• “Whosoever is obsessed with make-up is a person who terribly and deeply believes in his or her ugliness. “


  • “When nobody can say that they know you, then for sure you have known yourself. And when everybody in the world knows you, then for sure you do not know yourself.”


  • “Is it not there? Or, is it not there for you? How you look – in the form of things, personalities of people, names of relations! Not there,really?”


  • “Borrowing is inevitable. But to consider the borrowings as yours is foolish. Personality is inevitable. To think I ‘am’ a person is foolish.”


  • “Creativity is choiceless. Choice is conditioning. Choice is compulsion. To be creative is to be free of presumption, purpose and personality.”


  • “Truth is the only authority and if the Truth decides that it will be manifested in the form of a person, then the authority of the Truth is vested in that person, not unconditionally. Only to the point when that person sheds all his personality, and acts purely as a vehicle for the Truth, only to the point. Only till that point. Beyond that point, No.”


  • “The personality of the teacher is just a temporary method. Don’t confuse the personality with the teacher. The teacher really is the Truth absolute; nothing else.”


  • “Personality is impure you; Individuality is pure You.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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