Your relationships tell about your inner mechanism || Acharya Prashant (2019)

There is no self-observation possible without looking into relationships.

In fact the whole thing of self-observation, is the thing of relationships.

How else will you observe the self?

How else will you observe yourself?

You do not exist independent of others.

So whenever you will have to observe yourself, you will have look at your connection with others.

Knowledge is useful, but only to a wise user || Acharya Prashant (2018)

We must know the very root of knowledge.

We must know why man finds knowledge important.

We must know both, the usefulness and the limitations of the knowledge.

As long as you are taking yourself as lost and stranded, you need knowledge.

And when you are someone who fundamental desire has been quenched, then knowledge is no more that appealing.

You would still have knowledge, but your urge towards knowledge would not be the urge of a dying man, thirsty man towards water.

Now knowledge to you would be like a hobby.

How to be excellent in one’s work? || Acharya Prashant (2018)

Ram is the source of all excellence.

All excellence.

Kabir’s excellence, Krishna’s excellence, the excellence of an astronaut, the excellence of a deep-sea diver, the excellence of a tailor, the excellence of a swimmer, the excellence of a professional, whatever. 

If you don’t have excellence in what you do, it is because you have been disloyal to Ram.

Do not settle for less than what you deserve || Acharya Prashant (2018)

If one is defeated in a worthy endeavor, if one is defeated by someone who is worth being defeated by, then it’s understandable.

But look at the way people lead their lives.

They are not consumed by great battles, they lose their lives to daily .

It is not major wars that get the better of them.

They are grounded into dust by daily, petty friction, and petty strife.

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