• “Agree with freedom for freedom is your nature”


  • “ Siddharth Gautam is physical conditioning. It will always exist for the body. No body can go against that. By going against nature, man has been defying his physical conditioning. In fact, going against nature is in the same plane as nature.”


  • “Only a Buddha can go beyond nature because he is neither with nor against nature. By going beyond, he is firmly seated in nature.”
  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly. Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature. Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence. Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “All slavery is artificial as freedom is your essential nature. All artificial is slavery because freedom is your essential nature.”


  • “Mind is at best a collection of habits. Habits are not nature. Patterns are not nature. The nature of the mind is No-mind. What is the real mind? The no-mind!”


  • “Even though suffering is the natural consequence of the ego, and fodder of the ego, yet suffering can open the door to realisation. Suffering is a violation of your joyful fundamental nature, hence it arouses you, it can make you alert, more conscious.”


  • “Wait not for clarity,wait not for purity. Wait not for the right day. Remember your real nature now, as you are Remember, with all your stains.”


  • “All movement in nature, including the movement of life, moves to stop. It wants to reach, get a climax, which will be the end of movement.”


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion,the way of life.”


  • “We call our conditioning and acquired patterns of thought as ‘human nature’. These are our habits, not our nature. They can be de-acquired.”


  • “Suffering is separation from essential nature.”


  • “Disease and medicine are two sides of a duality and both come from outside. Health is Real inner nature. Medicine just removes the disease.”


  • “Technology cannot change the fundamental nature of mind. We live in our minds. Hence, technology Essentially changes nothing.”


  • “Be surrendered. Be simple. Be innocent.Live in your ordinary nature. That’s all.”


  • “The True, the Real, is not something to be sought.

    It is our nature.

    It is never going away.

    Getting it doesn’t require special practice or effort or ‘sadhana’. It rather requires honest attentiveness; when you can be honest towards yourself, when you can acknowledge all your follies, when you can be attentive to the daily mistakes – that is Spirituality.

    Spirituality is nothing special. It is very simple, ordinary.

    The man who lives in himself, in his simple nature, is a spiritual man.

    Spirituality is simple wisdom.”


  • “That Blissful Solitude is your nature.”


  • “Unless the mind is one with the fundamental nature of the mind, it cannot feel at rest.”


  • “What is maturity?
    Realization; when you come to realize the nature of your existence.”


  • “Maturity is being really yourself.
    Maturity means attaining your independent nature.”


  • “You cannot keep sleeping all your life. You have to wake up. Waking up is your nature. So better wake up right now. The more you will be late, the more painful it will be to wake up.”


  • “If you don’t look at this world carefully, you’ll suffer; and if you take a position that this world is everything, then too you would suffer.
    Standing still is not something to be practised.
    Standing still is not something that you will cultivate.
    Standing still is your nature. It is already there.
    But you move away from it when your mind has values that tell you to run all the time, to become super competitive.
    All you need to do is go closer to those values and ask yourself, ‘Are they really needed? Are they important? Are they relevant? Can’t I live without them?’”


  • “Once you discover your essential nature, that is when mind and body can freely and joyfully engage in doing what they must do.”


  • “Remember, any movement that is done by you without realizing your essential nature would be a useless, false and sorrowful movement. It might appear very holy and pious from the outside, but still it would be only bringing more and more suffering to you.”


  • “It is the destiny of the moving mind to come home to its own nature.”


  • “Let the mind settle into quietness and the mind’s essential nature is quietness.”


  • “Child being like an animal still carries all the seeds of conditioning within him. He is biologically conditioned and very soon because of the biological conditioning he would be socially conditioned as well. It is not about just returning to your child-like nature, it is hence about going deeper and further than the child nature.”


  • “In searching for God, man has just forgotten rather abandoned his own God nature.”


  • “It is neither.
    Liberation is another name of the Self.
    The Self, by nature, is already liberated.
    One is always and already liberated.”


  • “You are:
    The one who must know because knowing is her nature.
    The one who detests incompleteness because completeness is her nature.”


  • “Without a memory of your intrinsic richness, why would you beg so much?

    Without having a faint remembrance of what it means to be full, why would you chase fullness so much?

    So, it’s strange, you beg because you know that your nature is richness; but the more you beg, the more you prove to yourself that you are not rich.”


  • This restlessness that the mind exhibits, is not really its nature. That’s why it suffers in this restlessness. Going against its nature, it suffers, it is an acquired habit, not nature.


  • “Samadhi cannot come as a result of Sambhog (Sex). Samadhi has to be prior to Sambhog. And then Sambhog carries the taste of Samadhi, just as everything else carries the taste of Samadhi. If you want Samadhi through any means, you will be disappointed. People have tried Samadhi through thousand means, they have always been disappointed because no method will ever work. No method can bring you to your natural state, because that is what you already are. The method is the barrier, the method is Maya, the method is the problem. All spirituality is about learning how to drop methods.”


  • “Prakriti, which is this entire world, is taken as the cosmic woman, and Purusha, who is the witness, is taken as the One man.”


  • “Why did I say that the entire world is just feminine? Why did I not say that the entire world is both feminine and masculine? The reason must be clear. Because the one that you are identified with is a woman. What are you identified with? You are identified with flesh, blood, thoughts, emotions, relationships – that is what we think ourselves to be, that is our feminine part. And when one goes beyond this, then what one remains is the Purush. So it is not quite appropriate to say that we are both feminine and masculine. We are practically, only feminine. Masculinity is something that remains obfuscated, that remains merely a potential.”


  • “To be asleep means to be in a state of no responsibility. That is when you are the most comfortable. That is your nature.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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