• “You are awesome, lovely, perfect. All this, in spite of yourself.”


  • “Zeroness is the climax of oneness. Zeroness is perfect oneness. Ordinary oneness excludes a lot. Great oneness includes everything. Zeroness.”


  • “All is already and always Perfect.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source. And that is the purpose of life: Just expression, not achievement. Live the Self.”


  • “Live simply, and that’s all!

    You are alright just as you are. You cannot improve yourself. By trying to improve upon yourself, you only disfigure yourself. You are perfectly tuned machine, don’t fiddle with it. The perfect one does not send imperfections. You are alright!

    Don’t try to become something else. And if you have become something else, then return to what you are.

    Don’t be so clever. Let those eyes not be eyes of suspicion. Allow yourself to be cheated a little. If the world wants to cheat you, allow yourself to be cheated.

    It’s alright to be cheated a little. It’s alright to be losing a few things than to be robbed of your innocence. Stay innocent!”


  • “There are no imperfections, there are only illusions.”


  • “With all your imperfections, you are Perfect.”


  • “Everything is already contained in perfection.
    And then it wants to change.
    Yet it will be within perfection.”


  • “Being already Perfect, you must now again search for perfection, knowing fully well that the search is powered by the Perfection itself.”


  • “Attention is to be with perfection within.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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