• “The liberated one is a displeasure to the world.”


  • “What is liberation?
    Joy of life – simple, direct, ordinary.
    Any search for a special is futile and deceptive.
    Be liberated from your search.”


  • “Consciousness is an illusion.
    Levels of consciousness, placing man higher than animals or matter, are illusory.
    Liberation is the supreme illusion.”


  • “Liberation is the last, and the most deceptive, recourse of Maya.
    All diseases can be treated. But liberation is a medicine that has no cure.”


  • “Liberation lies in being liberated from oneself.”


  • “A ‘better world’ is just imaginary.
    Befits the world to be as seductive, deceptive and mean as possible.
    Liberation means nothing if easy.”


  • “To a mind conditioned over ages, freedom cannot come on its own.
    Experience will not liberate. Only a dedicated conscious effort will help.”


  • “Liberation is to know that there is nobody to be liberated.
    The bonded entity itself is the fundamental illusion.”


  • “If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?”


  • “The liberated one is liberated from maintaining liberation.”


  • “There is no Home to be reached, you are Home.
    There is no liberation to be attained.
    You will never, never be liberated because you are already liberated.”


  • “Liberation will not begin for you.
    You are the one who begins and end in liberation.”


  • “Nobody promises you anything except liberation.”


  • “Suffering has reasons.
    Liberation is reasonless.”


  • “Q. Is liberation of the Self a gradual process, or something instantaneous?

    AP: It is neither.
    Liberation is another name of the Self.
    The Self, by nature, is already liberated.
    One is always and already liberated.”


  • “Liberation is the great Silence that you are.
    Liberation is the great Peace that remains.”


  • “You will never get liberation if you search for liberation.
    The very search is bondage.”


  • “If you have lost liberation, then what within you is searching for liberation?”


  • “Only bonded beings talk of liberation.”


  • There is nothing called personal liberation.
    There can only be liberation from the personal.


  • “We have been accustomed to thinking that the Liberated One, that the one who has attained Moksha or Nirvana, behaves in a cool, composed, poised, elegant way. We have a certain image of the Buddha—walking nicely, smilingly gently, speaking softly, not being rude or harsh, offering a gentle touch, not hurting or killing, acting very very wisely, acting very intelligently (Intelligently, in our own sense, whatever ‘we’ call as intelligence). We have that particular image of the Liberated One.

    The liberated one is a mad one, He cannot sleep at nights.

    The Liberated One has no obligation to conform to your image of the liberated one.”


  • “The Liberated One would be known only by his madness, by His apparent chaos.
    A holy anarchy is what He would be living in.”


  • “That is one mark of the liberated one: He is someone who has stopped following orders, even his own order.”


  • “What Moksha do you want?You are already the liberated one.”


  • “To have a liberated one as your lover is the greatest blessing, and the greatest punishment.”


  • “Liberation is nothing but your ‘yes’ to Liberation”


  • “To the Buddha the World itself is Nirvana. That is why, a Buddha, realized man, or a Saint, has no ambitions of another World. He knows all Worlds are the same. And this ‘knowing’ is liberation. They are all the same and they are all devoid of significance.”


  • “The whole thing about liberation is that it begins in an acknowledgement of one’s suffering. Unless one is sensitive to what is happening in one’s life, one is not going to be available to be liberated from what is happening in one’s life; one will remain stuck in it.”


  • “All that arrives is bound to depart. If liberation arrives in your life then liberation too is bound to depart.”


  • “Liberation will not begin for you. You are the one who ‘begin’ and ‘end’ in liberation. Whether you begin or whether you end, you are always in liberation.”


  • “When you know what is going on, then you are liberated from that which is going on.”


  • “You are in Samadhi when you have no desire for any kind of goal or liberation or salvation or Samadhi.”


  • “Only the timid ones, cowards, ask for such things as liberation, joy, peace.”


  • “Liberation is what you really are. Even in the moment of your deepest apparent bondage, you are liberated. Even if you believe yourself in all kinds of chains, you are still liberated. Bondage is just the thought of bondage.”


  • “Whatever you think about yourself – is the bondage. Liberation is the great silence that you are.”


  • “You will never come to liberation if you search for it, as the very search is the bondage.”


  • “Nobody ever got liberated. Enlightenment is the most fundamental myth. You are born enlightened, and then you are made to forget that, you are made to believe that you need enlightenment.”


  • “The liberated one is free of the word liberation. And the liberated one is also free from the demand for freedom. The liberated one is liberated of liberation itself. He has no more demand, no more need for liberation left. He does not consider liberation, he doesn’t think of liberation. Liberation is a non-issue for him.”


  • “The one who is liberated, the one who is living in Moksha will wear no signs of Moksha. All signs are in the world. All signs are just games in predictability. The liberated one hence cannot be known. You cannot read him, you cannot predict or detect him. In fact if you are able to spot a liberated one it only means that you are not liberated.”


  • “If your commitment to freedom is more intense then you leave the whole thing. When you leave the whole thing you leave the mind as well. You have left yourself as well because you take yourself to be the mind. When you have left yourself as well where is the question of liberation because you are the one who was searching for the liberation. You are the one who give meaning to words like liberation.”


  • “If there is noise, what does one experience? Noise. Peace is a coming down, a subsiding of experience. You cannot experience Peace because Peace is no experience. All you now experience is that the previous noise is now relatively lesser, lesser, lesser… And when the noise is zero, then you say it is Absolute Peace. So there can be no experience of Peace. There can only be a reduction in the experience of that which you are already experiencing. And because we are already experiencing suffering all the time, so Joy is just the cessation of suffering.”


  • “Noise will reduce only when Peace is first there. Peace will not come at the end of the noise. Peace must come in the beginning itself. Which means that no method should claim that at the end of the method lies liberation. Liberation must always lie at the beginning of the method.”


  • “This is liberation—to live without support of any kind, to live without mental projections, to live totally fearlessly, to not to depend on any mental props, to just live.”


  • “What you are thinking of as a statement of misery is actually a statement of deep liberation.”


  • “If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?”


  • “Your responsibility is not to chase liberation. Liberation will not come out of your chase. Your responsibility towards yourself is not about chasing peace, or love or freedom or pure being, none of this. If you are indulging in these chases then you are no different from a man who is chasing a house or a car or a woman. Your primary responsibility is to keep yourself clean of everything including all chases. That is, I repeat is the maximum you can do.


  • “Man and woman are not genders. All that seeks companionship is woman, all that seeks realization is man. She is love, he is awareness. There is no love without awareness. Let both know, let both be with each other. In that alone lies liberation for both.”


  • “Liberation is when liberation ceases on your mind. Love is when you are no more thinking of love. Freedom is when even the word ‘free’ disappears from your lexicon.”


  • “To be liberated is to be liberated of yourself. You are not liberated of anything else. You are your own bondage. Liberation means hacking down the bondage which means hacking yourself down. The chains that shackle you are you. When you cut down those chains, you are cutting yourself down.”


  • “You know why we keep feeling that we are not liberated? Because liberation is the death of the one who feels.”


  • “Liberation is not something that you gain outside of yourself, outside of the relationship. Kindly, get this myth out of your head. You will not get it by breaking, by severing your bonds with the world. Yes, a little bit of solitude is necessary, but that is not the same as staying afar.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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