• “Ask for only the Highest,and you’ll get it. If you are not getting what you are asking for,then surely you are not asking for the Highest”


  • “When God answers your prayers, then he rejects your desires”


  • “Only the One can help you, is helping you, wishes you well and is giving you wellness. Know Him, be with Him, and then you will not be afraid.”


  • “At the Center, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing.”


  • “Till you want to make something unimportant, it remains important. Know the really important. Remember it, and all else will be forgotten.”


  • “Respond to His call and He will take care of the rest”


  • “It is important to remember the Important”


  • “Ignorance is to believe that you are someone separate from the One”


  • “God never told you God keeps on telling. God speaks in a thousand languages and in no language.”


  • “If you cater to many, the One will not be taken care of. Take care of the One, the many will be taken care of.”


  • “Who is God? The One who is His own Daddy.”


  • “If you cater to many, the One will not be taken care of. Take care of the One, the many will be taken care of.”


  • “Either take orders from the One or take orders from many.Those who do not take orders from the One, are condemned to take orders from the many. The one who doesn’t love the One, cannot love the many. One who claims to love many without loving the One knows neither One nor many nor Love.”


  • “. No avatar is not going to ‘come’ because the One who is needed is already here. He is running in your veins as blood. There is nothing but Him. You are the avatar.”


  • “He doesn’t come to you. He cannot come to you. He never went away. You are the one who went away, so you go to Him.”


  • “I had been so absorbed writing such a long, intense letter to him. Didnt realise who was writing the letter. And now, who is reading it.”


  • “The wave is convinced that the Ocean does not exist.”


  • “There is only that.Just that.Absolutely free. Free even to forget that it is that. And free to try to find itself, and free to keep failing!”


  • “When I am not there, then you are not there, and then what is really there is just there.”


  • “You the root You the shoot You the fruit.”


  • “It’s His game. Only He knows how to play it.”


  • “From Him comes the entire game of illusion and from Him comes the only chance of redemption.”
  • “Equality is quite a foolish idea.
    Oneness is diversity, not equality.”
  • “When the many are exposed as one, then along with the many the one too must expire.”


  • “One is as one is. All is diverse yet rooted. Rooted in the same Earth.”


  • “If the student tries to emulate that One, he is trying to create an alternate, a duplicate Truth. And that is sacrilege. That cannot be tolerated.”


  • “When you have found the ‘right one’ then you will not feel the need to be associated with the inferior ones, the false ones. Find the ‘right one’ to call your own; find the One who will never betray you; find the One that never passes away; find the One you can completely rely upon; find the One that is not an in-between but the Ultimate.”


  • “The one who is not one with nature cannot be one with God.”


  • “You all are one. How are you all one? You all are one in the sense that none of you are real. So, all of you are one.”


  • “To reach the Truth one must begin by having faith that one is already there.”


  • “Realizing the One, remembering the One simply means that you remain the One.”


  • “Only when you can rebel against the existing religion then you can be assured that God is powering you. Because without the support of that One reality, that one Truth, how will you have the courage to stand against the false?”


  • “To be integrated is to be one, and to be disintegrated is to be divided.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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