• “Clarity is not knowledge. Clarity is to see the limitation of knowledge.”
  • “Creation without knowledge is creativity.”


  • “You will not know through knowledge.”


  • “The more I know, all that I know is that I do not know, and this lack of knowledge has a quality of knowing that knowledge can never touch.”


  • “You cannot know anything in isolation.
    Either you know everything or you know nothing.
    Understanding is not fragmented. Knowledge is fragmented.”


  • “Do you really think that all of your acquired knowledge is of any worth, when you do not know who is acquiring that knowledge?”


  • “Move in knowledge, but be centered in wisdom.”


  • “To meditate is to be at a point where parallely two non-events are happening.
    One: There is no need for mental activity.
    Two: Even though there is no need to gather knowledge, yet all is known.”


  • “No amount of knowledge is ever sufficient. It brings with it a craving for more. Knowledge cannot give you contentment.”


  • “No amount of knowledge about peace will give you peace.”


  • “Knowledge that is external is always prone to doubt.
    The thinking mind is always trying and never reaching.”


  • “The material mind always want to accumulate knowledge. But material cannot capture the subtle. So, accumulation of knowledge never ends.”


  • “The acquirer of knowledge is himself the bondage.”


  • “Entertainment is to Enjoyment
    what happiness is to Joy,
    what attachment is to Love,
    what knowledge is to Awareness,
    what imagination is to Truth.”


  • “Rejection of ignorance is dangerous if it implies a belief in knowledge as the Truth.
    Ignorance is only as false as knowledge, and no more.”


  • “The first entity worth knowing is the Self.
    A mind ignorant of the Self remains miserable even if well-versed in other knowledge.”


  • “Individual consciousness is its own limitation. Knowledge creates fragmentation. Knowledge separates the individual from the Whole.”


  • “Mind is intelligence.
    Brain is individual knowledge.
    Mind plus Brain is the the individual conditioned mind.
    Freedom is the mind free of the brain.”


  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. Rather, the mind is just too full of knowledge. This dead knowledge substitutes real knowing.”


  • “That which happens without the knowledge of its happening, is the only Real happening. Call it creativity.”


  • “You meet someone and you ask him, “Sir, who are you?” He says, “I am Raj Shekhar” and you walk away, ‘Yes, I got an answer’. So what have you come to know? What does Raj Shekhar mean? Nothing. But you don’t even have the intelligence to realise that you have learned nothing. You feel as if some query has been answered. Has anything really been answered? Or go and ask all your scientists, they keep asking questions and they pretend that they receive answers, ‘Has anything really been answered?’ You check a circuit and you find that the current is five amperes, so?

    You have only named the happening.

    Have you really known what is happening? What do you mean by five amperes? You’ll say a certain flow of electrons, and what is that? And what is that? And what is that? And soon you come to point where you don’t know. So why do you pretend as if you know? No question can ever get an answer. But there are people being awarded great prices just because they can name one thing as another. So there is a happening in the physical world, and if you can translate that into mathematical equations then you’re called a great scientist. What have you known! What have you known in that? It’s just that now from the language of English, it is now written in the language of Mathematics. Does that mean that you have known anything? Does that mean that the query has been answered? And you are arrogant enough to name these answers on your own name. So you have Mr Tom’s laws, Mr Harry’s equations, Mr Dick’s Theorem.

    What have they done? What have they known?

    I once asked, ‘Who knows chlorophyll? The scientist who is experimenting on it or the leaf? Who knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? But if you ask the leaf, ‘Tell me about chlorophyll’, then the leaf will say, “Who bothers? And I do not know anything called chlorophyll. You have named something as chlorophyll and you’re researching on it. I am chlorophyll!” And that is when you know when you are it. That is the only way of knowing.

    When Real knowing happens then it cannot be put in words.

    Then it is no more a concept.

    But the scientist is so arrogant that not only will he research on chlorophyll but also claim a noble price for it. No leaf has ever been given a noble price!

    I am again asking, who really knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? Unfortunately, when knowing happens, you do not know that you know. Because for us knowing is just concept formation, what do you claim to know? You only claim to know that which you can put in words and concepts, right? When do you say that ‘I know’ something? When you can put it in a sentence or an equation. When you can make a concept about it, only then you will say that I know. So the scientist will say ‘I know chlorophyll’ but the leaf will never say ‘I know chlorophyll’. Now the leaf is living chlorophyll—eating, breathing, sleeping chlorophyll— but the leaf cannot claim that ‘I know chlorophyll’. Scientist will claim! Such a stupid situation. Such a stupid situation. And the scientist will say, ‘I know the exact chemical equation of chlorophyll’. Does the leaf know the chemical equation of chlorophyll? Does the leaf know? Now that is very very strange! The leaf does not know even the ‘C’ of chlorophyll, scientist know so much.

    In Real knowing, there is no knowledge involved.”


  • “To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.”


  • “The sign of True Love is that you can forget.

    You can totally forget.

    You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.

    Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking, and that is Real knowing — when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.

    That is how God is known.”


  • “Fulfillment is when you are not thinking about fulfillment.

    Real knowing is when you are not thinking in terms of knowledge.

    Love is when you forget all about love.

    Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.

    If you are thinking that you are fearless, you are just using thought as a defence mechanism.

    Whatever is Real is known by its absence in the psychic world.

    If it does not come in thoughts then it is Real. If the mind cannot imagine it, hold it, touch it, conceptualise it, then it is Real.”


  • “You know, there is something that is not meant to be expressed in words, but you are expressing it. So whatever you say is a little unintelligible, incomprehensible. It can be so easily shredded. Argument can defeat it. You can get up and say, “You know, all this is nonsensical. This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way.” And whosoever will be trying to reject me through argument, unfortunately, will succeed.

    Whatever I am saying can be defeated by your mind and your argument so easily because it was never meant to become words. It was never meant to become knowledge. It was never meant to reach you in this form. It was always meant to arise from within, not really come through the sensory route. When it comes through the sensory route, then it requires your own participation and acceptance. Then, it is just a knock. It is just a knock. You have to do the real work. It’s a reminder. The reminder cannot do it for you.  I can only just knock and say it is not this way. But I cannot really tell what it really is. But I have to! So! Forget about telling others. Do not even attempt to tell yourself that you know. The wise man finds it wise to remain ignorant of his wisdom. He does not ever know what he knows, neither does he try. It is only when the situation arises that that which he knows springs up. All of a sudden! He did not dial it. He did not call it. He did not summon it. It comes from somewhere. All that he knows is it will come and that is called surrender of the mind.

    So I do not know what I know but when you will ask me a question, I will respond; from where? I do not know. Neither do I want to know! In fact, it’s terrible when I already know what I know. It is even more terrible when I even know what you know and what you would ask. And it’s so beautiful when I do not know what you know and hence what you would say. And I do not know what I would say. Therein lies a certain freshness. And that freshness is rejuvenating! Then you are young, really young. You are alive, you cannot die. Yes? So remain ignorant. Remain ignorant. Remain ignorant! I do not know!”


  • “Free of knowledge, now you are full of knowing — that is clarity.”


  • “Knowing dissolved the knower.
    Knowing dissolved the knowledge.
    Now what to know?
    Now who would know?
    Know not. You know.”


  • “You may have all the knowledge about the length of the human intestine, but do you know yourself?”


  • “To really know is to take knowledge lightly.”


  • “Know the right action – that is Gyana (knowledge), and then plunge into it, with all your Faith – that is Bhakti (devotion).”


  • “Our knowledge is, in some areas, pretty detailed as well and it’s quite amazing, the extent to which human intelligence has gone and created this knowledge and other human beings have absorbed it and are putting it to use. Now, having known this much, is it not strange, what you read in newspapers? “Man quarrelling with man, nation quarrelling with nation, husband quarrelling with wife, neighbour quarrelling with neighbour, man quarrelling with himself!”
    When we find nobody else to engage, we are busy fighting ourselves. And we know so much.
    We know so much. Yet basics of life – jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, small happenings in our environment seem to shake us up.”


  • “Our education and training is such that, it never asks us to turn within with the result that even the most knowledgeable man, is actually so infantile, and immature.”


  • “After gaining all the knowledge, after reading the wisdom literature, after seeing a few things, if I am still bound by the society, then what is the point in taking that education?
    Education must liberate, not make a man bonded.”


  • “We live on our ground of our knowledge, that is our very basic confidence.”


  • “Life is to live in an internal innocence even when the mind is dominated by knowledge.”


  • “Comparison means knowledge that is dependent on something.”


  • “Spiritual knowledge must be like the wood in the funeral pyre. It must burn all the dead knowledge in the mind, and along with what it burns down it too must disappear.”


  • “That which you are seeking through knowledge is already present in you.”


  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge.
    Ignorance is being full of knowledge in matters where knowledge cannot be used.”


  • “You will not need to rely on knowledge when you are relying on the Absolute.”


  • “Knowledge is the whole movement of mind.Intelligence is the settlement of mind.Be seated in intelligence.Knowledge can used as a resource.”


  • “Knowledge can be your slave, but you have to be a slave of intelligence.”


  • “Ignorance is not bliss, but what we call as bliss is just Ignorance.Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, false knowledge.”


  • “The day the instruction comes, the day this knowledge comes, that attaining to Bliss is a worthy goal of life, the life becomes disturbed.”


  • “Tragedy of the knowledge dependent man:
    He has no central internal anchor; he does not have an untouched, secure point to live by.
    It is a mind dependent on knowledge.
    So some external news came and because this man was probably defining himself with respect to the external, a change in the external caused tremors in the internal.
    You know that the one you are relying on is going to deceive you. Once again he is going to deceive you. You know you are going to end up disappointed yet again. But you end up knocking on the same door. You end up walking down the same road. This is not Faith. This is not Love. This is pure desperate dependency.”
    “Leela is to remember whom you are wedded to. Leela is to not to turn an infidel. Leela is to not to cheat in the only Real relationship that you have. The only adultery is to cheat on God, because that is your only Real relationship. All other relationships can be compromised. But you are disloyal and dishonest, only if you compromise on the Truth. That is the only infidelity.”


  • “That which you are seeking through knowledge is already present in you.”


  • “Q: If knowledge is useless, then are all these books useless?
    A: These books are useful only for those who think that knowledge is useful. You will go to these books for knowledge, and the books will tell you that knowledge is rubbish.”


  • Your words must have the weight of your Being behind them; otherwise, words mean nothing.


  • “The knowledge is always ready made.”


  • “What is knowledge? All that the senses gather through experience and observation. And then put in some kind of a structure, is knowledge.”


  • “If you can see where your conditioning is coming from, you have seen who you are. This is called self-knowledge.”


  • “Self-knowledge is obtained by self-observation.”


  • “Self-realization is not objective; Self-realization is not knowledge; Self-realization cannot be wrote down, conceptualized, or summarized or expressed; Self-realization, or Self-understanding is just Silence. It is an absence of everything you thought yourselves to be. Everything that you thought yourselves to be, is bracketed under Self-knowledge. Your name, your gender, your caste, your religion, your profession, your family, your views, your ideologies – all of them come under Self-knowledge.”


  • “All knowledge will come only from the outside.”


  • “All the worldly knowledge was always memory-to-memory transfer.”


  • “‘Knowing’ is one’s nature. Knowledge is not.”


  • “When you drop knowledge, then you come to know of something that knowledge can never help you know. Sounds strange. It is this way. The dropping of knowledge, the dropping of identification with knowledge, has a supreme quality of knowing about it. It is a knowing that surpasses knowledge. So, drop knowledge and KNOW. There is no other way to know.”


  • “The only benefit, is knowing oneself. The only harm, is keeping someone in illusion.”


  • “There can be nothing called the journey towards Truth. All journeys will take you away from the Truth. Truth is the cessation of the journey, not a continuation. Nothing in the world will take you to God – no city, no river, no practice, no knowledge, no effort.”


  • “Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, not a lack of knowledge.”


  • “Never think that ignorance exists. Only knowledge exists. Abundance of knowledge is called ignorance. You will never meet an ignorant man. You will only meet a man too stuffed with knowledge. And he will be the most ignorant man you will ever meet!”


  • “Knowledge is memory. Knowledge is past. Knowledge is all the shared moments and attachments.”


  • “The mind is all that which is accumulated in the mind. The mind is just its stuff, its content. Remove the contents of the mind, and nothing remains. The contents of the minds are also the container that contains them. This content of the mind is called knowledge. Mind is knowledge.”


  • “All the knowledge that you have that comes to you from education, media, society, family, various other sources, experience, past, tells you that knowledge has a certain potency, and it does have a certain potency. In day to day living knowledge is necessary, but that knowledge also somewhere-somehow makes a promise to you that it can give you the essential. That promise is false, hollow.”


  • “The scriptures give us a very apt metaphor. They say that, “Spiritual knowledge must be like the wood used in the funeral pierre.” That wood burns down the dead body, but having burnt down the dead body the wood does not remain itself. The wood too disappears. It removes all that which was dead, unnecessary, decomposing, and having removed that it goes away by itself. That is the best knowledge—knowledge which removes your falseness and then sublimates. Having performed its function it no more overstays. So, your mind is totally free, totally free of worldly knowledge, and also free of spiritual knowledge.”


  • “You will not need to rely upon knowledge when you are relying upon the absolute. You can call that absolute as Atman, the Self, the Brahman, or God, doesn’t matter, or you may not use any name at all. Faith is not contingent upon a name. You need not even specify what is it that you have faith on, because faith really is on nothing. Faith is just Faith.”


  • “Ignorance is not an absence of knowledge. Ignorance means being full of knowledge in matters where knowledge cannot be useful. That is ignorance.”


  • “Unless you drop your cleverness you’ll remain a victim of your own cleverness. God, Truth, respond only to the innocent. To the crooked ones they say, “Let your crookedness and your cleverness help you. Let your knowledge help you.””


  • “The proper function of this spiritual knowledge is to just expose the hollowness of other knowledge. The proper function of spiritual knowledge is to just expose that your belief and confidence in all that you know will not take you anywhere. That is the function of spirituality. That is the function of scriptures, and that is also the function of Guru–to break the false confidence that you have in yourself, to expose the deceptiveness of all that which your mental stuff, your intellect, your knowledge promise you.”


  • “The foundation of knowledge is not more knowledge. Knowledge implies consciousness, knowledge implies mind, the world; they do not arise from themselves. If you look at anything in the world and keep going backwards, will you finally reach a thing? No, you will have to keep going backwards and you will reach nowhere.”


  • If knowledge were just to earn your bread, then knowledge is alright, but when knowledge is there to earn your identity, then knowledge is poisonous. Do you understand the difference between these two?


  • “You know, if you take any side, then you are asserting that you know something, it is better to just acknowledge that I don’t know. Or, if it is so very urgent, then if you want to back your knowledge, back it. But you should remain firm in the acknowledgement that it is just a blind throw or toss of the coin. If you know that it is a blind toss of the coin, then you will not face the consequence of the action. When the results will come, then you will know that these were inevitable and you won’t face suffering.”


  • “You know, if you take any side, then you are asserting that you know something, it is better to just acknowledge that I don’t know. Or, if it is so very urgent, then if you want to back your knowledge, back it. But you should remain firm in the acknowledgement that it is just a blind throw or toss of the coin. If you know that it is a blind toss of the coin, then you will not face the consequence of the action. When the results will come, then you will know that these were inevitable and you won’t face suffering.”


  • “Mind lives in knowledge and if there is something that cannot be captured in mind as knowledge, then mind will have to surrender to it.”


  • “You don’t need knowledge to help kids, you need freedom from knowledge. This is This is knowledge that you need knowledge. Be free of this knowledge.”


  • “To be a ‘nobody’ means that, there is no way that my being can be defined with respect to any kind of human knowledge or human field of activity.”


  • “A teacher is somebody who stuffs up your mind with knowledge. The role of the guru is to put knowledge in its proper place, not give you more knowledge.”


  • “Knowledge is the stuff of mind; Intelligence is the sublimation of mind. Knowledge is the whole movement of mind; Intelligence is the settlement of mind.”


  • “No amount of knowledge about peace will give you peace.”


  • “If you start negating all the knowledge that you have, then you will have to finally negate the knowledge that you are a man.”


  • “Name is knowledge, the name is the assurance that ‘I know’, thereby name is the stuff of ego.”


  • “To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.”


  • “The relationship between teacher and student is not that of the giver and the taker. The relationship is of the lover and the lover. Yes, the student comes to learn a lot, but learning cannot be the purpose, it cannot be the objective and the driver. If the student goes to the teacher, the central reason is love. The central reason is not, one’s acquisitiveness for knowledge. And if you are going to a teacher in order to get something, you will probably get what you are going to get, but rest assured, very soon you will find yourself saturated and ready to leave the teacher.”


  • “You went to have some knowledge and you got it. And your tragedy is, you got nothing. The teacher’s role is not to burden you with more knowledge. I am talking about the spiritual teacher. His role is not to give you knowledge. You already have so much knowledge. But you have co-opted, even the teacher. And you think you are very smart, very clever. I went there and I got whatever he had to give. Now, I have exhausted him. Now he has nothing more to give me.”


  • “The fact is that if you are clever enough, you will exhaust every teacher very soon. Because the Truth is so simple. There is hardly anything exciting, complicated or new about it. What one teacher is saying, the other teacher says exactly that, maybe in another language, maybe using other methods.”


  • “Knowledge is digestible to the Ego, Realization is not. Because ‘knowledge’ is incomplete knowing and ‘realization’ is total knowing.”


  • “To be asleep means to be in a state of not-knowing, in a state that is untouched by information and knowledge.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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