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Online Course: Month of Awakening

Reading scriptures on a regular basis is most central to spiritual growth.
Ancient spiritual texts like the Upanishads and Gita are more relevant today than they were ever before.
To spend a lifetime without the words of the saints, the avatars and the gurus is to lose a lifetime.
Today, if mankind seems to be nearing catastrophe — if climate change, social injustice, and violence have become the norm — it is because man’s mind has gone astray.
Online courses with Acharya Prashant is a unique initiative to bring scriptures to our day-to-day life and hence impart clarity and wisdom in living.
In this course, a rigorous study of a scripture or a saint is undertaken each month.
The methodology of this program is to engage in an in–depth and rigorous examination of scriptures by relating them to the everyday realities of life.
Relevant sections from scriptures like Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Brahm Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, etc. are studied to unpack the ancient mysteries contained in them.
Sessions are conducted by Acharya Prashant himself and are streamed live to the seekers.
🔹 Course benefits: 🔹
● Place your questions directly to Acharya Prashant, online, via 4 live Satsangs every month. 
● Each Satsang is of 3 hours each. 
● Access the offline recordings of live Satsangs in case you missed out on the live broadcast. 
● Be a part of an exclusive group of Acharya Prashant and participate in intense discussions, share observations and relate with seekers of Truth. 
● Access the PDFs of the course reading. 
● You can stay in the course group even if you’re not participating in any of the months.

Course Name: Month of Awakening

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Jyothi Dommaraju, USA, (attending MAG sessions since 2017)
January 2017, first glimpse of Acharya Ji through a YouTube video. Life changed, understanding of my life changed and continuously changing.
Every online session of MAG (Month of Awakening), books, MTM (Meet the Master) via online medium, Studio Kabir online, videos, and above all being in the presence of the MASTER for two weeks in Oct-Nov 2017 in India is amazing.
The ever compassionate and loving MASTER is showering me with so many resources, all only to help me to understand and see myself.
The words of the Scriptures that I have been with for many years, are now alive with the touch of this LIVING MASTER. What more miracles or proofs are needed for me to surrender to this LIVING TRUTH?
Acharya Ji’s compassion and love for us is immense, so also every member of the Foundation. One step from us towards Acharya Ji, the members of the Foundation are so loving and caring, they make sure in every possible way for us to be with the IMMENSITY.
The Grace of Acharya Ji gives me the strength and wisdom to turn away from the false and to drop them.
Blessed to be under Acharya Ji’s Grace and shade.
Thank you very much Acharya Ji.

Alok Bhute, USA (attending MAG sessions since 2018)
I have been on spiritual journey for more than two decades now. I was introduced to spirituality by Osho, through Osho I found out about many other spiritual masters of different time era.
In this journey at some point when I started feeling the need for a Master who is living and exists in physical form, I tried many exisiting famous names, attended their sessions and workshops. For some time I would feel I have made some progress and my perspective towards life has changed. But then I would start feeling miserable again and depression and pure helplessness would start raising its head.
In this disillusioned and hopelessness when I was searching through Osho’s videos on some spiritual topic, I came across a video of a simple man (Acharya Prashant) talking about “what love is”, to his students around him. I was curious how this discussion which apparently sounds like a chat could be spiritual? I decided to give a try. I realized video was far more gripping than I expected. Having watched the video I felt a new wave of life as if I found something magical which words can’t explain.
After this I started watching one after another so many Acharya Ji’s videos. More I watch more was my thirst to meet the Master would rise. I live in US and had just recently came back from vacation from India, the urge was so strong that I could not wait for my next India trip which would have been after another year. The only option I could think of was ask for emergency leave if not leave the job and go.
Then suddenly I realized there are ways I can meet the master online. MTM (Meet the Master) program and MAG (Month of Awakening)  which makes it possible to connect with Acharyaji, for all those seekers who live abroad and due to various reasons can’t travel to India. I decided to try that option and booked the MTM and MAG sessions with Acharyaji. Before the MTM session, I was asked to come up with all the personal or spiritual questions I have it written down to discuss with Acharyaji. I almost had about 15 questions from my long spiritual journey of 20 years.
Biggest thing from the session was the shattering of myths. So many spiritual concepts which I thought I understood what they mean, after talking to Acharya ji, I realized how shallow my understanding was about those topics. First time I felt I arrived my home. This is the Master I had been searching all my life. Acharya ji not only gave me all my answers but he also gave me the clarity where I could see where I stand and decide for myself what my next step should be on this journey.
Acharya ji’s MTM sessions are not just question and answer sessions where you are asking and the speaker is answering. It is far more and beyond that. Acharya ji’s presence itself has very calming effect on the mind. Suddenly you realize your questions are disappearing, when he responds to your question you feel he has even answered all those questions which you have not asked yet. It is difficult not to be touched by his grace even through online session.
I strongly recommend MTM session and MAG sessions to all those seekers who live abroad and can’t travel to India for various reasons. Meet the Master program and Month of Awakening could be the answer to your long or unstarted spiritual journey. This is the belonging which takes away all the unworthy needs for belonging anywhere.

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Nimisha Attari, India (attending MAG sessions since 2018)
The online course series on Saint’s and Scriptures have been my saving Grace.
Before Advait I was following, reading and listening to other Gurus and practicing meditation quite religiously, a daily ritual almost.
But what I noticed through all this, is that, I was still very focussed on ‘me’ and ‘myself’ .Physically, I was constantly gauging how often I excerscised, what I ate, how I looked, so on and so forth.

The days I didn’t exercise or ate a bit carelessly, I would feel deep guilt.

Mentally, I was consumed with thoughts on how to gain more attention, or affection, would look for constant approval, and try and fit myself in a mould that would suit other’s images of me.

Spiritually, I would focus on how to become better at mediation
“Oh! I managed to sit still with eyes closed for 20 min. Wow! Well done, lets try 25 min tom.”
I would yearn for some sort of experience or the other.
Maybe weightlessness or divine lights or surreal music….

Sometimes I fooled myself into believing I had experienced all of these!

I kept at these 3 levels incessantly for years….

After I met Acharya ji, it all went out the window.
And rightfully so!
All garbage must be discarded as quickly as possible.

Acharya ji is very practical in his approach to all problems.
He kept insisting on looking at daily life.

He kept asking us to make honest observations and identify self defeating patterns.
He never spoke about techniques or mantras or quick fix methods.
Step by step he dispelled all illusions and myths.
Till then I was living less in facts and more in fanciful imagery.Now my focus has shifted from ‘little me’ to something so immense, that it has left me very light and worry free, almost like I’m floating (This is not some transcendental experience, it’s a fact that I’m living now)

I know if I’m with ‘That’ I don’t have to worry about anything, it all just gets taken care of.

Acharya ji shifts our focus from our petty selves and connects us with something so deep and vast that it consumes all the littleness inside and leaves one footloose and fancy free, in the truest sense.

Thank you so much Acharya Ji for transforming my life!


Many more are being blessed every month:

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