• “ The Total is greater than the sum of the parts. Two plus two is five. The extra one is the juice of life. It is Grace.”


  • “We all have a magical pocket in our coats. Put your hand in it and you get precious gifts. But the magical pocket is only for those who neither earn, nor need anything. You need to have no doership, you need to be choiceless. You need to have absolute faith. That magic, that grace is available only to those who do not ask for it, nor need it.”


  • “Whatever is not magical is not Real. The Real will always appear magical to those who believe the pattern-bound and predictable to be real.”


  • “To not to live in Faith, to refute Magic, is to live in suffering.
    The one who has nothing to do with Magic, will live a very terrified life.”


  • “The Real, the most important, is not the product of planning, it just comes.
    Can magic be planned?”


  • “Ask for that One, ask for nothing else. And if that One is asked for, really asked for, you get it.

    It is such a magical thing.

    You keep asking for petty stuff, do you ever get it? You have asked since years, since decades, since centuries for all small and petty things. Have you ever been able to get it? You have asked for the love of man, you have asked for reputation, you have asked for satisfaction, have you ever been able to get it? Love of men have kept you thirsty, reputation has always proved insufficient, and money has never been enough.

    Now for once, try something else. Leave all those little desires and ask for the Truth itself.

    Ask for the One.

    You will say, “Sir, when our little desires are never granted, how this immense desire will be granted?”

    But I am assuring you, this magic happens.”


  • “Realisation changes the doing itself. That is the magic of realisation.

    Realisation in itself is not a doing, but it changes everything that you do.”


  • “The answers cannot come from the advice of others; the answers cannot even come from your own experiences in the past. The answers can arise only from your deep presence, right now.
    When you are available to what is there, when you are open to it, then magically, without even trying, you know your answer.”


  • “Don’t hold yourself back.

    When you want to hug someone, hug fully. When you want to cry, cry your heart out.

    And then see the magic.

    It is only because you leave residues, that there is something left over, that there is something waiting to be done.

    Don’t leave residues. Complete the whole thing. Complete it.

    When the night is beautiful, complete the night.

    When the moment is right, be completely in the moment.

    Don’t leave things undone.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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