• “You are not missing the secret. You are missing the obvious.”


  • “The urge for excitement is the proof of boredom.”


  • “After a long wait, if I am asking, “How much more will I have to wait?”, Then I have never waited and do not know what it means to wait.”


  • “As long as you are the insect hiding under the rock, the Sun will never reach you.”


  • “Flames come and go like waves come and go. What matters is light and the ocean.”


  • “Not victorious in victory,undefeated in defeat.”


  • “In victory and in defeat, you are always a winner.”


  • “The search begins upon attainment.”


  • “Fight the game, not the players.”


  • “You get, what you ask for.”


  • “Wherever you are standing, the door is right there. Just enter. Searching is a trick to avoid entering.”


  • “Context is everything.”


  • “It is because you have already reached the destination, that you can begin the journey.”


  • “Measurement creates limitation.”


  • “You are blessed, when you are forgetful.”


  • “Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core can one fly freely. Wandering without a centre is looseness, not freedom.”


  • “A complete encounter with fear comes first. Avoiding fear is useless. One must first expose fear and shiver in it. Then comes fearlessness.”


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion,the way of life.”


  • “Why was I born? So that I may be born. Why am I here? So that I may be here. Who am I? The one who may know. Be really born,be here,know.”


  • “One does not reach a new place travelling the same old, known road. Am I sure that the remaining years of my life can give me something new?”


  • “One can never claim “I am in the present moment”. ‘I am’ lives only in the past. In the present, there’s no ‘I am’ thought, just PRESENCE.”


  • “One does not chase what one already has. One chases happiness only when one is sad. Sadness is the cause of all happiness. And vice versa.”


  • “‘Ignorance is bliss’ is a satire. There is numbness in ignorance, so one doesn’t feel suffering. Even to suffer, some awareness is needed.”


  • “The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts. The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.”


  • “The more untouched and inert am I within, the more sensitive and responsive I would be outside. To be one with the universe, be alone within.”


  • “Joy is to retain one’s health even in middle of all kinds of diseases and diseased.”


  • “It is not enough to just decry the two ends of duality as false. One must live the joy of knowing this. This knowing makes True of the false.”


  • “There is nothing in one’s life that he hasn’t asked for, in some way or the other. If your life is full of frustration, see how you invite it.”


  • “No action can be a remedy for another action. One blind step cannot rectify another blind step. Only in awakening do all actions dissolve.”


  • “Till one does not understand his mind-machine, he has no right to talk of love. Funnily, the most self-unaware ones ‘fall’ the most in love.”


  • “Thoughtlessness is not the absence of thoughts. It is the presence of someone who is not affected by thoughts. It is about becoming one with the flow, without disrupting the flow.”


  • “Is ‘understanding’ an object to be achieved? One cannot ‘have’ understanding. One can only ‘be’ in understanding.”


  • “The future is a surprise gift for the one who lives fully in the Present.”


  • “To be full of love, one must first be Full.”


  • “Who am I? The one who has nowhere to hide.”


  • “One does not become wiser with age. Sleeping for a hundred years won’t show you the reality. It is impossible to learn from experience.”


  • “Isn’t it amusing that the more ignorant one is of the present, the more desperate he is to build a future!”


  • “The one who has it, keeps giving it away, and is yet always full. The one who has not, keeps trying to protect it, and is yet always poor.”


  • “Who is poor? The one who wants more. How can one be rich and yet crave for more? Poverty line basis: The more the desires, the poorer one is.”


  • “Looking attentively at the world, one enters the Truth beyond world.”


  • “The mark of a good word is that it takes one to silence.”


  • “Who is a worldly man? The one who does not understand the world.”


  • “The innocent mind catches itself acting clever. Only in deep innocence one sees his deep cunningness. Innocence is cleverer than cleverness.”


  • “Foolishness clutches and memorizes. Intelligence understands and forgets. The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.”


  • “To follow others’ wish is slavery. To follow one’s own wish is slavery even bigger.”


  • “One can never claim “I am in the present moment”. ‘I am’ lives only in the past. In the present, there’s no ‘I am’ thought, just presence.”


  • “Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core one can fly freely. Wandering without a center is looseness, not freedom.”


  • “The ones who desires not gets It.”


  • “One’s choices are the reflection of the quality of one’s mind.”


  • “Stop this effort at becoming. Stop trading one fear for the other. Stop hoping for change. One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.”


  • “When all the mad ones in the mad race are coercing, tempting and begging you to run, just standing sanely still is the greatest rebellion.”


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “See that you were born extremely old. That will help you die as a child.”


  • “Energy which is random, disorderly, leaves you with the burden to control it.
    Energy which is an order in itself, contained in the Heart, leaves you with the sureness of an inner power.”


  • “What brings about real improvement?

    Guilt cannot bring about any improvement.
    Real improvement comes when you are honestly prepared to look at what is going on.”


  • “The moon offered itself to the Sun, when to the Earth she was bound.This disloyalty illumined the Earth’s nights with love raining around.”


  • “Go mad, but go really mad. Don’t just pretend.”


  • “‘Who am I’ demands an acknowledgement, not an answer.”


  • “Before you look up to the heavens, learn to kiss the earth.”


  • “Fun lies in not being afraid even while being afraid.”


  • “Become a little less clever.Get rid of your smartness.Do act like an idiot.”


  • “The more you trust your seeing, the more you see that you’re seeing.

    I am not asking you to trust somebody else; I am asking you to trust your own seeing.

    The more you trust it, the more clearly it talks to you.

    The more you trust it, the more it enables you to trust it.

    The less you trust it, the lesser reasons you find to trust it.”


  • “If you are really looking for the Highest, then your craziness for it will be the deepest.”


  • “You are a Lao Tzu when you don’t have a Lao Tzu as your ideal.
    You are a Lao Tzu when you know nothing about Lao Tzu.”


  • “You may have Lao Tzu as an ideal.
    Whom did Lao Tzu have as an ideal?
    We have Lao Tzu as an ideal and yet we are nowhere close to Lao Tzu, are we?
    Lao Tzu had no Lao Tzu as ideal, and yet he was Lao Tzu.”


  • “Is one to empty himself out,
    or fill himself up?
    In the ocean, be full of the ocean.
    In the sky, be empty as the sky.”


  • “Treat all inessentials as one, and forget.Treat all Essential as One, and forget.”


  • “In the existential sense, the whole is not the sum of the parts. The whole is from where all the parts emerge and yet the whole remains whole.”


  • “Part is a fragmented way of looking; otherwise, there is no part, there is only the Whole.”


  • “Ask not for the petty, but for infinity, and see, how easily available it is.

    You ask it and you get it.
    In fact, you get it before you ask for it, otherwise, you cannot ask for it.

    How will you ask for infinity without being infinity itself?”


  • “Anything that the limited does, will be a product of its limitation. The best that the limited can do is – cease to be attached to its limitation, cease to exist, cease the clammer, cease to have an obsession with its being.”


  • “You surely want something and you can’t live without what you want, and yet the power to really know what you want has not been given to you.”


  • “The One who is calling you, calls you through you. Your own situation, your own condition contains all the signals and hints. When you will look at yourself, honestly and sharply, you will realise what you have been, and what you are doing to yourself; you just have to stop doing all that. The Home is really never too far away.”


  • “What you are is what you get.”


  • “You deserve an ocean, and you are giving yourself a few droplets.Will you not be thirsty?”


  • “You wanted much more, and you deserve much more.Give that to yourself.”


  • “Those who try to conserve, they find that they are always short of what they are trying to conserve.

    Those who are willing to give, find that, miraculously, they keep on discovering more and more to give.”


  • “Running the same circle again and again will not take you beyond the circle.”


  • “The flower is nothing but the roots out in the open.”


  • “The bird can fly to any place in the sky, it can be away from one tree or the other, but can it ever be away at any point from the sky?”


  • “If you are a patient, we both are patients playing different roles.
    If I am a Master, we both are Masters playing different roles.”


  • “Addictions are compensation for some internal sense of lack.”


  • “Only when you come out of Delhi, do you see how badly you were missing the clear open sky sprinkled with stars.

    Delhi is not only the smog, Delhi is also the forgetting of the clear sky.”


  • “In an honest discussion, one just talks. One does not think what to say. It is from a point of thoughtlessness that words emerge, questions emerge.”


  • “The really inquisitive one does not come for an answer, he comes for a solution. The solution is the seeker’s dissolution.”


  • “The talkative ones looks at a Silent Shiva and hears only noise.”


  • “When you give yourself the opportunity, you also know how to bring the opportunity to others.”


  • “When you discover your wise nature you’ll be able to bring wisdom education to everybody: to kids, to adults, to the entire world.”


  • “Never let anything diminish you, never let anything become too much for you.”


  • “Man’s aggression is gross, because what does man has on his side? Physicality, brute power. So, his aggression will be gross. You would probably see him dominating a woman purely by the strength of muscle power – which is not so much these days – but still it does happen, we do see that happening, or through money power.”


  • “Your complaint is not that the game is rotten and it stinks. Your complaint is that you are loser in the game.”


  • “If you are not paying attention to the rumbling of volcano, be prepared to be buried under the lava.”


  • “The applause is for the possibility that you too could be like him. The applause is not for the person that you see but for the possibility that he represents.”


  • “The child is the most exploited person in the World, ever, and since always.”


  • “Do you understand disease? Dis Ease – a sense of dis ease, the one who is not comfortable.”


  • “When you are all the time bothering whether things about you are right, will you be able to do anything normally, naturally?”


  • “You keep believing in the person, who is asking the question and the person will never get the answer. The only way to give you an answer is to destroy you, or dissolve you, or quieten you.”


  • “Sushupti is the great escape. Sushupti means the disappearance of objects, only for the objects to return a little while later.”


  • “The place is dictating the way you would think, the place is dictating, even your core. Your very self changes, according to the situation. That is Viyoga.”


  • “Daily we are bearing the results of our own false deeds. Nobody suffers, but for his actions. And behind every action that we make, there is somebody who is building the actor, somebody who is advising the actor. We say, “We are asking ourselves before acting.” We say, “We are thinking before act.” Whether you say you are asking yourself, whether you say you are contemplating, whether you say you are introspecting, and even if you say you are meditating, essentially you are doing the same thing. You are entrusting yourself to that inner judge.”


  • “Substance will remain substantial till you see it to be insubstantial.”


  • “Empty does not mean anything. Empty only means that what you take to be substantial, is no more appealing to you. Substance is appeal, substance is attraction, substance is emotion.”


  • ” It is impossible to be addicted to the alcohol, without being addicted to misery.”


  • “Love is not about meeting somebody’s expectations. Love is an internal call! It arises from that untouched point in the mind where there is no conditioning.”


  • “Acceptance is a very natural thing and it is blocked only by ideals and concepts.”


  • “When you are advised that drop likes and dislikes, you are being advised that drop this sense of unfulfillment.”


  • “Discipline and struggle are no virtues by themselves. No discipline has any virtue, if that discipline is serving a self-created goal.”


  • “When you have given yourself totally to the only, to The One, then obviously nobody can have a part of you, a pie of you.”


  • “This Ganga is symbolically a representation, not of flow, but of stillness- comes from nowhere. It only means that it comes from ‘stillness’, from nowhere. Nowhere means, ceasing, stopping.”


  • “In Advait, you can be there, only if you are a Nut.”


  • “The more you dance, the more you would want to dance. That is its nature. The more you enter it, the more you feel like entering more.”


  • “That which you desperately seek is made distant by your seeking.”


  • “The one who is trying, attempting, reaching, is the one who is the real barrier. Unless all effort is dropped, the one who is making the effort, he cannot be dropped. And he is the only barrier.”


  • “When something is too distant, obviously it cannot be touched. But if something is too close, even then it becomes difficult to touch it. If something is too difficult, then the mind is scared of it. Parallely if something is too easy, even then the mind does not want to accept it.”


  • “Stopping does not mean an effort at stopping. Cessation does not mean trying to cease. It simply means not having a false belief in yourself any longer. It simply means not taking yourself seriously anymore. It simply means that your judgement simply does not matter.”


  • “Sadhana, if it proceeds from the assumption that there is something wrong in me and I want to correct that through Sadhana, then something will always remain wrong in you. Sadhana must begin with the firm faith that all is already alright. Now all is already alright am now I am trying to correct that which is anyway correct. Sadhana must say that all is already alright and my sadhana is to correct that which is already correct. So my sadhana is just fun game.”


  • “All that Osho is teaching you is to let yourself loose. Be natural. And then you will dance on your own because dancing, you use that beautiful expression, that over-flowing of energy. When it is there, you feel like, something starts happening. You start tapping your feet, you feel like going a little crazy and dancing.”


  • “Concentration will come as a very strong mark on the memory. If you are concentrating on something, it will be imprinted in very bold ways on the memory.”


  • “Real free will is something that we cannot even talk about because it is so very unpredictable. The expression of free will is such a shattering expression, and therefore very lovable, that we cannot talk of it in advance. When free will is there, then it is just freewill. It cannot be “your freewill.” You could say, then it is the will of the free existence expressing itself through you. As long as it is “your freewill”, it is just a slave’s will because we are a slave.”


  • “You talk of impermanence only because you dislike being told that you are impermanent. You would not have talked of impermanence, had you not been resisting it?”


  • “Compulsions works only on the type of person you take yourself to be.”


  • “Are you really that which you know yourself to be? The moment you see that your idea of yourself may not be quite accurate you also see that all that you take as bondage or compulsion or necessities are just self-announced. They are not really there.”


  • “If you are looking to secure the future in advance before you quit what you are doing then you will never quit what you are doing. The ones who quit are the ones who quit in simple faith. They say we do not know what would happen to us, we are quitting. Once you leave yourself this way to God, to existence then the best happens to you.”


  • “When you unburden yourself of all this ‘me’ centric activity, then the divine finds a way to act through you.”


  • “In karma, whatever you do is already its own punishment or reward depending on the center from where the action is happening. If you are angry at someone and hit him, you won’t receive punishment in the future; the anger itself is the punishment. It is the expression of the punishment that you shouted. Do not think that you shouted today and you will be receiving the punishment ten years later. No, shouting itself is the punishment; the action, the karma itself is the cause and the effect both.”


  • “Whenever, you are about to enter something which you really know is improper just tell yourself that cause and effect are simultaneous, the action and its result are simultaneous. Do not console yourself, do not deceive yourself with the thought, that today you can have pleasure and later on you can pay the bills. No! Here, the bill is raised immediately. In fact, you have to pay in advance.”


  • “There is actually no question. One asks a question only when one feels that one does not know the answer.”


  • “And when you are out of your comfort zone, you repeatedly wants to slip back. He will be there to both warn you and to support you. He will not present false consolations to you. He will not say, “Oh! It’s all nice, very nice, everything is lovable, life is all right as it is.” He knows you, He loves you, He reads your face. He can see the grief in the mind. He can see the hidden sadness in the eyes. He will help you despite your resistance. He will guide you in spite of your ingratitude. Because that is His role. That is grace.”


  • “By blocking the expression you are blocking the thing itself.

You are not only blocking the expression of the heart; you are blocking the heart itself.

You don’t allow it to be express and it’s gone.”


  • “If the glimpse that you are getting is so likable, then the full demonstration must surely be absolutely lovable.”


  • “Great things are always expressed in subtle ways.”


  • “That within you which is waiting to be expressed is waiting because you have taken upon you a lot of things that block the essence.”


  • “The one who is not divided will not be contented with his personal relaxation.”


  • “If one can look at his self-interest in the real sense of the world, then he is serving all and everyone.”


  • “You cannot imagine what it really means to help the other, because the other is a vast set.”


  • “When you are feeling inferior, then even an innocuous touch can hurt you.”


  • “To enjoy any particular role, you must first know the role as a role.”


  • “Go deeply into whatever you are playing. And that depth can happen only when you are alright; just alright. You are so alright that you are free now to take up any role and become the role.”


  • “I cannot be bruised or wounded unless I am prepared for it. Nobody can hurt me without my consent. It is impossible. It is only when you have something within which is ready to get wounded, then the other can wound you, and the other will wound you even without wanting to wound you.”


  • “Are you alright with yourself?”


  • “You will only have that around you which you have collected around you.”


  • “In fooling others, first of all, you fool yourself.”


  • “It is very common to try to be extraordinary. Commonness is a curse.

Ordinariness is a blessing.”


  • “There is no correct meaning; there is only a correct purpose. And the correct purpose is your own reformation. And the correct purpose is your own reformation.”


  • “It’s easy to criticize others, but to see that you are in the same trap is difficult.”


  • “The one who starts, starts today itself. Today itself, in the way it is possible today. You don’t have to start in a big way. You feel you are small, start in a small way. Baby steps.”


  • “Never try to assess yourself. Never try to figure out whether you are already there. When you will be there, then you will not be there to judge yourself. If you are still there to judge yourself, then you are not there.”


  • “When you know what to do with yourself, then you also know what to do with the world.”


  • “That great dance is only for those who are having no heads.”


  • “The reward of the one who is capable of taking wounds is that he gets more wounds.”


  • “No answer is ever a final answer. Because we are looking for answers in the same dimension as the question.”


  • “Nothingness is the fountain head from which all and everything just spring forth.”


  • “Your very incompleteness expresses itself in the form of your body that is why the scriptures say that only incompletenesses are born.”


  • “When you let the disturbance be, then it is proof that there is something that is undisturbed.”


  • “Just be patient with the disturbance. This patience, this capacity to live in the disturbance is that unshakable thing.”


  • “The only way to be one with someone is to be a Nobody.”


  • “Suppressing something cannot make it go away.”


  • “You can accept the worst of situations only when you know that you are bigger than those situations.”


  • “There is nothing called your flight; there is only something called your walls. You are the walls; unless there is complete demolition of who you are, you will remain where you are.”


  • “Are you in trouble or is trouble in you?”


  • “When they come to the mind they cleanse the mind of other thoughts — that is the mantra. Once the mind is cleaned there is just mauna (silence). That silence is awareness. In that silence, you don’t have anything to think about because the thinker himself is gone.”


  • “What you are is what you get.”


  • “When all the dirt is wiped off from your mind, then the clean mind that remains; the clean transparent mind that remains is Individuality.”


  • “Whenever you catch yourself feeling high, you must know that the next low is just round the corner.”


  • “If you don’t know who you are, then who is asking?”


  • “The uncaused one causes the chain of cause and effect.”


  • “Learn from kids before you teach them.”


  • “I do not know whether we are qualified to teach kids; we must first learn from them.”


  • “It is your dislike of the patterns that shows that you do not know the patterns. Had you known the patterns, the patterns wouldn’t have dominated you.”


  • “When you walk boldly into the trap, you have destroyed all the power that the trap had.”


  • “Waging one’s tongue is so easy. You have to really demonstrate it. Your life has to be the proof.”


  • “So you may be A, you may be B, you may be C or the opposite of C, you are alright. Even when you see the deepest flaws within yourself, never take yourself to be existentially a reject.”


  • “It is a little paradoxical, but take this- ‘Only when you have no resistance towards what you are, then you are able to change fearlessly.’”


  • “The pattern gets energy with your resistance to the pattern.”


  • “Stillness is the essence of the flow.”


  • “When you don’t want anything, you can play around with everything.”


  • “Every person is a Saint; all that we have is Saints.”


  • “If it means anything, if that divine word means anything then the meaning is wrong.”


  • “What then is meant by naad ?Naad means a particular soundlessness even in the middle of the sounds. Naad means the silent background on which you hear all the sounds.”


  • “When you see that the doer is about to repeat the same story again then you refuse to give the doer any more power. Then, the doer simply sublimates, goes away; dissolves into the Supreme.”


  • “The wise man is free of the entire concept of the wise and virtue.”


  • “Whatever comes disappears that very moment. It will not go; it is already gone.”


  • “Everything simultaneously disappears in the moment of its appearance.”


  • “Authority is definitely dangerous when the person becomes the authority.”


  • “When you really rebel, then you rebel not only against all that which controls you from the outside but you also rebel against that which controls you from the inside.”


  • “A conspiracy is a belief that you are quite clever. A belief is a conspiracy that is not known as a conspiracy.”


  • “If you have a certain trust that you are home wherever you go, then it doesn’t matter too much to you where you go.”


  • “Swadharma is to know what your location is, and hence what is the direct route from your location to the destination. And only you can know that. You see, if you want to come to me and you are sitting there, you’ll have to take one route to come to me. And then, if you are sitting in a different direction, you’ll have to take another route to come to me.”


  • “You must find out your calling.”


  • “Even if the destination is the same, the route taken will depend on your location. That is Swadharma.”


  • “Lose yourself, and gain everything.”


  • “Avoiding intimacy, just for the sake of preserving yourself is a very very bad deal. If you cannot go close, if you cannot touch, if you cannot know, if you cannot love, are you even alive?”


  • “If you really wish yourself well, stop defending yourself.”


  • “Cuteness kills us by making us fond of itself.”


  • “When the event is there, let the event be there and nothing else, let everything else disappear, dive into the event, give everything.”


  • “Non-violence is just about not seeing oneself as limited.”


  • “Each of us requires a special and unique treatment which no book can offer because no book is vast enough to contain methods suitable for every individual and in every different situation.”


  • “Do read books, but also read the reader.”


  • “Just take yourself lightly and laugh at yourself.”


  • “You are learning. Now, where is the question of ‘How do I learn?’ you are learning, aren’t you?”


  • “When moon can give nothing to you, then you can really be with the moon.”


  • “We are chasing the ending of the chase.”


  • “Our greatest chase is to reach where the chase can end.”


  • “When you are busy looking at your shadow, surely you have turned your back to the Sun.”


  • “Be a Father to your Father, help him be born.”


  • “Incompleteness leads to shame and defeat.”


  • “When you feel incomplete, kindly don’t fill yourself with rubbish.”


  • “We are the actors, we are the play, and we are the walls.”


  • “To behave with the firmness of roots, the leaves must have flexibility, the leaves must have tenderness, the leaves must be temporal. It does not befit the leaves to seek the immortality of roots.”


  • “There are people who have high self-esteem and there are people who have low self-esteem, but wherever there is self-esteem, invariably there is shame.”


  • “You are always frustrated because irrespective of your efforts, the result is always the same.”


  • “The play wanted to challenge, among many others, this basic myth as well.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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