• “To try to live rightly without caring for the right livelihood is like trying to live healthily without giving up unhealthy food.”


  • “Spirituality separated from worldly living becomes worldliness. To separate spirituality from the world is to co-opt it into the world.”


  • “After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it. Corpses don’t complain. The reward is respectability and progress”


  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living. Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, from thoughts to action, that is honesty. ”
  • “The only way to avoid death is to understand that what one calls as living is not at all alive in the first place.”


  • “My self concept – coming from outside – can be taken away, can be lost. No wonder this ‘I’ will always live in fear. Fear is an inalienable part of my living.”


  • “Going beyond the physical conditioning happens by living in a physical way, living in the most natural way possible.”


  • “Is the moment of death anymore significant than the infinite moments lived daily? Concerned less with living fully than with fear of death!”


  • “Living well, living fully is the purpose of life. Why ask for another purpose?”


  • “Living in my house of wood and hay, how I love to talk of fire; A thousand chains pulling me down, I claim I am rising higher.”


  • “I avoid aloneness. When faced with boredom or fear, I escape to gossip or entertainment. If Truth threatens me, surely I am living in lies.”


  • “Life can be transcended only by living. Living is transcending. Forget transcending, just live!”


  • “Before an organ can be amputated, it is anaesthetized. If a living system gets insensitive, it is a mark of lifelessness. Life is sensitivity.”


  • “Most of us are searching for an answer to ‘How to live?’ Others are busy providing clever answers. Drop the search for ‘how to’, just live!”


  • “Most of us are searching for an answer to ‘How to live’? Others are busy providing clever answers. Drop the search for ‘how to’, just live!”


  • “Right life is not possible without right livelihood.”


  • “To understand the ego is also to get rid of the ego. To get rid of the ego is to find yourself out and become a free man. And only a free man takes right decisions in life, with respect to livelihood, with respect to every small thing he or she does day in and day out. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The freedom of your mind is the freedom of your life.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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