• “Desire is fear.
    A life of desires is a life of fear.
    Impossible for the go-getter to be fearless.
    Achievement is insecurity trying to smile.”


  • “Meetings, events are by chance. But the motive is not by chance. The events are sporadic, episodic! But the motive is a continuity, a permanent presence.”


  • “Life is a role-play; only in attention are the roles chosen wisely.”


  • “Life is not torturing you, deceiving you, or defeating you. Beloved life is just wildly playing with you. Learn to play the great game.”


  • “Anger cannot be right in isolation. If everything else about you is wrong and petty, then anger too is bound to be wrong and petty. Do not be too bothered with the problem of anger. Do not try to look at the one fragment of mind and quarantine it. Whatever is the quality of your life, that is also the quality of your anger. When life is genuine, then anger is also genuine. When life is fake, then all you have is fake anger. When life has depth, then anger too has depth. When life is shallow, then anger is mere poking and pinching.”


  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living. Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, and from thoughts to action, that is honesty.”
  • “I am a character in my own dream.
    There are many other characters as well.
    The interplay of my character with the others is called my life.”


  • “The mind thinks about thoughtlessness, desires desirelessness and hopes to live in the present moment. It even plans a free-flowing life.”


  • “Life is sacred when you can see the True in the false .”


  • “Those who don’t have God, they don’t even miss God. Missing is a privilege. A saint sings songs of missing him, a common man doesn’t. The common man doesn’t miss God at all. The common man is happy and occupied in his worldly truth-less, godless life.”


  • “Self-preservation is an escape from life.”


  • “If life does not allow you to come, then die and come.
    If life makes way for you to come, then come and die.
    Come you must. Die you must.”


  • “The Total is greater than the sum of its parts.
    Two plus two is five.
    The extra one is the juice of life.
    It is Grace.”


  • “The quality of this moment decides the quality of life.
    If this is life, then the worthiness of this moment is the worthiness of life.”


  • “Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth.”


  • “Life is the sacred silence of a raucous laughter or a raucous laughter of the sacred silence.
    A holy verse.
    A vulgar joke.
    Live both. Fully.”


  • “Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.”


  • “Any search for life must begin by going very close to death. To understand death is to understand life. To die once is to come alive forever.”


  • “Aatman is the essence. World is the skin of the aatman. Look at your life and find out how much do you value the essence, and how much do you value the skin.”


  • “A great change happens when you see what is happening. To not to see what is happening is to continue the happening.
    Just pause and look at what you’ve been doing. Freedom from fear comes from realising that the entire story is fear, that the whole substance of your life is steeped in fear.”


  • “In the exam of life, no question is ever repeated.”


  • “Life: Just desires manifested.”


  • “Life: Rest, not quest.”


  • “The more I am afraid of life, the more I will be afraid of death.
    I do not fear life, how can I fear death?
    Fear of death is fear of life.”


  • “Only a spiritual mind can know the smallest right decision.
    That is our tragedy: an irreligious mind cannot take even the smallest decision rightly. His life is just a melancholy tale of an uninterrupted series of tragedies.
    Only a spiritual mind can take a right decision – big or small.”


  • “What is liberation?
    Joy of life- simple, direct, ordinary.
    Any search for a special is futile and deceptive. Be liberated from your search.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source.
    And that is the purpose of life: Just expression, not achievement.
    Live the Self.”


  • “What is depression?
    Only He is High. The one whose mind is not in contact with That alone, whose life is not centered around that High peak, will always find himself down. This is depression: an outcome of the ego’s refusal to surrender to the High. Depression means that the Highest is unknown to you.”


  • “Our faces look like they are produced in an assembly line. All look exactly the same. There is no depth in them. All appear very shallow and very alike. Real beauty lies in a face that has fought battles. A face which is raw. A face that has scars of life. A beauty that is untouched by all the battles and all the scars.”


  • “I resist life, fight, and want to win.
    Stop resisting, just accept defeat, and step down.
    Life will embrace you and act on your behalf.”


  • “What to do when its freezing cold and life is throwing rocks at you?
    Tear away your armours.
    Meet life bare-chested.
    Like a lion.
    Like a lover.”


  • “Q:Why is the duck living and the water non-living?
    A:When everything is fully alive, why don’t you see the same life in the duck and water?”


  • “Life is either a religious festival, or continuous boredom.”


  • “Why exists time?
    To search for its source.
    Why exists life?
    To search for its source.
    Why continues mind?
    As it has not found the source.”


  • “Awareness is a part of life, meditation is a part of routine, love is a part of relationships. Sure, just as waking up is a part of the dream.”


  • “Stop thinking that you are alive.
    You are not the one who lives.
    Life lives.
    Not you.
    Just life.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self — naked, shamelessly.
    Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together. The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around.
    Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “Life lives itself.
    Till I claim ownership over it.
    And then, I live and life is gone.”


  • “As soon as the idea that life must have certain specific goals is dropped, everything becomes its own goal. Now nothing remains unimportant.”


  • “Your efforts to control the flow of life are sure to fail, for you have defined yourself to be small and separate. Why not just re-define?”


  • “All movement in nature, including the movement of life, moves to stop.
    It wants to reach, get a climax, which will be the end of movement.”


  • “How will it feel to know that you have wasted your one precious life, and now it is too late? Wake up!”


  • “There is no ‘my life’ or ‘your life’.
    There is just Life, total.
    ‘My life’ is ego, separation and ends in death.
    Life is oneness and immortal.”


  • “The spontaneous energy of life, when denied expression, shows up in the form of desire. Desire: Spontaneity stifled and relegated to future.”


  • “I think of life in terms of a time-duration.
    But time itself makes my definition of life insubstantial.
    Time means death.
    Life can’t be time.”


  • “Life is dear.
    But we call life as life only because death is there.
    And death is a scare.
    Is it any wonder our life is a nightmare!”


  • “Nothing ever dies.
    It just shifts to another mode of life.
    Death is a lie.
    There IS only life.
    Every grain of sand is as alive as I am.”


  • “What is ego?
    The idea that I am more alive or more intelligent than anybody or anything else.
    Temporalisation or localisation of life is ego.”


  • “Find out all your reasons in life.
    See whether they’re big or small.
    Whether yours or borrowed.
    Then get rid of them all.
    Live unreasonably.”


  • “Every meaningful work that I do is based on my concepts, and hence on my ego.
    Let me dance a meaningless dance and live a meaningless life.”


  • “How will you realise your vastness if you are so caught in your petty affairs?
    Why must so much of my life and energy go into the trivial?”


  • “Life is the sacred silence of a raucous laughter, or a raucous laughter of the sacred silence.
    A holy verse, a vulgar joke.


  • “There is no need to give detailed accounts of your life.
    All your stories are just ego.
    Just admit “I failed”, and you are home.”


  • “The hope of an answer sustains the question.
    The sustenance of questions appears to make life purposeful, but is actually a trap.
    No answers.”


  • “Living well, living fully is the purpose of life. Why ask for another purpose?”


  • “Too many life-experts claim expertise on the base that they have never really lived!
    There is no way to know life than by being in it fully.”


  • “J. Krishnamurti says, ‘Life is repetition’.
    Buddha says, ‘Life is suffering’.
    Life is repetition of suffering.
    Suffering once maybe alright, but repetition of suffering is just boring stupidity.”


  • “When man refuses to live in the essence, he lives in the periphery, in the inessential.
    See how you have filled your life with the inessentials.
    See how you suffer.
    See how you long for the Essential.”


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion, the way of life.”


  • “Witnessing isn’t detachment, rather it is immersion in life. When the subject immerses in its object, subject and object merge into nothing.”


  • “Purpose of life? To come to a point where I can see the stupidity of this question.”


  • “All my accumulations will be of no use after death.
    They will just be the life lost in gathering them.
    I can die any time.
    Saving is losing.”


  • “The only thing real about this unreal life is that its an opportunity to move into the Real.
    If that opportunity is wasted, life is wasted.”


  • “Life can be transcended only by living.
    Living is transcending.
    Forget transcending, just live!”


  • “I run around desperately to improve my life.
    And what is this ‘life’ that I want to improve?
    Difficult to know that while running around!”


  • “Spend a lifetime filling ‘real’ stuff into yourself.
    Finally find that all’s still unreal — the self, the stuff, the lifetime, and the finder.”


  • “Those who want the Real give up the fake.
    If you really want to live, give up your beliefs about life.
    You come alive when beliefs die.”


  • “One does not reach a new place travelling the same old, known road.
    Am I sure that the remaining years of my life can give me something new?”


  • “Small is big.
    Big is imaginary.
    Now is forever.
    Forever is never.
    In daily events, life is lost and won.
    Grand moments, well, there’re none.”


  • “If life is dull and lacks ease today, why seek a cure in the future?
    Problem is in the now, solve it in the now.
    Ambition is a false medicine.”


  • “To the vast majority, life is a hazy fleeting nightmare.
    To the intellectual, life is a heart-breaking comedy.
    To the intelligent, life is.”


  • “A need for entertainment, recreation, or ‘fun’ is a strong indication of a bored life.
    Why is life so boring?
    Because you are somewhere else.”


  • “Safety means repetition of the past.
    The new is always fresh, unpredictable, and hence dangerous.
    Life must be new – dangerous.”


  • “Life is a joke.
    The attentive mind understands it spontaneously and has great fun.
    The dull mind keeps thinking what is there to laugh at.”


  • “Before an organ can be amputated, it is anesthetized.
    If a living system gets insensitive, it is a mark of lifelessness.
    Life is sensitivity.”


  • “Your life swings between relaxation and tension, love and hate, confidence and insecurity, and all such pairs are unreal.
    The Real has no opposite.”


  • “There is nothing in one’s life that he hasn’t asked for, in some way or the other.
    If your life is full of frustration, see how you invite it.”


  • “Why are we content with our bored, dull, regulated, lifeless lives?
    Because we have been taught to be cruel and insensitive to ourselves.”


  • “Stop obsessing the ultimate.
    Live simply in the immediate.”


  • “All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price. Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.

    The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands. We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price. We take these two as separate happenings. These are not separate happenings. This is the same happening.”


  • “When you have no real relationship with your work, which is you, and hence you do not have any relationship with yourself then all your life you are just seeking holidays.”


  • “When you really know the small facts of your life – how you are brushing your teeth, how you move down the stairs, how you ride your bike, how you deal with the policemen, how you deal with the syllabus, how you deal with the food in front of you. When you know all this, then you also know work and you know the play and you will know that there is no distinction.”


  • “Most of your money is just psychological security in the bank account, right? How much of it do you really eat, breathe, live? You use it just as a number to console yourself. Don’t you? Will you ever use that money, seriously? For most of us, money is just a mental comfort. Something to be used in future. The whole concept of saving, is it not a disease of the mind?

    Keep saving! Keep saving! Saving for what? And mind you, if you die, even with one rupee in your bank account, then is that not a tragedy? Why did you spend your life earning that one rupee? Why? Now you have died and that one rupee is still there. The fact is, most of us die with so many rupees in our account. Why do you leave anything behind?

    Ask yourself sincerely, ‘How much do you really need?’”


  • “Destiny is real. It comes only to those who ask real questions. Not imaginary stuff- here, there, Brahman, consciousness, evolution. You live your life in petty stuff- money, security, home loan, jealousy, servicing the car, pleasing the boss, spying on the neighbour. So, ask those questions. Those are the real questions. Only in those real questions will you meet something Real, otherwise, you can keep blabbering – pure consciousness, seventh heaven, depths of meditation; flowerings of blissfulness; Hari Om! (Sarcastically)

    “When can I get my paycheck, please?” “Hari Om!”

    “Is my wife seeing somebody else these days?” “Hari Om!””


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “Sweet is the beginning of love and the dreams of a sweeter life. Come taste now the result of love and be shaken out of all lives.”


  • “One act of total passion can convince you of that which cannot be proven by a lifetime of pursuit.”


  • “Won’t you first want to check out the facts?
    Or, would you rather live your life based on stories?
    Whatever calls you is worthy of your attention. Honestly enquire, ‘what it is’.
    That would enable one of two things – if it’s a worthy candidate to attract you,
    your attraction to that thing would deepen, and if it’s unworthy, then the attraction would drop.
    Full Stop!”


  • “Whatsoever is beautiful about life is not a matter of ostentatious display.
    Those who have eyes, come to learn of it on their own. They don’t really announce it.”


  • “If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?”


  • “If you have images about life, you will not be able to live.”


  • “Life has a great purpose: it’s called purposelessness.”


  • “Immortality does not mean that you will continue to live for thousand, two thousand, ten thousand years.

    It just means that your life is not being lived in fear.

    To live fearlessly is to be immortal.

    That is the only definition of immortality – to live fearlessly.”


  • “In denying what the world appears as, you come to that which the world really is.

    In denying life as it appears, you come to that which life really is.”


  • “To live life honestly is to be spiritual.”


  • “Right life is not possible without right livelihood.”


  • “It is not even a matter of declaring, it is a matter of living that way. You can declare anything.
    But where is it showing up in your life?
    If you are declaring that the Truth is operating through you, then it has to show up in your every single action.”


  • “All the literature that we study, spirituality, this and that, that is useless without an observation of our daily life.
    And daily life is right now, nowhere else.”


  • “Give yourself an environment, free of disturbances.
    As an intelligent individual, identify your disturbances and keep them a little away.
    Then you have fun.
    This is what am calling as party of life.
    The grand carnival of life.”


  • “When you have no ammunition with which to face life, then you have a lot of love with which to greet life.”


  • “Clarity means, the ability to stand naked in front of life.”


  • “Clarity is like going to life like a lover – naked!
    Not like a warrior.
    Not like a fighter.
    Not armoured.
    But, naked!
    Like a lover.”


  • “It is not about this or that.
    Life is about having this and that.
    It’s total.
    You need not pick a fragment.”


  • “To not to live in Faith, to refute Magic, is to live in suffering.
    The one who has nothing to do with Magic, will live a very terrified life.”


  • “There is no moment where the life can dominate you so much that the material and the situations become everything for you. And when you remember— in the middle of suffering, in the thick of suffering — that there is something else that is more important, then you have already reduced suffering to a Number 2 position. And to put suffering in the Number 2 position is to not to suffer.
    When do you suffer?
    When suffering becomes important to you, that is when you suffer.”


  • “When the mind is such that it is looking at everything as an investment, as an opportunity, as something to be derived profit from, then obviously one would be looking at the persons in one’s life as opportunities, as investments, as profit centers.”


  • “Unless one learns the art of uselessness, his life will remain a perennial search, and that is not a good life to have.”


  • “If seeing happens, it happens within the moment.
    There, the question will change.
    The life would change.
    Actions would change.
    You no more continue to act in the same groove.”


  • “Loving yourself means having no problems with the facts of your life.”


  • “When so much of advice is available on how to get peace, how will one ever get peace? When so many people are intent upon telling you what to do with your life, how will you ever know what to do this moment? When you are repeatedly being told, and told, and told, about what Love means, what money means, what work is, what relationships are, what society is, what God is, how will you ever know any of these?”


  • “If smallness has become your life then Immensity will feel like death.”


  • “When life lacks the Essential then it tries to compensate with exotic experiences.”


  • “Experience does not bring any richness to your life. Richness of life is given to you by something very innate to you. Something that is your life- blood, it is already there with you.”


  • “You can run all your life, and gather as many experiences as you want, and for as long as you want, yet if the mind is resting upon a flawed foundation, it will never gain peace.”


  • “Become one with life, have the faith that whatever will happen, will not destroy you. Remain open, remain prepared to being wounded a little, and then see how you are left breathless with experience. And that experience, which we are talking of, will be fresh.”


  • “When life lacks the essential then it tries to compensate for it through exotic experience.”


  • “When life is brimming with the essential, overflowing with the essential, then the craving for extraordinary experience is no more there. Because the essential itself is the destination of all experience.”


  • “Life will make a mockery of all your preparations. I am not saying that don’t prepare. What I am saying is let your confidence not be linked to preparation. Prepare but don’t feel confident because of preparation. Just feel confident for no reason. When you feel confident for no reason that is called Faith. That is called Faith. But it requires guts. When you’re afraid then you want to cover up your fear with preparation.”


  • “When you stop living in the way you have lived so far, it does not mean ‘death’. It only means – a life of the beyond, a life of the quality such that you have never known.”


  • “Ordinarily, in our dualistic world, when we say, “I shall be no more,” it means death, it means annihilation. But, in the spiritual sense, in the real sense, when one dissolves, when one surrenders, when one is no more, then it is not a matter of sadness, rather it is a matter of great celebration. Because it does not mean that you have died, it means that you have come upon ‘Real’ life.”


  • “Do not live as if you are in a waiting room, waiting for some train, that actually never arrives for mankind. Do not live as if you are in a waiting room. And even if you are in a waiting room, do not live as if the next train will bring to you the love of your life. Sometimes, one is, in fact, in a waiting room. Even if you are in a waiting room, you should actually be, beyond waiting.”


  • “Real prayer is a life of surrender.”


  • “Real prayer is a life of surrender.”
    Real prayer is when you say, “If I pray, then that prayer is worthless. So I won’t even pray.
    Whatever I do, would always be tainted with my incompleteness.”


  • “You cannot skip life, even for a moment. And it is easy, it is effortless. It is as effortless as the beating of the heart, as effortless as breathing. Attention is no workout; attention is not a demanding activity. Attention is simple, effortless; you just have to be present. And when you are simply present, then you know what the whole game is all about.”


  • “Your obsession with the thought, continues the thought. Stop being obsessed, stop giving the thought more energy, and the thought will go away, because the thought has no organic life of its own. It is a dead thing; like a car, it depends on somebody else to give it fuel.
    Do not give it fuel, and see for how long it sustains.
    Soon it will drop down.”


  • “You have lived, only if you have lived a thousand lives in one life.”


  • “You cannot keep sleeping all your life. You have to wake up. Waking up is your nature. So better wake up right now. The more you will be late, the more painful it will be to wake up.”


  • “Lie gives us demonstrations all the time, it keeps on telling us where we really stand; if only, we love ourselves enough to listen to life.”


  • “To identify the ego, to understand the ego, is to understand that in my life there is nothing called me; there’s only all the external that has been filled in me. And I’m hiding beneath all of that, I’m hiding beneath all of that. To identify the ego is to identify myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself.”


  • “To understand the ego is also to get rid of the ego. To get rid of the ego is to find yourself out and become a free man. And only a free man takes right decisions in life, with respect to livelihood, with respect to every small thing he or she does day in and day out. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The freedom of your mind is the freedom of your life.”


  • “Those who really want to change their life, are prepared to pay with their death.”


  • “One never understands it without living it. It is not just a concept.
    One has to pay the price and live that life.
    And it is not a fairy tale, or a pleasant story, when you are paying that price.
    Remember, that price is ‘yourself’.
    One is battered, and bruised, and the being is full of wounds. And it is only then, that you realize that there is a great healing power within you, which holds you together, in spite of all the wounds that you have.”


  • “Man is designed to be a longing and he cannot be anything else. But right in middle of your longing realize that there is nothing to long for, because whatever is there to attain has already been attained. But you will long, you must long as long as you are a man. And do not think that a point will come in your life when the longing will cease.”


  • “If there is one golden rule in life, remember this, it is –
    ‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here. ‘You’ are not needed. Just get out. Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do. Why are ‘you’ interfering? The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy.
    The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do. Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax? Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates. You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything. And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.”


  • “If you want to do anything really substantial, really meaningful in life, then it cannot be driven by reason, it cannot be driven by a tangible goal.
    It can really only be driven by a very unreasonable fire in the Heart.”


  • “Life is sacred.
    The various objects in life are not sacred. They are all dispensable.
    The flow of the life is important, not pictures of the flow, not the individual currents.
    The totality of the flow is important.”


  • “Life continues because life has not yet found where it comes from. The moment it finds where it comes from, it goes back to the same spot.”


  • “Whatever is essential in life can never, never be lost.”


  • “Everything that is filled into us is what somehow appears to make our life meaningful.”


  • “All sorrow is just the violation of what one expects from life.”


  • “The very cessation of this confidence – that life must be according to this and this pattern – is silence.”


  • “Life is to live in an internal innocence even when the mind is dominated by knowledge.”


  • “Gratitude is about thanking God when you feel that life is hell.”


  • “If you are surrendered to the great rhythm of life, life takes care of itself. That is called Faith.”


  • “Life is simple and very direct. You are not born with the obligation to be enlightened.”


  • “When you look at the facts of life, you are knocking at the gate of Truth.”


  • “I-ness leads to Two-ness, which is duality, and duality is many-ness. And manyness could either be the suffering of life or the delight of living.”


  • “Joy is the love affair of life with death.”


  • “If you are living in darkness, you would be punished. If you escape punishment from the Teacher, then life will punish you.
    Teacher punishes you compassionately, life punishes you dispassionately.”


  • “A joke is a detached realization of stupidity.
    Our life is the biggest joke, but to laugh at it, you need to be detached.”


  • “To acknowledge the facts of your life-story, drop out of the story.
    Now you are not a character of the story.
    Now you can learn from the story.”


  • “If you can remove the false gods from your life, the Real God is anyway there.”


  • “What you call as the normal life is just a normally debauched life.”


  • “As a parent, if you cannot take the child beyond the body, then you have only given birth to a lifetime of bodily torture.”


  • “What we call as life is a joyless, tense, conflicted state of being.”


  • “That which you call as life must be given up in Joy.”


  • “When that which you call as life ends, then that which is Life begins.”


  • “Whatever one has just come to accept as a fact without seeing where is it coming from and what it is doing to the quality of one’s life, that is a myth.
    It needs to be challenged, debunked.”


  • “The one who runs away from life’s challenges is also running away from life’s joys. And thinking about the future is a great way of escaping from challenges.”


  • “The day the instruction comes, the day this knowledge comes, that attaining to Bliss is a worthy goal of life, the life becomes disturbed.”


  • “To live life honestly is to be Spiritual. Nothing else is Spirituality. Rituals, traditions, reading of scriptures – no, not all this. To be sensitive to yourself, to really go into the stuff of your own mind, that is what it means to be Spiritual.”


  • “As long as the party is on, be in it, so that you won’t have to repent later on. And it’s all a sequence of parties.

    Life is what?
    One party to the next.”


  • “When you see that what you call as ‘life’ is itself a big lie, then you stop wondering about death.”


  • Life is right now, everything else is an imagination.


  • Life is not for the living; life is only for the dead.


  • Only when you are living with the Total,then you are really living.Then your life is sacred, not perverted.


  • “All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price. Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.

    The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands. We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price. We take these two as separate happenings. These are not separate happenings. This is the same happening.”


  • “When you have no real relationship with your work, which is you, and hence you do not have any relationship with yourself then all your life you are just seeking holidays.”


  • “When you really know the small facts of your life – how you are brushing your teeth, how you move down the stairs, how you ride your bike, how you deal with the policemen, how you deal with the syllabus, how you deal with the food in front of you. When you know all this, then you also know work and you know the play and you will know that there is no distinction.”


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “Give yourself an environment, free of disturbances.
    As an intelligent individual, identify your disturbances and keep them a little away.
    Then you have fun.
    This is what am calling as party of life.
    The grand carnival of life.”


  • “Treat all inessentials as one, and forget.Treat all Essential as One, and forget.”


  • Life gives us demonstrations all the time, it keeps on telling us where we really stand; if only, we love ourselves enough to listen to life.”


  • “Live, knowing fully well that living is no serious business.Just remember that there is something else more important.”


  • “The one who really lives cannot suffer.”


  • “That which you are, continuously expresses itself.
    That which you are not, continuously strives to exist.”


  • “It does not matter how far you go, what matter is from where you start, from where are you coming.”


  • “Living totally does not mean that you need to have a flamboyant lifestyle, that you need to be lavishly spending or lavishly consuming. Living totally means I operate from a point within me that is not hungry, that is not thirsty, that lives, abides in its own internal satisfaction.”


  • “You have to live so totally that life stops affecting you. Totality by definition is that which remains unaffected.”


  • “You don’t need to thank even God. If you live with a smile, that is the only and the biggest thank you that you can send to the entire existence.Live well. Live rightly. Live in love.That is the only gratitude you can express.”


  • “When you live from a point of simple, basic fulfillment which is fortunately your established nature, then victory and defeat, neither of them can mean too much.”


  • “We do not live in facts. We live in our opinions about facts. These are two very different things, mind you.”


  • “We are not missing the secret. We are missing the obvious.”


  • “All these abnormalities in our behaviors will be so easily discernible, so clearly detectable if only we just look at the fact of what we are doing right now.”


  • “Come in touch with people, life, experiences that lies outside the rigmarole of your daily living. If you continue to live within your four walls, you will continue to be the prisoner of those four walls then your identity cannot change.”


  • “We all keep bearing hell in the hope for heaven.”


  • “Living in facts means that it is known that all of this is happening and as all of this is happening, I am just the knower.”


  • “Life is always giving experiences, and that is sufficient.”


  • “Life is decided by no factor stronger than the company and the environment you give to yourself.”


  • “Only when you honestly come up with whatever is happening in your life, would the doors of spirituality open to you.”


  • “Finding practical solutions, finding real solutions to the real situations of the life, is Yoga.”


  • “We live life as a replica of the judgment that has already been prepared. What we call as living, is just an execution; an execution of the blueprint that has been prepared for us by the judge.”


  • “Every moment is complete in itself, leaves no residue behind. I have no obsession with the past because the past is, complete and closed. I have nothing to give to the future because right now, I have no fear. I am not living in incompleteness. There is nothing that would get rolled over to the future.”


  • “All ends of duality go together. Live rightly at the grocery shop and you would also live rightly with your kids. Live rightly in the kitchen and you would also live rightly in the bedroom. Live rightly with animals and you would live rightly with human beings.”


  • “When you have been living a life of peace and silence you would also know what to do in a crowd.”


  • “There is nothing special here, everything is so ordinary. Learn to live in the ordinary. If there is anything that is special, it is the ordinary that is special.”


  • “Life is quite intelligent, life knows how to decide on your behalf. If you have just a little trust on life, she will take all your decisions beautifully. Better decisions, than you and me can ever make. Just trust life with the decision making part.”


  • “Living true to yourself is your only responsibility. Living in tune with peace is your only responsibility. Remain committed and surrendered to the Truth is your only responsibility. You are not obliged towards anything or anybody else. You are not answerable, accountable to anything, anybody else.”


  • “An honest life is an intelligent life, because it is a direct life.”


  • “Your condition at this moment is the sum total and complete representation of all your life, not only this life of the past 30 or 50 years, but your entire evolutionary life as well. What you are, this moment is a total expression of the collective flow of the whole stream, the whole evolutionary process, for each of us. Now, why do we need to go elsewhere and read a book? Here is the book, our life is the book, so close and so unavoidable.”


  • “Do not correct to yourself; instead, just see what you are doing. Surrender is about looking at one’s daily life which is not imaginary. Do not try to think of an imaginary God. Live in the facts.”


  • “Life is not about chasing God. Life begins with God.”


  • “The mind wants to live. The very center, very nature of mind is God. Don’t teach it insecurity. Whenever you will teach the mind insecurity, you will find the mind restless.”


  • “The whole machine of falseness continues, sustains only as long as you are not interested in looking sharply at it, only as long as you do not have the courage, the guts, to really face your situation squarely. Then you stand up to where you really are, and acknowledge that this is what I am, this is what my situation is, this is how I live. And that acknowledgement is not something, in one moment of time; it’s a constant realization. When you do that, it all stops. And the Stopping is what is necessary.”


  • “Spirituality is not some heavenly mumbo-jumbo. The spiritual man is an intelligent man. He knows how to live. He is intelligent in the small actions of daily life. A spiritual man cannot be stupid. A spiritual man could not be just talking about the big things – Heaven, Love, God, Truth, Joy – and be slipping in his daily actions.”


  • “Let’s simply look honestly at everyday life. And if you can look honestly at everyday life, you will find Advait because ‘you’ will not remain to find anything. It all begins and ends where we are. You don’t have to go anywhere.”


  • “If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?”


  • “Life is what you do minute by minute, second by second, hour by hour. Minute by minute do you think why did God created the Earth or the Universe? Minute by minute you are taking over by questions of ambition, hope, worry, security, love, lust, achievement, fear, desperation, respectability – these are the things that really matters to us. In fact even when we talk of God we talk of some big entity, a fatherly figure, a respectable one, a creator and all powerful one. Do you see then that authority, security, respectability, bigness – this is what really matters to us? Let us rather ask questions which are very-very ordinary, I assure you that it is in the ordinary questions of one’s daily life that both the problem and the solution lie.”


  • “Count your life by the number of miracles you have seen, not by the number of days you have lived! And if you haven’t seen any miracle yet, then you aren’t born yet!”


  • “You are growing. You are growing so your capacity to get more is growing. That is growth, that is maturity to be alive to something that you generally do not experience in your normal states of consciousness – depths of wonderment, great puzzles, sublime joys and shocking sorrows.”


  • “Start from your life; everything else is an imagination.”


  • “The purpose of living cannot be attainment; then it has to be just expression. We do not live to attain the Self instead we live to express the Self. And love is something that is intimately related to the Self. If you can’t express your love — and expression of love is obviously not merely verbal. It has to show up in everything that you do. It has to be talking through your breath — and if it is not expressing itself then in spite of it being there, it would be useless for you.”


  • “When you already have everything that you need, then all your engagements are just fun.”


  • “What you think of as the good life, what you think of as a wasted life, all these are useless concepts.”


  • “Directly see, and acknowledge that what you think of life is all rubbish.”


  • “When you cannot follow instructions that will save your life, how will you follow instructions that will take your life? Spirituality is about taking your life.”


  • “Life is nature, but not physical life. Life is nature, but not biological life. Our definition of life is a distorted definition. What we call as life, it is not life, it is “my life”. It has a beginning and an end. It is always under threat.”


  • “Whatever pinches you is just a reflection of how you are living.”


  • “You have a complaint against falling; not against the way of your walking.”


  • “Life has its own ways and intelligence, you don’t need to worry.”


  • “Freedom from beliefs is a nectar of life. I have tasted it. And you and I are one. You too must taste it! This is the action of love. This is the force of love.”


  • “What is passionate living? To sit in a movie theater as you sit in Satsang.”


  • “Watch movies the same way, you listen to me here. That is called the passionate living; that is called an intense living. Be intense. Be total, not selectively; be total, totally.”


  • “Living is not a favour that somebody grants you. By virtue of being, you are free to live. Free to live and free to live freely. You need nobody’s approval. No God has the power to sanction your being. If you are, you are.”


  • “If you act as the doer, then you will have to live into the future to bear the fruits of the doing.”


  • “When this, that you call as life ends, then that which is really life begins.”


  • “When life actually is, then you don’t have space to think about whether it is proper.”


  • “In a proper life, there is just life, and no space for mental images of life. You are so filled up with the happening that you have no time to imagine what would happen next.”


  • “A proper life is a fearless life.”


  • “When sadness comes, live it fully.”


  • “We don’t have a total belongingness to life. You feel that you belong to your house or to your city. The moment you go out of your city or your country, you start feeling uprooted. The moment this feeling of being uprooted comes, that is violence. The really nonviolent one is at home in everywhere and in every situation. Wherever he is, he is at home. He does not ever feel like a stranger or an alien. He has roots everywhere. If you don’t have roots everywhere, if your being is specific, narrow and localized, then this is violence. If you say, this is my inner circle and everybody out of this is an alien, then this is violence. If we can understand violence, then non-violence is clear.”


  • “Discover your calling, not just a job, a calling. A calling is something very very different from a job. Discover your calling. Jobs, there are many, nobody remains unemployed for very long. Sooner than later, one gets a job but Calling is something that very few people get. Find out your calling. That’s what makes life worth living.”


  • “To know, you will have to connect. The machine can never really connect. Every connection is an opening in your armor. It leaves you vulnerable. Every connection, therefore, requires faith. If you cannot connect, you are living a very mechanical life. If all you have is your shell and defenses, is it worth living? To live is to live with the confidence, to get exposed.”


  • “Life is Love and life is Saadhna and all is parallel and concurrent and much the same.”


  • “Life is flexible. A real relationship is very liquid. It’s free to take all forms. It does not bind you. That’s the test of a real loving relationship. You are free to respond. You are not confined and hesitant.”


  • “Life is either a fascination with the Truth, dallying with the Truth, dancing with the Truth, moving towards the Truth, getting hurt by the Truth, getting broken and renewed by the Truth, or it is not life at all.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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