• “It will surely be dark when the eyes are closed.”


  • “Clean your eyes before you look out.”


  • “There is no darkness.
    Only light exists; all that exists is light.
    What I call as darkness is my inability to see light.”


  • “Darkness is not the absence of light, it is the absence of something to receive and reflect the light.”


  • “Stop cribbing about darkness. Open your eyes.”


  • “Even to see shadows, one first requires Light.”


  • “Seek Light.
    See Light.
    Be Light.”


  • “It’s your own light that goes out to the world. Do not bother to whom it will reach. The Sun does not bother whether everybody needs light or not. Does the Sun bother whether everybody needs light? It radiates. It radiates. And then from that radiation a thousand things happen.
    Out of your self-realisation, a thousand things will happen. Things will change. Things will be born. Things will get annihilated. You need not worry. You just worry about your own mind.”


  • “Your boundaries do not define you. Your boundaries limit you. You are defined by your Light. So when it comes to choosing, between your limits and your Light, you must choose Light.”


  • “The moon says: Why ask for this and that? I do not really need this and that. I only need one, and I’ll ask for that one. Can I merge in the Sun? Please, can I be one with the Sun? That is what my heart has been beating for so long. Can I be one with the Sun? And if you say, I cannot be one with the Sun, then can I at least, please see, the glory and splendour of Sun all around me all the time? Can you please give me a boon that I never forget that there is nothing but Light, but Sun? Can I remember always that every bit of energy around me comes from one single source? Can I remember and see that source, always and everywhere? That is what a wise moon would ask for. It will not want exclusivity. It will not say, that I should remain, and Sun should go. It realises the stupidity and impossibility of such a desire.”


  • “To really know is to take knowledge lightly.”


  • “The action of the light is to dispel darkness. So, light will have to meet darkness and when peace meets noise, there can be bloodshed. Do not be scared of that. Remember all fear arises from the need for self-preservation. All fear is ego. Only the ego is scared and wants to preserve itself.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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