritual mind is able to live in this paradox: not knowing even while knowing and knowing even while not knowing.”


  • “Live, knowing fully well that living is no serious business.”


  • “Meditate, knowing that the end result of meditation is already in you.”


  • “Being already Perfect, you must now again search for perfection, knowing fully well that the search is powered by the Perfection itself.”


  • “When you have forgotten all about knowing, then you have known.”


  • “Do not try to correct yourself.
    Just know yourself.
    And from this knowing the best correction will happen.”


  • “You are:
    The one who must know because knowing is her nature.
    The one who detests incompleteness because completeness is her nature.”


  • “When you have forgotten all about knowing, then you have known.”


  • “It is not about the object that is known; it is about the entity that knows.”


  • “When you get the Real, then the false is left far behind. You do not even stop to think what happened to it.”


  • “You already know all that is Essential.”


  • “To be conscious means to know and to really know you must be free of the blockage to knowing. You yourself, what you take yourself to be, are the biggest blockage to knowing. You don’t really know.”


  • “Intelligence is watchfulness, intelligence is really, really knowing; knowing what is happening here.”


  • “‘Knowing’ is one’s nature. Knowledge is not.”


  • “When you drop knowledge, then you come to know of something that knowledge can never help you know. Sounds strange. It is this way. The dropping of knowledge, the dropping of identification with knowledge, has a supreme quality of knowing about it. It is a knowing that surpasses knowledge. So, drop knowledge and KNOW. There is no other way to know.”


  • “All ends of duality go together. Live rightly at the grocery shop and you would also live rightly with your kids. Live rightly in the kitchen and you would also live rightly in the bedroom. Live rightly with animals and you would live rightly with human beings.”


  • “To the Buddha the World itself is Nirvana. That is why, a Buddha, realized man, or a Saint, has no ambitions of another World. He knows all Worlds are the same. And this ‘knowing’ is liberation. They are all the same and they are all devoid of significance.”


  • “To the Buddha the World itself is Nirvana. That is why, a Buddha, realized man, or a Saint, has no ambitions of another World. He knows all Worlds are the same. And this ‘knowing’ is liberation. They are all the same and they are all devoid of significance.”


  • “Knowing Love The need of mind to get Peace, to settle into Understanding, to be clear of noise and be seated in Silence, to not to feel lonely but Total – that is Love.”


  • “Do not have any image of what you must become. Just know what you are. And in that knowing, if there is any change to happen, it will happen. The fact is — in knowing, the deepest change has already happened!”


  • “Knowing is something very radical. Knowing is a fire. Knowing is an engine, it powers you. When you really really know then you cannot stop yourself from acting rightly.”


  • “Before judging others, know yourself.”


  • “Know the body, instead of entertaining yourself with the thought that ‘I am not the body’.”


  • “You already know. There is nobody who does not know.”


  • “To witness is to know everything, without knowing anything.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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