• “ When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “Zeroness is the climax of oneness. Zeroness is perfect oneness. Ordinary oneness excludes a lot. Great oneness includes everything. Zeroness.”


  • “There is no ‘my life’ or ‘your life’. There is just Life,total. ‘My life’ is ego, separation and ends in death. Life is oneness and immortal.”


  • “Equality is quite a foolish idea.
    Oneness is diversity, not equality.”


  • “The thing that one complains to be missing is the very thing that powers the complaint.”


  • “The only way to connect is to not be what we have been trained to be.
    The more you have mental activity, the more cut off you are from your neighbor.
    The more you expand, the more you are in isolation.
    The only way to be one with someone is to be a nobody.”


  • “As long as you are somebody and it doesn’t matter who that somebody is, you are in for conflict.

    We relate only when we forget who we are.”


  • “Q: Why is this Shiva statue here?
    A: Where is the statue? I see only Shiva.”


  • “All is Truth. Nothing needs to eradicate. All needs to be just aligned. And there is a great difference b/w eradication and alignment.The ego needs to be aligned with its source. The ego needs to be a servant or a lover of its master, the source. It doesn’t needs to be killed. The ego is all right. Likes and dislikes are all right. The body and the mind are all right. This feeling of being all right is the alignment. This thing that it is all right is not a statement, is a great silence. The moment it arises, “It is all right.” That is a situation of alignment, a oneness, a coherence, a harmony.”


  • “Uniqueness is alright but only when it is based on the foundation of oneness. Otherwise, uniqueness will only become a dividing statement.”


  • “Till the time you and I are anything or anybody — we cannot be one. Oneness is possible only when you are nobody and I am nobody.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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