• “A relationship born out of loneliness will cause suffering to you and the other.”


  • “We have a tremendous potential to suffer. And a tremendous resistance to call our situation as suffering. We name our situation as ambition, hope, desire, duty, passion, love, but never give it the right name – suffering. We laugh aloud among others, and suffer quietly in our loneliness.”


  • “That’s what aloneness implies: One – the world cannot give me fulfilment. In my days of loneliness, I tried enough of that and I have come to realize that the world cannot give me fulfilment. And second – the world does not even exist as an objective entity. I alone am. This is the movement from ‘loneliness’ to ‘aloneness’. Do not think of these two – ‘loneliness’ and ‘aloneness’ – as opposites of each other. They are not opposites of each other. In fact, ‘aloneness’ is the pinnacle towards which ‘loneliness’ is always trying to move. They are different dimensions.”


  • “Loneliness is dualistic – ‘me and the world’, and aloneness is non-dual. Often we make this mistake of taking these two as opposites. They are not opposite. If something is the opposite of each other, it has to be in the same, dualistic dimension. Aloneness is not dualistic, neither is it in the same dimension.”


  • “Whatever we talk of as missing, is the image of that thing missing. This means that we already know in advance that this thing must be like this, and if it is not like this, I will declare that it is not there.”


  • “The best relationships are not born out of loneliness. A healthy relationship is born out of a sense of completion. It is not a parasitic relationship.”


  • “Everybody is lonely, and that is great news!”


  • “Loneliness is Love. To be lonely implies that you are being pulled. To be lonely implies that loneliness hurts, and if it hurts, you want to cure it, you want to get rid of it. This want to get rid of loneliness itself is Love.”


  • “If you can go to the roots of your own loneliness, then you will not be duped into running after objects, then you will not be tempted to give yourself superficial treatments.”


  • “Even when there is nobody around you, have you noticed, you are busy, busy with yourself that is called loneliness.”


  • “The lonely fellow is the one who is always with somebody.”


  • “To be lonely is to be surrounded. Surrounded not necessarily on the outside, but surely within.”


  • “The lonely person is always thinking. The lonely person is always busy with himself. The lonely person just cannot get rid of his own personal concerns. That is loneliness.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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